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The 1/32nd Scalextric Canadian Nationals

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  • The 1/32nd Scalextric Canadian Nationals

    Hello Everyone,

    ok, we talked about this and I think it is time to announce an official race. So get that stock Scaley ready or head out to any of the fine slot car retailers (Including ourselves) in the GTA and pick up a car.

    The Rules

    Any Scalextric Car Past or Present that was/is commercially available is eligible. NO F1/Formula Cars


    - Stock Chassis Can be used with Modifications (No metal, Any Modifications must be done with Plastic)
    **The New Slot it compatible chassis IS allowed**
    **3D Printed Chassis from ANY manufacturer are allowed**
    - Body Float Modifications are allowed
    - Adjustable front uprights are allowed (see the SCC kit)
    - Any manufacturers bushings allowed
    - Any manufacturers guide allowed
    - Any manufacturers gearing allowed
    - No minimum ride height (You must have 1mm between your Spur gear and the track in an angle or sidewinder car)
    - Lead weight allowed, must be inside the car (ie not stuck to the bottom of the chassis)


    - No modifications are allowed to the body other than to accommodate body float
    - No interior required (Windows must be painted black if no interior is used)
    - Body must appear as it came out of the box including all the detail parts
    - No cutting wheel arches to accommodate oversize tires


    - Wheels are open to any manufacturers wheels (Inserts Must be used, No bare aluminum wheels with or without holes)
    **If your wheels are Spoke or Star wheels as machined then this is ok as well**
    - Tires - OPEN (No traction compounds of any kind) Tires will be rolled on glass to check for residue
    - Wheels/Tires CAN NOT be visible from the top of the car


    - The Stock motor that the car came with must be used. This is basically the only real rule for the class. No opening or modifying the motor in any way. No exceptions.
    - "Pro" scalextric motors are not allowed. Silver S-can motors only.
    - FF motors are no longer aloowed, even if they came in your car.

    Race Date

    Sunday March 5, 2017 (Doors OPEN at 10am and the Green Flag Drops after the Carrera Nationals)

    Race Fee

    FREE FREE FREE (Bring a few bucks so we can order pizza)

    The Format

    We will be racing 6 minute heats running The North Loop

    I am hoping that we will have a turnout from all of the local clubs. I would love to get everyone together for a once a year race. So pass the word along to everyone you know that races slot cars in the GTA. Every Slot Car racer should have a Scalextric Car in their box. It's time to pull it out and make it FAST!!!

    If you need any help or parts for your build see me at the store every weekend for FREE Help.

    Any questions? Ask right here. And post some pics of your build too!!!

    This is going to be a GREAT Race. Don't miss it!

    Race Haven Hobbies

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    Scaley race

    This sounds like a fun event, I will put it on my calendar. please add me to your email list


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      To bad that I will by down south at that time Ron as I would make the drive for that event sounds like fun


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        Hi Ron,
        I imagine the Pro cars are not included correct? They have multiple engines.


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          Tech question: You mention body float in chassis and body areas

          My question is many of the GT style cars have front and rear lower pieces attached to the chassis. Can these portions be detached from the chassis and added to the body to allow body float.



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            Hi Guys,

            Achim, enjoy the Sunny South. Maybe we will catch you on the next one.

            Ron, The Pro Car would be fine but I would need to know that it has a "Stock" Scalextric motor in it being one of the Silver can (White or Black endbell) that has about 18K worth of RPM. The FF motors are fine as well as long as they came in the car from the factory. If you need a stock scaley motor I have TONS at the store. I will give you one free of charge.

            Tim, yes. You can detach any parts from the chassis and make them one piece with the body.

            Keep on asking guys!!!

            Mike, you are on the mailing list..........actually you are the first person. I will start compiling a email list so I can inform the GTA Slot Car Racers about events via email.

            Race Haven Hobbies


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              Ron, great idea! Please add me to your mailing list. I assume that cars that came with front and rear lights can be removed. Also, no limit on the scaly year? So I could take a 1980s car, update it, drop in a current silver 18k can and I am good to go? Will you split the field into classes? Or is it wide open?



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                This week i'm gonna start looking to see what Scaley cars i have (if any). Feel like I haven't raced a 32nd car in ages


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                  Add me to your mailing list in case I am not on it already...thanks Ron


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                    If I am around, and available, count me in. Will just have to put the stock motor back in my McLaren. But the interior will be there. Of course I'll probably build a naked interior car too!


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                      Dave, send me an email an I will put you on the list. [email protected]

                      Lights are optional, and yes, you can take an older car and update it. It is as Wide Open as it gets as long as your car fits the rules. If in question....please ask.

                      Steve, they are "funner" than you remember. So Quick!

                      Ron, you're on the list.

                      Johnny, this race has you written all over it. Be there!

                      Race Haven Hobbies


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                        Hi Ron,
                        Sounds like fun.
                        Question: Can independent front wheels be used?


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                          For Sure Chuck. Independent front axle setups are fine.

                          Race Haven Hobbies


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                            ps. When you say you can detach lower parts from the chassis and add them to the body, does this include cutting off parts such as lower bumper that are molded as an integral part of the chassis? e.g.Trans-Ams


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                              Absolutely fine. Grab a Dremel and start cutting.

                              That falls in the "body float" exception for both the body and the chassis.

                              Race Haven Hobbies