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2015 Friday Night 1/32 Racing

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  • 2015 Friday Night 1/32 Racing


    Any thoughts about some 1:32 racing this friday night?
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    Oh Yes Johnny! Actually I think this Friday is going to be our biggest turnout for the 1/32nd's in a loooooong time.

    Steve is coming back out! This has prompted all the guys to make the effort for Friday night.

    We are Racing! Come on out.

    and I had an order show up this week, so lots of fun new toys are available.

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      See ya Friday then!


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        Race Night is tonight!!! I am expecting a lot of guys out tonight!

        Don't miss it.

        Not to mention the return of Stevie!!!

        See you all tonight,
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          excitement escalating!!



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            I can't wait to see how rusty Steve is I might have a chance to pass him!!!


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              He actually texted me that he is going to be rusty. I like your chances Charlie!!

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                11 racers and a lot of fun last night ... and I almost "rally-ied" for a podium.

                Next time I'd like to run on Charlie's team. Don't care which car!


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                  Jan 23, 2015 - South Loop

                  Hi Guys,

                  What a fantastic night of 1/32 scale racing! 11 racers out to run the small cars and I can assure you fun was had by all.

                  Here is how it went down........

                  Open Modifieds

                  Glen - 188 1'
                  Charles - 185 7'
                  Ronnie - 184 20'
                  Johnny - 178 22'
                  Dave - 175 70'
                  Steve - 169 28'
                  Ravi - 168 76'
                  TJ - 165 13'
                  Ray - 164 20'
                  Robert - 153 39'
                  Dom - 140 28'

                  Fast Laps

                  Glen - 6.048 (R)
                  Charles - 6.052 (B)
                  Ronnie - 6.066 (R)
                  Johnny - 6.277 (B)
                  Dave - 6.298 (G)
                  Steve - 6.254 (B)
                  Ravi - 6.361 (B)
                  TJ - 6.557 (B)
                  Ray - 6.662 (G)
                  Robert - 6.854 (R)
                  Dom - 7.261 (W)

                  We were going to run a Rennsport race but everyone started to test and tune so we just went with that.

                  It was awesome to have Steve back out again. Welcome back buddy!

                  We also had TJ and the gang out last night again. Ray was a first time racer with us and he did just fine in his first night out.

                  Thanks to everyone that came out. I am already looking forward to the big cars tomorrow afternoon.

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                    Hi Guys,

                    Last Friday was definitely quiet. It didn't stop us from racing! We had 6 guys out and ran the Modifieds. Here is how it turned out......

                    Open Modified

                    Glen - 187
                    Steve - 179
                    Dave - 170
                    Robert - 165
                    Bill D - 161
                    TJ - 156

                    Fast Laps

                    Glen - 6.031 (B)
                    Steve - 6.131 (R)
                    Dave - 6.383 (G)
                    Robert - 6.592 (B)
                    Bill D - 6.707 (B)
                    TJ - 6.530 (B)

                    It is tough to get the track clean and hot when we have only a handful of racers. You guys made the best of it and pedaled them around very well.

                    Thanks to everyone that makes the trek for Friday night racing. I have a big 1/32 scale order in this week.

                    Let's make this Friday night a big one! Who's thinking they wana come race?

                    Race Haven Hobbies


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                      Feb 6, 2015 - South Loop

                      Hi Guys,

                      Good Fun last night! We had 9 guys out last night, not to shabby! We decided to run a Rennsport race since everyone had a legal car. Here are the results......


                      Charles - 174 11'
                      Ronnie - 171 19'
                      Glen - 164 21'
                      Dave - 162 38'
                      Ravi - 160 57'
                      TJ - 155 48'
                      Giancarlo - 145 6'
                      Dan - 139 66'
                      Dom - 133 38'

                      Fast Laps

                      Charles - 6.338 (R)
                      Ronnie - 6.513 (R)
                      Glen - 6.504 (R)
                      Dave - 6.653 (G)
                      Ravi - 6.429 (G)
                      TJ - 7.002 (B)
                      Giancarlo - 6.953 (R)
                      Dan - 7.096 (R)
                      Dom - 7.312 (B)

                      I have never seen the track that bad! It was a skating rink out there. We all did an amazing job of driving our cars to the limit of the grip available. Well done guys.

                      Charlie! Thats 2 in a row! I am not sure I have ever lost 3 consecutive races to the same driver before. Good Luck on Sunday!

                      Saturday afternoon of testing at the hobby shop is on! I am currently trying to make Tino a better 1/24th scale driver.

                      Thanks to everyone that came out.

                      Race Haven Hobbies


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                        Hey Ron,

                        Sorry about that three in a row thing
                        If I had read this post prior to the 917 race on Sunday I might have let you win


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                          Charlie: I sent you an email through here...did you get it?


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                            Hey Terry,

                            Nothing received. Was it a PM? If not try that as I might have an old email listed.



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                              Okay gents ... time for some March Madness? Anyone up for a 1:32 fun Friday this week? (The 6th)

                              Time to swap some paint ... open and rensport I hope. (Charlie can still run 1 car!)