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The RHH Boxing Day Race - Dec 26th

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  • The RHH Boxing Day Race - Dec 26th

    Hi Guys,

    In a rare occurrence I am going to Open the Store on Monday December 26th. The reason for this will be a combined 32nd and 24th Scale Race day.

    We are going to call it the King of the Hill Race. Here is the format.

    4 Races in this order......

    1/32nd Stock Slot it Group C
    1/32nd Open Modifieds
    1/24th H&R Street Car Class
    1/24th Stock Scaleauto GT

    If you need help finding the rule sets let me know......they are all in this forum.

    Points Structure - From 1st Place down

    30 points
    15 points
    12 points
    10 points
    9 points
    8 points
    7 points.......

    He who scores the most points from all 4 races will be know as "The King of the Hill".

    Store Opens at 9am.

    Green Flag Drops on Race One at 11am......if you're there or not.

    Race Entry is 100% Free. If you guys want to throw in for Pizza and Pop we can do that.

    Pump up the race here early and often. Post pics of your cars and if you need help with assembling your fleet please let me know.

    Lets make this a big one!

    Race Haven Hobbies
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      Wish i had a working car to get there...



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        Brilliant idea Ron and i like the race format. I hope i will be able to make it, I got some health issue's to be sorted.


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          Someone go get Tim, Johnny just needs a couple 24th's and I hope you feel better soon Ravi!!!

          Lets make this a big one.

          Race Haven Hobbies


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            Even better is the 24th Scaleauto Sale I will be running.

            Anyone that does not have a 1/24th Scale Scaleauto Class car will get a CRAZY DEAL on it if they will be running it in this event. I know recently there have been cheaper ways to purchase a car so we are fixing this. Even if you want a spare car this deal still applies. First come, first served.

            All Scaleauto Cars in stock will be sold for USD retail or Below!!! Come get one! They are incredible to drive when hooked up on Foams.

            I hope this is a HUGE Slot car race.

            Race Haven Hobbies
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              Sounds like a good time to be had. I will be unable to attend, but eager to see the results...
              Have fun gents.


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                looks like I may need to take the drive west


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                  As much fun as this sounds, we have guests that are staying over Xmas and will still be here until about 10 or 11 on the 26th. And then I am told I have to run to Best Buy for something if I want it as a late gift ....


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                    Merry, merry to all RaceHaveners, and have a great boxing day battle!


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                      Merry Christmas everyone!

                      How's the turnout looking for tomorrow?


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                        Belated Merry Christmas to my fellow slotters. Don't forget its RACEDAY! I'm not certain who all is entered, but my pick is its going to be Stevie wearing the Crown once its all over.

                        Race on! Terry


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                          Looked out the window saw the freezing rain, went back to bed
                          have fun Achim


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                            It was a Great Day of Racing! We deviated from the prescribed schedule but in the end it was a nice mix of 32nd and 24th scale racing.

                            Wins went to Giancarlo and Ronnie. Steve was in the hunt all day but just could not pull one off. I will post full results shortly.......

                            Thanks to everyone that came out, it really was reminder of how fun a relaxed racing afternoon is.........

                            Race Haven Hobbies


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                              Hey Ronnie, sorry I couldn't make it. I will get back out your way sometime in January! Happy New Year to the entire RH gang!