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Fall 2018 Round 7 @ Dartschleife

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  • Fall 2018 Round 7 @ Dartschleife

    Preliminary driver draw based on the updated 5 race rolling IOE

    Race Classes will be:
    1. Fly Trucks
    2. Fly Classics
    3. F1
    4. TSN Classics
    5. Host Class
    Have fun boys, AA-Ron and I look forward to seeing if anyone can stop the Shadow Juggernaut on hometurf, no pressure Shadow-man!

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    Updated driver order

    With Brad and Paul confirmed to be away the lane assignments are:

    Green- | Yellow-- | Red
    =====| ===== | ====
    Tom--- | David-- | Danny
    Bob---- | Tom--- | David
    Matt--- | Bob---- | Tom
    Kenny- | Matt---- | Bob*
    Alan--- | Kenny-- | Matt*
    Aaron- | Alan--- | Kenny
    Kevin-- | Aaron-- |Alan
    Thomas | Kevin-- | Aaron
    Danny- | Thomas | Kevin
    David-- | Danny- | Thomas

    * Attendance unconfirmed
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      Race results

      Thank you to everyone who came out. With only eight participants it made it very intense with little time to recover between heats. Sorry that the rest of you could not make it. 480 points were left on the table and I had to throw them into the garbage.

      The main stats thread contains:

      + the fall season stats (
      + the updated IOE order (

      The class breakdown for today:

      There were no math errors today.

      I will do more stat updates in order to get proper IOE calculations for the complete season in case we have any ties after the next race. Oh, I will also try to tune those host class cars so they are easier to drive for next time. Maybe I will take out some weight.
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        Well fellas another quick and efficient race by our Germanic host Herr Shadowmeister. Ve vill be efficient or it will be 30 days in the cooler! While he was busy throwing away garbage points, a bunch of us dumpster dove Tim scrounge what we could

        Our Kommandant started us off with the Trucks. But not before a surprise guest appearance by the Trigger Finger Mafia..aka Triple T and the A-Ron 3000. Thanks to some scheduling changes in the biathlon world, the duo came to play and make things interesting.

        Back to the Trucks. Predictably, the Shadow had his way with us, long enough to go out for smoke before the rest of us finished the heats. He also led a 3 way tie for class honors with Al-u-miny-um and Drifting Danny who drove Jenny Craig like a personal trainer with a warm apple pie hanging out in front of his trainee. Interesting tidbit, this trio took home the class podium breaking Triple T’s freak of streak of 91 straight class podiums going all the way back to Round 1 of Fall 2017 season. A sign of things to come? Stay tuned.

        Class Podium
        1T. David, Al and Danny - 28

        Up next we broke out an old favorite, Fly LeMans Classics. Not a quick class, but on the Dartschleife, they slid around the corners like butter on a hot knife. Probably the biggest surprise of the day was Two Scoops, whose team principal brought not 1, not 2, not 3 but ...yes 4 Flys to fight it out. After extensive pre-race testing, he out rolled an immaculate 917LH...the white knight was ready to wage war. Alas, Sit Al-u-miny-um was 2 lanes away. Despite valiant efforts to joust Sir Al out of his slot from 2 lanes away he fell short, as Al sped away and instead had to contend with the Aa-Ron 3000 and T-squared.

        In what was one of the closest class battles we’ve ever had, we had 6 of 8 racers on the podium!

        Class Podium
        1T. Dave and Tom - 28
        3T. Ken, Al, Aaron and Thomas - 24

        Up next, another Fly class...F1, well except for the one fly in the ointment...T2’s Scaley Ferrari circa 1976. Triple T ever cautious with his car, as it enters into its golden years, was able to eek out a victory in green against the Shadow who got caught up in a blue flag situation. Esteban Ocon, er Driftin Danny was penalized by singing Frere Jacques to the crew.

        Meanwhile, Otto von Zipper was busy zipping around with his hive of angry bees propelling Kevin to the class podium. Although Mr von Zipper’s marshaling may have been stung and stunned by the swarm as he struggled for 3 laps to man handle No Hands Chesterfield car up the stairs and back into the slot. Speaking of moving, Badger Bob was nowhere to be seen today as he was building up good husband points unpacking after his big move. Missed ya Bobby!

        Also absent was one Mr Fozzy Bear, who’s taken a new shine to working weekends. It may be a while before he and his fellow muppets mount a workers insurgence to overtake the existing proletariat. B-rad was also busy hurtling people through the air...alas, no dwarfs were harmed. Finally, missed and presumed scared was P. Pauly Walnuts who was rumored to eating his way through a Grey Cup buffet to win a bet. Good luck to you and your chamber pot tonight good sir!

        Oh yeah, Racing? F1 Podium...

        1. Tom - 30
        2T. David and Kevin - 26

        Next we finally escaped the Fly bites and experienced a full hornets nest of stingers! “TSN” cars cranked up the pace and the heat. Although the heat got to T-squared...someone bring some lollipops or SCC jelly beans for the man to keep up his blood sugar. Meanwhile, Dictator Two Scoops played both sides of the Ferrari - Ford fence trying to extract the best from both. Someone forgot to tell Kevin we were done with Flys as he got airborn and despite a valiant effort, Al-u-Miny-um couldn’t pull off a Kevin Pillar-esque catch. Thank you carpet!

        Speaking of Al-u-miny-um, his Chappy was en fact Al may have too much retirement time on his hands. He’s become a real threat taking the battle to people and being more aggressive in the corners. Speaking of which...guess where the season finale goes in 2 weeks time? Ru-oh!

        Class Podium
        1T. David, Tom and Aaron - 28

        Pay careful attention to the little robot...more on him later.

        Up last was the indestructible Scaley vipers. While we tip toed around the track, suddenly someone blurted out I can see his hands! Yes indeed, No Hands sprouted hands, a sure sign that we are in for a warmer winter! One of the Class highlights was a Kevin coming out at his special corner yet still smiling....good on ya Kev. Have a extra scotch tonight, you earned it. Thomas showed that it pays to live the neighborhood with a very solid trios of 8’s. As expected the Shadow lapped us all with a perfect round and Aa-Ron surprised with a solid 26.

        Class Podium
        1. David - 30
        2T. Tom and Aaron - 28

        In what might have been a a record setting quickest race day ever, we all hope T-Squared is feeing better - take care of yourself sir. Thanks to David for his usually efficient duties as race director.

        Today’s unofficial results

        1. David aka the Shadow - 140, remains undefeated on home turf; but the natives are getting restless and are rumored to be sharpening their spears
        2. Tom aka Triple T - 136, getting closer but still a ways to go to be competitive with the Shadow
        3. Aaron aka Mr Roboto - 126, suffered like the rest of us on green, but was opportunistic with his points today

        4. Al aka Al-u-miny-um - 120, rolls on like it ain’t no thang, rumor has Al’s been upgraded with a 2.0 chip that allows him to swear now...look out!
        5. (Tie) Thomas aka T-Squared &Kenny aka No Hands - 112, back to back solid outings in Thomas’s neck of the woods. He’s offered to host every other round next year. In the meantime, feel better. Meanwhile, good to hear No Hands has Hands again and is back paying taxes, not to mention he still has an outside shot at 3rd for the Fall Season podium.

        7. Kevin aka Two Scoops - 110, when isn’t focused on Al, or so bumped who out, he’s sown tremendous improvement in his race pace this year.
        8. Danny aka Driftin Danny - 104, climbed the ladder all the way to the top heat seeding, only to realize that’s its harder to stay at the top than the climb.

        Today’s “little”board:

        Well that’s it, sorry no memes or funny videos today. I’ll work on some new material for 2019. Some video and pics up on the Facebook page @RockyMtnRacers.

        And yes, this was for sure our last race until January, for realsies this time!

        Have a good night all! And have yourselves a very Merry Christmas and happy holidays and travels. Be good so Santa drops a car under the tree for ya!

        Cheers, eh!

        PS have a look over in the season results...there has definitely been some movers today.