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The 1/32nd Scalextric Canadian Nationals

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    It should be fun.

    Tim, Bill has no interest in coming out? The race is FREE! Does he know that?

    Tell him I miss him and he should come out and race!

    Race Haven Hobbies


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      Still working on getting there... Just got an email back from Tony so there may be some explosions during the races!!! T n T rules !!!!


      PS a certain DTM is hungry


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        Big Day of testing today guys! I think we all got a lot sorted for next weekends race.

        Looks like the Scalextric Class cars will have to run in the 6.40's and the Carreras in the 6.60's to be in contention for the Win.

        Old laps totals are going to fall, who will be the Champ??!!

        See you all Friday for what will be an evening of 32nd scale testing and racing.

        Race Haven Hobbies
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          Been working on my finger exercises... so now my eyes mouth and fingers are ready to go. The rest should be put out to pasture like some of my cars.

          Still not sure how i'm getting there but definitely looking forward to it. Luckily i have a good DTM but my Scaley is in the rework mode.

          Tim Snyder


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            I'll be there for both races, looking forward to it.


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              Tim: What happened to your smart car?


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                Well finally having a good day. Looks like i will be getting a ride in with Paul Koch who will get his first shot at the track. Also my cars are coming along well. DTM finally got it's old bullet back into it and the car is ready to fly. My Penske Porsche LMP has been transformed with a inline pod (even working lights).

                Looking forward to Sunday

                Tim Snyder


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                  I think i'm ready?????

                  All buttoned up ready to test. Ron you mentioned free testing but i am still waiting for you to drop off the track

                  Lets see some of the other entries, please don't be afraid of my cars. just don't mention my name three times

                  Tim Snyder


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                    Matching liveries! Tim is in it to win it.
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                      This is going to be BIG Gents............HUGE response so far.

                      Come one, Come all! Spectate or Race. There is lots of Fun to be had by kids of all ages.

                      The Track Opens at 10am and I want to drop the Green Flag on the Carrera National Race at 12:30.

                      Don't miss it and Don't be late!

                      See you all tomorrow, who will be the Champ?

                      Race Haven Hobbies


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                        Great racing today gents, congratulations Glen.


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                          Without a doubt the raceday we all needed. Nothing but laughs and fun all day.

                          20 Racers out to run in the Largest race Race Haven Hobbies has ever hosted.

                          Preliminary results are.............




                          I am smiles ear to ear. Thank you to everyone that came out and participated. We had a few new racers and seasoned veterans of the track running side by side. Exactly as it should be.

                          I can't wait for the 2018 Nationals!

                          In the mean time I am going to try to do a once a month 32nd scale race on Sunday. The big turnout was a lot of work but it makes for a great afternoon of racing.

                          Full Results should be up tomorrow.......

                          Race Haven Hobbies


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                            March 5, 2017 - North Loop

                            Hi Guys,

                            ok, after an extended wait, here it is. The results from last weekends Scalextric Canadian Nationals. We had 20 racers out to run for the illustrious title of The Champ! Here is how the day went down.......

                            Scalextric Canadian Nationals

                            Glen - 267 61'
                            JCB - 266 72'
                            Charles - 264 47'
                            Gabriel - 264 44'
                            Ronnie - 262 34'
                            GC - 260 47'
                            Dave - 259 67'
                            Terry - 259 31'
                            Tim - 258 33'
                            Ravi - 248 41'
                            Steve - 254 34'
                            Joe Guts - 248 2'
                            Sal - 245 65'
                            Tony & Simon - 238 10'
                            John B - 235 64'
                            Paul - 232 64'
                            Alan - 228 62'
                            Mike - 224 56'
                            Jim T - 203 61'

                            Fast Laps

                            Glen - 6.514 (R)
                            JCB - 6.580 (B)
                            Charles - 6.540 (B)
                            Gabriel - 6.494 (G)
                            Ronnie - 6.524 (R)
                            GC - 6.588 (G)
                            Dave - 6.569 (W)
                            Terry - 6.655 (B)
                            Tim - 6.722 (R)
                            Ravi - 6.906 (R)
                            Steve - 6.799 (P)
                            Joe Guts - 6.914 (G)
                            Sal - 6.901 (G)
                            Tony & Simon - 6.775 (G)
                            John B - 7.144 (R)
                            Paul - 7.190 (G)
                            Alan - 7.010 (G)
                            Mike - 7.301 (P)
                            Jim T - 7.060 (B)

                            Well Done Gents! A HUGE congrats to Glen for being the 2017 Scalextric National Champion.

                            Johnny Slots managed to grab a podium in the second race. Nice drive Johnny.

                            Our defending Champ rounded out the Podium. A fine result Charlie.

                            Gabriel had the fastest car (again) and just missed out on a double podium for the day. I will say that his cumulative result on the day was the best in the house! A great day of slot racing by a very talented driver/builder.

                            Overall I think it was a VERY competitive field. We had the cars in the 6 second lap range right down to 14th place. Now that is close competitive racing.

                            Thanks to everyone that came out. I am planning the 2018 race already.

                            Race Haven Hobbies


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                              Today is Raceday. The 3rd Annual Scalextric Canadian Nationals is going to be the biggest event of the season.

                              Green Flag drops at 1pm. Don't miss it!

                              Race Haven Hobbies


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                                March 18, 2018 - South Loop

                                Hi Guys,

                                Without further adieu, I present the results from the 3rd Annual Scalextric Canadian Nationals. We were down in attendance this year but the racing was as close as ever. A lot of hot shoes out to run for the title. With last years Champ not in attendance there was to be a new one this year no matter what the result. So here is how it went down.......

                                Scalextric Canadian Nationals

                                Johnny Slots - 273 62'
                                Ronnie - 273 9'
                                Gabriel - 263 44'
                                Ravi - 255 17'
                                John B - 252 47'
                                Sal - 249 4'
                                Dave - 244 28'
                                Joe Guts - 243 13'
                                GC - 216 1'

                                Fast Laps

                                Johnny Slots - 6.369 (P)
                                Ronnie - 6.314 (B)
                                Gabriel - 6.500 (G)
                                Ravi - 6.680 (P)
                                John B - 6.620 (G)
                                Sal - 6.732 (B)
                                Dave - 6.670 (P)
                                Joe - 6.810 (R)
                                GC - 6.754 (W)

                                Congratulations to Johnny Slots who is the 2018 Scalextric Canadian National Champion!!! Well done John, it was close but in the end that beautiful Falken Porsche came out on top.

                                Gabriel who is our 2018 Carrera Canadian National Champ landed on the Podium. Nice Drive Gabe!

                                Ravi Drove the Wheels off his Audi R8GT and landed just off the Podium.

                                Overall it was an AWESOME afternoon of racing. Thanks to everyone that came out!

                                Race Haven Hobbies
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