Hi Guys,

It's time to do it up again. Basically the same format as last time.

Store opens at 10am this time. I want the race to start at 12:30 sharp!

The Rules

Chassis - Any 1/24 Scale car from BRM, Scaleauto, Plafit, Scholer, DoSlot, Werks, Slotfabrik, or NDW are permitted. If you have a 1/24 Scale car and are unsure of eligibility please PM me. Minimum ride height at ALL times on ALL cars is 1.5mm. Any lower post race and you will be Disqualified.

Tires - Open - Tires will be checked on glass for any residue or traction additives. If your tires leave a mark on glass then they will have to be cleaned or an alternate set of tires must be used. We also have stock of new tires at the store from both BRM and Scaleauto.

Motor - Any FK130, FK180, or FC130.

Body - Any 1/24 or 1/25 Scale Body made of hard plastic. (No Lexan) Bodys must have a detailed and painted interior.

The Format

There will be 2 Races. One North Loop, the second will run South Loop. 5 Lanes, 11 Volts, 8 minute Heats with a break at 4 minutes for a driver change. This will total 80 minutes of racing.

Team or Iron Man, Up to you.

The Entry Fee

FREE FREE FREE! Bring a few bucks so we can order Pizzas.

Any questions? Ask away!

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