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    My Smart Car is alive!!!!! Only raced 1 time in the last 3 months... I will be there with fire in my eyes.



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      Awesome Tim! I will be there all day today if you want to come in a little early.

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        Glad to have racing back but sorry guys i cant make it tonight. I should be there next weekend.


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          Was hoping to make it tonight, but 3 nights in a row might test the home life. Will try to make it out in a couple of weeks.

          Have a great night!


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            Sounds good guys. Steve....we will probably be messing around with the 24th's on Sunday.

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              I'll be there tonight! Might only have time for one race though, have to go to a birthday later on.


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                Sept 30, 2016 - South Loop

                Hi Guys,

                Well, for a first attempt at race night I have to say that this season is looking VERY Good! The track was wicked fast last night........Thanks to Glen and Tim for running a million laps on it yesterday afternoon to get it back in tip top shape.

                We ran 2 races, Stockish and Modish.........Fun was had! Here are the results..........

                Race 1

                Ravi - 186 40'
                Glen - 180 48'
                Ronnie - 179 7'
                Mike H - 176 17'
                Gabriel - 172 11'
                Dave - 171 8'
                Tim - 162 7'

                Fast Laps

                Ravi - 6.204 (B)
                Glen - 6.385 (P)
                Ronnie - 6.558 (G)
                Mike H - 6.584 (R)
                Gabriel - 6.522 (G)
                Dave - 6.585 (P)
                Tim - 6.824 (P)

                Race 2

                Ronnie - 197 43'
                Glen - 190 6'
                Mike H - 186 12'
                Dave - 185 39'
                Ravi - 177 45'
                Tim - 173 40'

                Fast Laps

                Ronnie - 5.946 (G)
                Glen - 5.957 (P)
                Mike H - 6.078 (P)
                Dave - 5.988 (P)
                Ravi - 6.274 (B)
                Tim - 6.487 (G)

                Great Fun Guys. It was clear Tim ran out of gas right before racing started.

                Ravi put in a great first run and Glen was a model of consistency as usual.

                I am looking forward to a VERY Strong Friday night racing program this winter. I am sure we will have a few more new racers out this winter combined with the series regulars should make for some Epic races with the small cars this season.

                Thanks to everyone that comes out and makes the effort to race. It will be the only thing that keeps me sane this winter.

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                  Oct 7, 2016 - South Loop

                  Hello All,

                  Well, it seemed that last night was going to be a bust but low and behold, at 7:20 5 guys walked through the door. So we had 6 to race, track calls on and away we went. We just ran one Open Class race with most guys testing stock class cars except for Ravi and Dave. Here is how it went down........

                  Dave - 186
                  Ravi - 185
                  Charles - 179
                  Ronnie - 175
                  Gabriel - 172
                  Sal - 149

                  Fast Laps

                  Dave - 6.132 (G)
                  Ravi - 6.176 (B)
                  Charles - 6.292 (R)
                  Ronnie - 6.676 (B)
                  Gabriel - 6.292 (G)
                  Sal - 6.560 (R)

                  Good fun guys. Although not a race packed evening we did run one and then most of us continued to test for the season.

                  Heads up, I am thinking of doing a LMP Class. It would be restricted to Modern day LMP Cars. Open or closed cockpit..........modifications allowed. I will post a full rule set once I have it hammered out.

                  See you all Friday night. I will be here on Sunday but I doubt there will be any 1/24th scale racing as it is Turkey Day and most people are out and about with the family.

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                    I plan on making my way out this coming Friday Ronnie. Let me know what classes. I'll also probably bring a stock motored Scaley and Carrera for testing.


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                      Sorry gents, Jays are going to keep me at home Friday night.


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                        Originally posted by JohnnySlots View Post
                        Sorry gents, Jays are going to keep me at home Friday night.
                        Same, I'll be watching the Jays game. Going to try and come out on Sunday tho


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                          Sounds good guys. Friday nights are on as usual and the Classes for the first half of the Season are Stock Slot it Group C and Open Mods.

                          I am working on another class for the second half of the season.

                          24th Scale Sundays should kick off this Sunday so I hope to see everyone out.

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                            Hi Guys,

                            now that baseball season is over I am hoping we can get a race on tonight.

                            Who's in?

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                              I'm in.


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                                Oct 21, 2016 - South Loop

                                Hi Guys,

                                I'm a little behind in posting Race Reports. So here we go, 2 Fridays starting with the oldest race......

                                Slot it Group C

                                Glen - 178 20'
                                Ronnie - 175 6'
                                Mike H - 174 41'
                                John - 171 73'
                                Gabriel - 170 6'
                                Dave - 163 2'
                                Sal - 153 41'

                                Fast Laps

                                Glen - 6.475 (G)
                                Ronnie - 6.675 (W)
                                Mike H - 6.633 (P)
                                John - 6.615 (B)
                                Gabriel - 6.788 (G)
                                Dave - 6.671 (G)
                                Sal - 6.920 (G)

                                Glen established the Official South Loop Record with this run. Well Done Gleno!

                                Open Modifieds

                                Ronnie - 191 76'
                                Glen - 189 13'
                                Mike H - 188 33'
                                Dave - 180 9'
                                John - 170 46'
                                Gabriel - 170 6'
                                Sal - 158 20'

                                Fast Laps

                                Ronnie - 5.919 (P)
                                Glen - 5.964 (P)
                                Mike H - 6.024 (B)
                                Dave - 5.988 (G)
                                John - 6.598 (P)
                                Gabriel - 6.208 (P)
                                Sal - 6.551 (G)

                                Mike H had a great evening of racing. Podium both Races!

                                Good Fun Guys, I have another race report coming up from last night shortly.........

                                Race Haven Hobbies
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