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1/24th Scale H&R Canadian Street Car Nationals

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  • 1/24th Scale H&R Canadian Street Car Nationals

    Hi Guys,

    OK, after a long wait I have decided to revamp the "Cargo Nationals" a bit. I am going to open it up to any Street Car/Truck Model of 1/24th or 1/25th Scale sizing. This way if anyone doesn't want to race a truck they do not have to. Here are the Official Rules........


    - H&R Inline chassis kit. See HRCH10 for the exact kit
    - All stock parts must be used
    - Chassis straightening allowed
    - Rear bushings can be soldered in (must be in stock location)
    - Maximum chassis width is 95mm

    - Handout the morning of the race (same as the kit motor) 18K Stock H&R Hawk 1 (Super Slow and Amazing Fun!)
    - All motors will have pinion and wires on them
    - Leads will be fed through guide and your braid pushed in (no guide clips allowed)

    - Rears are handout the morning of the race.
    You will be allowed to use the wheels/tires that came with your kit if they are deemed "un-tampered" with by myself. Skinny Silicones 12mm width, on the H&R wheel.
    - Front foams may be trued down to minimum of 25mm
    - No hardening of the foam in any way. Other than leaving them out in open air

    - Stock white H&R guide
    - Guide may be shimmed down for maximum depth

    - Any 1/24 or 1/25 Scale Car, Truck, or Van. Any kit from Revell, AMT, MPC, Tamiya, etc..........
    - The Body must be mounted with the stock H&R mounting kit included with the car. You can omit the velcro tabs and shoe goo the white plastic buttons directly to the body if you wish.
    - Interiors are required - Can be Lexan - Must be painted (At least try!) - No Blacked out windows.
    - It MUST be a street car........No race cars of any kind.

    No body can be wider than 95.25mm, or else there won't be any passing.

    The Date - Sunday November 27, 2016

    Format - Half Enduro (8 Minute heats) South Loop (The Spring run will be North)

    Race Fee - FREE FREE FREE!!!!!!

    I have everything you need to build your ride at the store. Including a few new model kits that qualify.

    Questions, please ask!

    Race Haven Hobbies
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    This should be fun! Now that's it's open to any body, not sure what to race


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      The fastest one Stevie!

      The Bus just laid down a 7.57.........smokin!

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        My entry is well underway..........

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          Raceday is tomorrow open at 11am and the Green Flag drops at 1:30pm.

          Don't miss it!

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              Nov 27,2016 - South Loop

              Hi Guys,

              What a Great Race! We had 7 drivers out to run for the WIN. Here is how it went down.......

              H&R Street

              Giancarlo - 324 72'
              Ronnie - 317 44'
              Achim - 314 4'
              Sal - 309 75'
              Dave - 305 38'
              Steve - 291 6'
              Glen - 254 71'

              Fast Laps

              Giancarlo - 7.162 (B)
              Ronnie - 7.298 (R)
              Achim - 7.219 (W)
              Sal - 7.298 (B)
              Dave - 7.537 (R)
              Steve - 7.651 (R)
              Glen - 7.513 (R)

              Giancarlo got the WIN!!! I believe it is his first Win up here. Correct me if I am wrong GC. Well done and a great drive!

              Achim was back out. We had not seen him in a long time. It was great to race you again Achim. There were a couple heats that our cars were super close........

              This race was too much fun! The slower cars and the longer race distance made for a great format. Keep your car together and we will no doubt be running this class on the occasional Sunday.

              Thanks to everyone that made the Inaugural H&R Canadian Street Car Nationals a event to remember.

              Race Haven Hobbies
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