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2015 Friday Night 1/32 Racing

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    Feb 27, 2015 - South Loop

    Hi Guys,

    It has been a challenge to get guys out to race the small cars. I have to say that after running last Friday night........I miss them like crazy!!! It was super fun to drive a completely overpowered chassis again!

    We only had 5 racers but Joe and Giancarlo stuck around to lend a hand marshaling. We decided to run one Modified class race. The track was dirty and it was going to be a battle of pure driving skill. Here is how it went down......

    Open Modifieds

    Dave - 182
    Charles - 181
    Ronnie - 180
    Ravi - 179
    Robert - 167

    Fast Laps

    Dave - 6.255 (P)
    Charles - 6.110 (P)
    Ronnie - 6.131 (R)
    Ravi - 6.354 (R)
    Robert - 6.515 (P)

    Dave got the WIN!!!!! That is his first win and and LOOOOOONG overdue! Way to go Dave!!! You did a fantastic job of wheeling that thing around for 20 minutes on a very slippy track.

    What a race! 1 lap pretty much separated the final positions.

    I would very much like to get a BIG 1/32nd scale race going this coming Friday night. The store will be closed on Saturday this weekend but Friday night and Sunday racing should remain unaffected.

    Johnny's in.........who else!? I wana RACE!

    I hope to see all the ususal suspects out on Friday. Open Mods and Rennsport will be the classes.

    Thanks to everyone that races here. You guys make my work weeks bearable.

    Race Haven Hobbies
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      Looking forward to it .... hope to get there by 6:45


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        Race Night! Let's make it a big one tonight guys!

        Race Haven Hobbies


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          A quick video from tonight's open class race. It was a good night. 9 racers made for some tight action with enough marshals!

          Thanks to Ron for putting on such fun events!


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            Cool video ... and a fun night to be back racing at RH. Will try to get back out on Friday's the 20th.


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              Mar 6, 2015 - North Loop

              Hello All,

              Well it seems that when Johnny comes out to play so does everybody else! We had 9 drivers out to run in both Rennsport and Open Modifieds.

              Here is how it went down......


              Johnny - 184 34'
              Ronnie - 177 56'
              Dave - 177 11'
              Tim - 167 8'
              Ray - 166 72'
              Robert - 165 31'
              TJ - 161 33'
              Ravi - 147 37'
              Dom - 135 50'

              Fast Laps

              Johnny - 6.213 (P)
              Ronnie - 6.243 (R)
              Dave - 6.321 (R)
              Tim - 6.660 (G)
              Ray - 6.639 (R)
              Robert - 6.668 (R)
              TJ - 6.740 (B)
              Ravi - 6.550 (R)
              Dom - 7.434 (R)

              Johnny had everyones number........a great drive on an ever changing track. Well done Johnny.

              Dave almost got Ronnie again! He definitely has his racing program going in the right direction.

              Tim came out to do some 1/24th scale testing in the afternoon and stuck around for the 1/32nd scale race. Nice result Tim.

              Now onto the Fast Cars......

              Open Modifieds

              Johnny - 192 43'
              Ronnie - 180 9'
              Dave - 174 11'
              TJ - 173 73'
              Robert - 169 71'
              Ray - 166 43'
              Tim - 163 55'
              Dom - 163 31'
              Ravi - 157 32'

              Fast Laps

              Johnny - 5.826 (P)
              Ronnie - 6.231 (P)
              Dave - 6.299 (R)
              TJ - 6.170 (G)
              Robert - 6.657 (P)
              Ray - 6.613 (G)
              Tim - 6.766 (G)
              Dom - 6.262 (B)
              Ravi - 6.542 (G)

              Another wicked fast run out of Johnny. He certainly had his cars tuned up and ready to race. Looks like the rest of us are going to have to get our stuff sorted out!

              Well done to all the competitors and a HUGE Thank you to everyone that came out making this the best 1/32nd scale race in a long time.

              Hope to see everyone on Friday.

              Race Haven Hobbies


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                Hey, I heard there was a good group of 9 on hand this past Friday ... nice! I know it's March break, but I am still hoping we will have enough this coming Friday? I plan on racing!


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                  We had 7 drivers out last Friday Johnny. I am sure this Friday we should have at least that so come on out!

                  I am going to post the report tomorrow, I am on a Day and Nighter today.

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                    Mar 13, 2015 - South Loop

                    Hi Guys,

                    The Race Report form last Fridays 1/32nd scale race night. We had 7 Drivers out to run the Fast Cars. One Open Modified race was the order of the night and here is how it went down......

                    Open Modifieds

                    TJ - 189 57'
                    Charles - 186 42'
                    Dave - 180 43'
                    Ravi - 174 74'
                    Robert - 173 59'
                    Giancarlo - 169 1'
                    Ray - 165 75'

                    Fast Laps

                    TJ - 6.024 (R)
                    Charles - 6.104 (G)
                    Dave - 6.227 (G)
                    Ravi - 6.442 (B)
                    Robert - 6.375 (R)
                    Giancarlo - 6.575 (B)
                    Ray - 6.364 (W)

                    Great Race!!! TJ got his first Win here......well done buddy.......that didn't take long.

                    Charles was the Second spot..........always at the pointy end of the field if his car stays together...

                    Dave back on the Podium and in the hunt.........Nice Drive Dave.

                    Good Fun Guys........I am hoping to have 10 guys out this Friday. I think Johnny is coming out and that seems to be good for attendance. Who would have thought.......

                    Sundays 1/24th scale report coming up shortly......stay tuned.

                    Race Haven Hobbies


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                      Who is in for some good racing on good friday?


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                        Originally posted by JohnnySlots View Post
                        Who is in for some good racing on good friday?


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                          I'll be there Johnny. I would think since everyone has the day off we should have a few guys out.

                          I am staying hopeful.

                          Race Haven Hobbies


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                            What time does the track open today? I should be there today


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                              Originally posted by CheeseSteak View Post
                              What time does the track open today? I should be there today
                              Should be open now. And I am on my way!


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                                Glad I made the trip. Just enough guys for some good, good friday racing, and some non-pepperoni passover pizza!

                                Nice run to TJ with the 4 lap win too. You better buy that car from your son though!