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Winter Round 4 @ Dartschleife

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  • Winter Round 4 @ Dartschleife

    A quick turnaround for Round 4, next Sunday Feb.10 at Shadowville’s Dartschleife

    Classes will be:
    1. TransAm
    2. NASCAR
    3. Fly Classics
    4. Group 5
    5. Host Class

    Driver rotation to come...

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    Milestones and streaks

    Here are the potential milestones to be reached at the Dartschleife race. Current values are in parentheses.

    Race day attendance:
    • 50: Kevin (49)

    Lifetime points:
    • 4000: Alan (3960).
    • 5000: David (4954)

    Class podiums:
    • 10: Thomas (9)
    • 20: Kevin (15)
    • 30: Alan (26)
    • 70: Matt (66) and David (68)
    • 80: Brad (79)
    • 90: Ken (86)
    • 100: Bob (98)
    • 230: Tom (229)

    Here are the current streaks:

    Consecutive races (record of 34 held by Ken):
    • 1: Brad
    • 2: Matt
    • 3: Aaron
    • 6: Alan
    • 9: Ken and Thomas
    • 16: Tom
    • 28: David

    100-point days:
    • 2: Kevin
    • 7: Aaron
    • 8: Alan, Thomas, and Ken
    • 9: Bob
    • 12: Brad
    • 16: Paul
    • 23: David
    • 33: Matt (second all-time)
    • 55: Tom (record)

    120-point days:
    • 1: Bob and David
    • 2: Brad
    • 40: Tom (record)

    Top-five finishes:
    • 1: Bob
    • 1: Ken and Brad
    • 3: Aaron
    • 10: David (second all-time, tied with Bob and AJ). AJ only ran 10 races!
    • 55: Tom (record)

    Race day podiums:
    • 1: Bob, Brad, and David
    • 33: Tom (record)

    Consecutive wins (record of 9 held by Tom):
    • 4: Tom

    As Brad is slated to attend this race an unofficial streak will end. I will not have to race in the lane adjacent to Tom after having done so for eight straight races. That corresponds to 38 classes and 84 head-to-head heats. In that time Tom managed six race day wins and four 150+ point tallies. The mantle now passes to Brad and Ken to do try and do better. Hopefully they survive unscathed, unlike me who has been left a broken man.
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      Driver Order

      Gents - your Sunday, Funday driver order...all RSVPs are in! Stay warm my friends

      As for the Shadow's comment about not racing next to me this week, do I smell that bad?


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        Originally posted by Giddyup View Post
        As for the Shadow's comment about not racing next to me this week, do I smell that bad?

        No, it is the smell of defeat. Mine.


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          Did someone say de-feet? Fozzy said he’s in, he’ll slide into the last spot in the driver rotation to help create some chaos


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            Race recap

            “0x04” which is the ASCII code of the character “End of Transmission” about sums it up. Yes, this is the third and final instalment of official RMR season racing coming to you from our friends at the Dartschleife. Once deemed the short track from he-double sticks … this German track has all of the humor of a German soap opera (yep, I’ll let that sink in for a minute).

            One off and you’re escorted to the stands and relegated to 3rd. Rumor has it that the Shadow has pre-programmed his cars with artificial intelligence so they will run on auto-pilot at a pre-determined optimized speed. Speaking of auto-pilot, where in the world is Carmen San De-Brad-io? Hopefully his flights weren’t too delayed to day LOL

            Unfazed, undefeated – the Shadow stood at the precipice to become the first 3 time winner in a single season outside of “he who shall not be named”. Would he prevail? Read on…
            With nary a week turnaround since we last raced, RMR’ers would be scrambling to figure what to stock in their race case.

            First up, the muscle cars. Strong and tall, and sometimes a little skittish around loud noises

            All eyes would be on No Hands who’s not shown any mercy in this class over the years. Likewise, both AL-u-miny-um and T Square seem to have affinity for this track. In the heated confines of the Shadow Werks we would see an insurgence and yes dominance of Camaros while the Metal-one’s Mustang would put up a valiant defense along with Fozzy’s white ‘Stang, driven by Al don’t call me Kevin Costner. Trouble was who knew electric eels wouldn’t have the necessary grip for a custom fat boy?

            If you’re looking results, well you came to the wrong place…Herr Shadow will provide as I didn’t snap any pics of the “little” boards.

            Up, would be a dose of good ‘ol southern hospitality with the boys from NASCAR ripping it. A lot of action on track as drivers tossed their empties at each other and hurled many an insult that started with …”your momma so fat…..” Despite some obvious attempts to disorient and distract a few would emerge emotionally battered and bruised but with some well-earned points.

            While Matt was busy signing autographs with his Sharpie-special, Aaron took to the drive-through to cut in front while Thomas’ Pfizer went long and hard into the corners. No Hands was solid as usual, as long as he wasn’t in the green lane….oh green, you used to be my favorite colour, why you have to be like that at Dartschleife….green is the choice of genius'...start at 1:13 here ;O)


            Moving on, the Fly Classics stopped up. Like a great grudge match of old, this has been an ancient and holy war waged for many years. The Lands of RMR have been conquered, re-conquered and conquered again by many regimes. The mighty Chevron of Shadow Werks would be the knight to defend its lands against the tyranny of “he who shall not be named”.


            Other Chevrons and posse of Porsches would wade into battle using whatever means possible to edge out an extra 2 points. Your joust of de jour in this class would be Thomas’s 917 going up against Kenny’s 906 and AL’s beauty of a 908. Although Papa Smurf was getting busy with a little smurf’n’nerf looking for AA-ron’s orange Jager in the corners.

            Moving along to the where the rockets do red glare, ….that would be the brake disks of Group 5. Known for scorching the earth, Group 5 would be the high water mark for speed today. Capris and M1’s are always a popular choice, but a few 935K’s won’t go lightly without a fight. Planted and sure footed, but the ever present curves of Dartschleife would prove too hot to handle for many – except if happen to be a Lancia who found tat losing your stinger does hurt. Black Mamba joined the fray against two long bodied sausage 512’s who kept the bear at bay for most of the race.

            And then there would be the Host class…and no, this isn’t your father’s host class. A special concoction, brewed especially for this and this race only by Herr Shadow. Born deep in his underground laboratory, Shadow created an unholy class of high-centred, super lightweight….Scaley Trucks!

            Yes, big, bold and colorful …. Like those circus clowns no ones like to mention…it was a vision…a disturbing vision of the ghost of Kimchi past!

            As for the racing, it was about as understandable as:

            ....but it just worked. Smooth, without brakes to speak of, it was a class that required the smoothest of operators…although “green” continued to be the word of the day ..but the trucks were beauts to drive. Thanks David!

            Another efficient day, and yes a record day finishing up around 1:30! Well – what could you expect with Shadow at the helm. I really think he was trying to break Brad’s record set last weekend ;O)

            Standby for you official results from the stat man.

            That’s 12 rounds now in the books! And. That’s the ¾ pole boys! Scores are coming in, being dropped, people are moving up/down in the standings after every race. And oh wait, that means we’re ½ way through the Winter season which seems like it’s wide open and anyone’s game. Can’t wait to see how this all plays out all the way down to the season finale!


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              Race results

              Here is the little board:

              Here is the processed version of the board with pretty highlighting:

              Look at all of those ties! Congrats to Alan who made the podium in every class and for the race day.

              The main stats thread has been updated with the series and season results.

              Milestone update:
              • Alan surpassed 4000 points.
              • David surpassed 5000 points.
              • Thomas surpassed 10 class podiums.
              • Alan surpassed 30 class podiums.
              • David surpassed 70 class podiums.
              • Tom surpassed 230 class podiums.

              Streak update:
              • All but Brad extended their consecutive race tallies.
              • All attendees extended their consecutive 100-point race tallies.
              • Only Tom and David extended their existing consecutive 120-point tallies.
              • Tom, Ken, Aaron, and David extended their consecutive top-5 finish tallies.
              • Tom and David extended their consecutive podium tallies.
              • Tom extended his consecutive win tally.
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                And a hearty congrats to Al-u-miny-um for snagging a race day podium today not to mention finishing 2 spots higher to be the biggest mover and shaker today. And by doing so, ties Ken and Aaron with 3 drivers of the day for the season

                Very closely contested today, looking at 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th.... in fact we broke last week’s record with only 30 points separating top to bottom!


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                  Congrats Alan. NICE TO SEE you on the podium