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Fall 2018 Round 8 @ Al-Dorado...season finale!

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  • Fall 2018 Round 8 @ Al-Dorado...season finale!

    Potential driver line-up for round 8! The Trigger Finger Mafia to miss round 8, but maybe a new guest racer...

    Race Classes will be:
    1. Fly Trucks
    2. NASCAR
    3. Group C
    4. Group 5

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    Potential Milestones at Aldorado

    Copied from main stats thread (

    Lifetime points:
    • Tom needs 33 to reach 7500,
    • Brad needs 76 to reach 4000,
    • Matt needs 36 to reach 5000,
    • Kevin needs 68 to reach 4500, and
    • Alan needs 90 to reach 3500.

    Season total points (no drops):
    • Tom needs 100 to tie his previous 1112 (Fall 2016),
    • Kevin needs 114 to tie his previous 664 (Winter 2017),
    • Alan needs 118 to tie his previous 706 (Fall 2016), and
    • Thomas needs 12 to tie his previous 560 (Winter 2018).

    Season points (with drops) compared to previous own season totals for eight race seasons:
    • Tom's 740 is third best (746, 748, 732, 728)
    • Bob's 598 is third best (370, 574, 640, 642)
    • Paul's 606 is fifth best (670, 648, 626, 660)
    • Ken's 582 is fifth best (602, 608, 598, 640)
    • Brad's 384 is fourth best (636, 222, 614, 662)
    • Matt's 346 is fifth best (594, 658, 646, 616)
    • Aaron's 614 is third best (624, 578, 622, 596)
    • Kevin's 550 is by far his best (486, 498, 496, 478)
    • Alan's 588 is by far his best (530, 518, 530, 532)
    • Thomas's 548 is by far his best (476, 70, 0, 0)

    Race day points this season:
    • Tom has not scored below 130,
    • Brad has not scored below 120.
    • Bob has not scored below 110, and
    • Paul, Matt. and Kevin have not scored below 100.

    Race day podiums:
    • Paul reached 20 all-time this season.
    • Aaron reached 15 all-time this season.
    • Ken and Brad need one more podium to reach 15 all-time.
    • Ken, Brad, and Aaron each need one podium this season to break the tie for third (2 podiums a piece).

    Class podiums:
    • Tom needs one more podium to ties his previous 34 (Winter 2018),
    • Paul needs 2 more to reach 100 lifetime,
    • Ken needs 2 more to reach 80 lifetime,
    • Aaron with 14 this season has set a personal best,
    • Kevin with 4 this season has tied his personal best (Winter 2016),
    • Alan with 7 his season has set a personal best and reached a lifetime total of 20, and
    • Thomas with 3 has set a personal best.
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      A humble Shadow

      Thanks to the Shadowman for all the Fall Season milestones in front of us...

      So aside from who finishes where and who pays off who for their side bets, there are some other milestones in the making. The Shadow is too humble to toot his own horn, but he is already sitting at 900 points and needs just a 100 points to become third club racer to break a single season 1,000 point barrier to join the likes of Fozzy and Triple T. His IOE ain’t half bad either! And with a good showing has a few other club marks within his sights.

      Not meaning to devalue other people’s personal bests or accomplishments, but the Shadow is a great example of someone who came in brand spanking new, learned, applied himself and has really improved. And like others newbies is showing the old guard a few new tricks. Shadow is probably our poster boy for the parity that we’ve seen this year ... especially when you see 3rd place all the way down through the club is still all up for grabs.

      To me that’s an encouraging sign of a healthy club!

      Cheers, eh!
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        Updated driver order

        With Aaron, Bob, and Matt confirmed to be away and Tom leading in hubby points:

        Yellow -|- Blue --|- Green -|- Red
        Tom--- | David-- | Brad--- | Paul
        Danny- | Tom--- | David-- | Brad
        Alan--- | Danny- | Tom---- | David
        Kenny- | Alan--- | Danny-- | Tom (probable)
        Kevin-- | Kenny- | Alan---- | Danny
        Thomas | Kevin-- | Kenny- | Alan
        Darren- | Thomas | Kevin-- | Kenny
        Paul---- | Darren- | Thomas | Kevin
        Brad--- | Paul---- | Darren- | Thomas
        David-- | Brad--- | Paul---- | Darren


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          Big board picture and issues

          Here is the picture of the "big" board:

          Unfortunately, there were a number of issues:
          • Thomas's Group C score was added incorrectly and should be 32. This means he made the class podium in second place (tie with Alan) bumping Paul and Ken to a tie for fourth.
          • Group C had two sets of issues. One heat had scores of 10 (G: Alan), 8 (R: Danny and B: Ken), and 4 (Y: Kevin) and another with 10 (G: Thomas), 8 (R: Kevin and Y: Paul), and 4 (B: Darren).
          • Group 5 had one set of issues. One heat had scores of 10 (R: Alan), 8 (G: Ken and B:Kevin), 6 (Y: Thomas).

          Tom provided the following guidance regarding the above issues:
          • First Group C: Ken second and Danny third (multiple de-slots).
          • Second Group C: Paul had second and Kevin third.
          • Group 5: Ken second, Kevin third, and Thomas fourth.

          Green-shaded entries were at issue and have remained unchanged. Orange-shaded entries were reduced.

          The standings update is located here:

          The class podiums are:

          Fly Trucks (unchanged)
          1: Tom (38)
          2: David (34)
          3T: Alan and Ken (32)

          NASCAR (unchanged)
          1: Tom (36)
          2: Brad (34)
          3T: Paul, Alan, and Ken (32)

          Group C (revised)
          1: Tom (40)
          2T: Alan and Thomas (32)

          Group 5 (unchanged)
          1: Tom (40)
          2: Paul (36)
          3: Alan (32)

          These changes resulted in a race day order of:
          1st: Tom (154)
          2nd: Paul and Alan (128)
          4th: David (122)
          5th: Ken (120)
          6th: Thomas (114)
          7th: Brad (110)
          8th: Danny (90)
          9th: Kevin (78)
          10th: Darren (76)

          Thank you for hosting the race, Alan. There was some really tight racing to close off the season.
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            Race recap

            Well gents, it’s a few days late and few dollars short, but here's your final recap of the Fall season.

            Sunday was full of Christmas spirit and animal behavior that would make Rudolph’s nose blush. While Triple T sported his ugly sweater, Two Scoops played the role of Grinch to spread his unique brand of deslot joie de vivre as he carried that over into braking up an armed robbery.

            Glad to hear you’re unharmed sir, maybe we should start calling you Super Scoop!

            In the spirit of the season, we also welcomed in a visitor from the cold. He had travelled far from the land of Chester-mere-fields to see what these tiny cars are all about. A special welcome Darren aka don’t call me Henry. We’ll compromise...and call you Hank for now.

            We kicked off the second ever race on the golden streets of Aldorado. When Al-u-miny-um moved into this place, legend has it that 1/32 scale Incas built this track only to be unearthed this year when Alan was digging for a lost set screw. Easy on the points if you have the right treasure map, otherwise, Aldorado is laden with a few well-placed booby traps.

            First class of the day felt less like “first class” and more like riding in “cargo.” The big boys with slighter bigger toys – aka Fly Trucks. And fly they did! Well, Two Scoops was about a scoop and 3/4’s short in his Gulf. Good thing he conserved his energy for nabbing that perp!

            Meanwhile No Hands Truck had the afterburners going full blast down the straights on his Mad Croc special. After the first heat, RMR interviewers caught up to Mr. No Hands and asked him about how his truck handled...his response?

            And despite sabotage from those leftist enviro-protestors who threw oil on the red lane to protest the Canadian’s economy over-reliance on oil.

            To those protestors we say, we’ll take back our federal equalization payments any time now.

            While Trucks were the usual mis-adventure, Al-u-miny-um brimming with confidence showed off his home track knowledge tearing up his heats, trying to keep up with No Hands

            Class Podium
            1. Triple T - 38
            2. Shadow - 34
            3T. Al-u-miny-um & No Hands - 32

            Hmmmm…. Shadow has a way of mysteriously appearing on the podium with a certain regularity now!

            After Trucks, B-rad finally relaxed and leaned into the fun to chill. Like throwing on some old comfrtoable jeans, on came his Blue 43 NASCAR, alright alright it getting hot in here? Hey everybody, let’s take our shirts off...

            While we trembled in fear of the blue devil, new boy Hank got a little boogity boogity in the corners...don’t worry Hank, that rectangular pedal in the middle is the brake. There was a lot talk about hooters during Hank’s heat, maybe that’s why he was the only prosperous bulges we witnessed came out P.Pauly Walnuts BulgeWerx.... I believe he was “C” cup?

            While Al pulled out the hammer, to nail down the guardrail not to mention putting what cannot ben unseen deep deep down away in repressed memories. Oh yeah, we raced didn’t we? Back to topic…

            Class Podium
            1. Triple T - 36
            2. The Beard - 34
            3T. Walnuts, No Hands & Al-u-miny-um - 32

            Finally, we were ½ way through the day, and the Grinch seemed to be mildly optimistic

            Group C was en feugo, with track lap records tumbling each to heat and…within heats! Awe tested the very limits of the minimum lap time in Race Coordinator. While we didn’t know how to rid ourselves of the softly spoken sexy voice of “new race leader” we did finally out how to lower the acceptable lap time.

            Shadow rolled out his spanking new Lancia which was a little quick for our liking, meanwhile Camel Joe pilpoted by T-Squared showed why emphesema isn’t all that bad as Camel Joe wizzed his way around trading places with Pauly’s once dominant Jager. Meanwhile Driten Danny showed off his collector Rothmans rental but seemed a little skittish at the site of the Big Al. Two Scoops showed he has picked up a thing or two from Danny, driftin’ his Silk Cut sideways down a straight – all with a smile on his face!

            Meanwhile B-Rad took a swig of Jimmy Beam after going yellah on yellow to go from the outhouse to the penthouse in a great bounce back heat on the blue lane against some great competition in Pauly and David.

            Class Podium
            1. Triple T - 40
            2T. Al-u-miny-um & T-Squared - 32

            The final class of the day was Scaredy Squirrels aka Sideways Group 5. These anglewinders may be the quickest class this side of IMSA. Fast and furious, probably the best heat of the day and maybe the entire season to date was Triple T, Shadow, B-Rad and P.Pauly Walnuts. I think all 4 cars led the heat at some point, Paul crashed out went to last and still managed to finish second with all cars all ending in the same lap with a 3 way dash for second at the line. I can’t recall we’ve ever seen such a close heat in recent memory.

            Class Podium
            1. Triple T - 40
            2. Pauly Walnuts - 36
            3. Al-u-miny-um - 32

            So wrapping up the Fall season, some interesting tidbits to chat about. First, up let’s talk health of the club.

            Did you know, out of what was the 12 active racers, with apologies to new import Darren, we had 9 different racers on the race day podiums? That equals the record established in each of the past 4 seasons ….seems like a trend doesn’t it? Not bad that ¾ of the group are spending at least one day at the top.

            Next, factoring when folks like Danny and Darren started racing our club attendance was = 77 out of 95 possible races, or 81%. Comparing that to recent years, that is the best we’ve had in a few years. While we lost the Red Deer Boys due to distance and the Aussies back to the strange land of Oz, the club is smaller, but attendance is still good, compared to recent seasons:

            Fall 2015 – 91%
            Winter 2016 – 84%
            Spring 2016 – 75%
            Fall 2016 – 71%
            Winter 2017 – 67%
            Fall 2017 – 71%
            Winter 2018 – 77%

            Up next, while the Fall season is done and all that’s left is to wipe the tears away, this past season was the first I can recall where we literally had nearly season position up for grabs through the final race. Was it due to the new rolling 5 race (normalized) IOE average? Was it due to we had 3 new tracks? Was it due to the fact that Nincos went bye bye?

            Who knows, but the racing certainly seemed tighter. From a personal standpoint, the numbers may not show it, but I felt the heat. Nothing was ever easy. Trucks helped make things interesting and certainly, with the addition of the new tracks and the surging improvements from certain racers, things are getting harder for all of us to at least maintain our positions.

            Speaking of improvements, we know that Kevin and Thomas were greatly improved. But did you know Alan blew by his personal bests for total points, top 5 scores, and IOE? In fact Alan was only a few points shy of 4th overall and not far behind 3rd? Well done Al!

            Al-u-miny-um’s old nemesis, Matt aka Fozzy the Bear with the Hair was busy hibernating during the Fall still managed to get in 3 races and maintain his streak of 100+ point days, which now precariously sits at 31. One more 100 pt day and he’ll join Badger for the second longest streak at 32!
            Brad aka Fly Boy aka the Beard despite a few absences still shows he’s beast on the track with the 3rd best scoring average at 123.5 pts/day. If he can manage 6 out of the final 8 rounds to get his 10 scores in, his first Series podium is well within reach.

            Two Scoops definitely improved, in fact he scored all above 100 in all but one of his races, including six in a row! Now, if he can just work on his Truck, then watch out.

            New guy Thomas, who still has that new car smell, is setting personal bests with almost every race. He just missed out on a podium in round 6, but managed to climb to 8th overall in the standings in just his second full season. Now if can replicate his Camel Joe Group C, then we will see some troubled faces.

            Meanwhile No Hands Ken has found himself smack dab in an arms war, and he….without any hands! Even still he managed to snag enough race day podiums to tie for 3rd best in the club for the Fall season.

            Aa-Ron’s season was one of inconsistency. Looks like his old man better fix up some of his classes, namely anything Carrera or Scalextric related. Even so, he was oh so close to a season podium narrowly missing out by 8 points.

            Pauly continues to hang on to a season podium, and with the Fall was his 6th season podium. Second best ever, but the gang lining up behind him looks like a Boxing Day blow-out….things are about to get scary!

            Bobby still has his racecraft, and with another race or two to drop, could’ve been a season podium contendah! He’ll be off sunning himself, will he be relaxed or rusty after some sun?

            And then there’s Shadow. Shy at first, but now he’s got a target on him after a season of 5 podiums, managing to bypass Fozzy’s 1,008 points in a single season.

            I was also curious, as a stats-a-holic tends to be, around how the IOE’s differed from last year. Last year’s IOE is a raw, not normalized for generally 3 lane tracks this year, but still interesting to see the changes, in order of most improved:

            Thomas up 14.12% (58.88 to 73.0%)
            Alan up 12.39% (65.81 to 78.2%)
            Kevin up 10.44% (60.86 to 71.3%)
            David up 10.07% (75.73 to 85.8%)
            Bob up 4.47% (76.13 to 80.6%)
            Brad up 4.09% (79.51 to 83.6%)
            Kenny up 3.88% (73.82 to 77.7%)
            Aaron up 1.13% (76.47 to 77.6%)
            Paul up 0.10% (79.4 to 80.4%)

            ….which leaves those of us who have declined:
            Tom down 0.12% (96.02 to 95.9%)
            Matt down 1.45% (78.35 to 76.9%)

            The one thing that really sticks with me after all of that is, if you show up and get in your 5 races to count (or more), things are so log-jammed now – really, your upper limit is really how many times you can make it out to race.

            Have a happy and safe holidays everyone, hopefully Santa brings you something with 4 wheels and a guide ;o)

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              Well Tom another great write up. First I would like to thank Alan and his wife for letting us into their home last Sunday.

              As the first half of our season has ended and a new one is about to start it is nice to see a new member to our club and sad to see our latest guest/member leave to go back home. But we all know that some of our members will come and go, some for good and some will be back to to keep us honest. Merry Christmas to Danny and safe travels back to Quebec mon ami! And a big welcome to Darren form the west side of the lake. Will he give us the old West Side Story or will he show us how it is done by the lake.

              Thank you David the master of tuning and of late, the stats. You are our new statistician of the RMR. It will take me most of the holidays to go threw all of them. They look very interesting.

              I to would like to thank the new thank the new track and host for their part of building and letting us into there lives and home to race. Thank you for Thomas for letting me do a little landscaping. Really enjoy doing these things. As my wife would say " I am the queer eye for the straight guy " . Just cause I am a little artsy.

              Sorry Aaron for taking your spot on the podium this first half. But I have to keep my streak going little buddy. But it was a close one. We will both have to keep our driving skill in check and see who will come out on top. Best of luck A-Ron!

              I am also glad to see others continue to improve their driving skill. Who knows, maybe we will see new names at the top soon. And I, think it may be coming quicker than we all think.

              Week cheers for now.....

              Paulie out.