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32nd Scale Friday Nights 2017

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  • 32nd Scale Friday Nights 2017

    Hello everyone,

    In an effort to get the small scales running strong again I am going to make a ridiculously easy set of rules.

    There will be 3 Classes running Friday nights for the remainder of the season.

    GT - Must be a GT car of Modern Era (1980-Present)
    - Motor RPM Limit of 25K

    LMP - Must be a Modern Era (1980-Present) LeMans Prototype style car
    - Open or closed cockpit allowed (Group C, Daytona Prototypes and other are fine)
    - Motor RPM Limit of 30K

    Classic - Any Classic Car from 1979 or before
    - Motor RPM Limit 20K

    Rules for all Classes

    - Wheel/Tires can not be visible from directly above the car
    i.e. Tires can not be sticking out of the wheel wells
    - not applicable to Open Wheel cars

    Mass Produced plastic chassis based slot cars only

    Thats it! Bring all 3 of your class cars every Friday night and we will draw out of a hat for what 2 Classes are running.

    As usual, all racing and testing is FREE FREE FREE!!!

    I hope this Friday night coming up is a Big One!

    Race Haven Hobbies
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    Nice .... I will get out soon. Perhaps the 17th?


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      Looks like I am going to call it tonight Guys, the Storm has me convinced nobody is coming.

      I will be here Sunday for 24th Scale Racing, Saturday the store is closed as well. I have to finish a floor in Welland.

      See you all Sunday!

      Race Haven Hobbies


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        Post #1

        That is about the simplest, easiest set of rules to follow that I ever saw. Can't imagine anybody who wouldn't already own a car they could enter; if not, they could buy one easily enough.

        You wanna be careful Ron, keep this up and just about anybody will be showing up to go slot car racing at your place on a Friday night!


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          Friday Night Spectacular!

          Hi Guys,

          ok, this coming Friday night I want to run the small scale cars with the track fully marshaled. So I am putting up this post to help the turnout.

          We will be Racing this Friday night March 17th. I would like to run at least 2 races with the Green Flag dropping at 7:30pm for Race 1.

          We will be running GT and LMP/Group C Classes. If we have time I would be very interested in running the Scalextric or Carrera Class cars as well.

          Winter is still in FULL effect so Slot Car Racing season should be as well!

          Chime in if you are planning to attend.

          I hope too see everyone out this Friday night, lets finish up the small scale season with a bunch of packed house 32nd Scale races! There are still enough Fridays left in the Season to run a small championship as well. Come one, Come all!

          Race Haven Hobbies


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            Sorry, Ron, gonna be drinking green beer! Maybe in 2 weeks?


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              Hi Ron
              If you can get enough people for a race I am in. The drive is just to far and expensive 407 to come and just run laps.


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                I will be out



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                  Originally posted by dmn17 View Post
                  I will be out

                  With a string around your finger for my lead. Have fun


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                    Got your lead in pit box and no need for string



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                      Will be their for 6 pm.


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                        Hope you had a few racers.

                        I've got you scheduled in for Friday, March 31st. See you then!


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                          Ron, what classes for this Friday?


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                            Ron, nice looking track. Hope you get the turnout your looking for. We have a group here in Portland Oregon that besides the regular "Club" events, meet on odd Thursdays on three different routed tracks for class racing similar to what you're running. We typically have 10-20 racers on any given Thursday. The periodic Club events are somewhat larger as we get entire families. Sometimes it takes a while to take off. NASTE has been around for 20 years with various members coming and going. Woud love to race on your track, but not only is it clear up in Canada, it's at the far side of Canada for us here in the NW. Happy Racing, Mitch


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                              Thanks Mitch. I'm sure the 32nd scale program will come back.........there is still lots of season left.

                              Johnny, GT and LMP Classes. Bring your Carrera and Scaley Nats cars as well.

                              Here's to hoping for a big one Friday night!

                              Race Haven Hobbies