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SMR 2017 Rules

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  • SMR 2017 Rules

    This year we will be allowing 3D printed chassis and motor pods in some classes and there is a new class for nearly stock Carrera cars.

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    Carrera NEC Cars

    Most of the guys have their Carrera cars and are upgradeing them as the rules allow. Here is my car, which has a axle, crown gear and inserts, CB Design insert wheels, SCC axle bearings and Quick Slicks silicone tires. I have removed the magnets and shims as well as the reversing switch.


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      Rules Update

      We have made a small update in the Carrera class rules. Truing the front and rear tires is now legal, it is still not legal to glue or coat the tires.


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        For the Carrera class we have found that people who have older Carrera motors seem to have a big advantage. Slot car motors in general will usually have a range of performance, I bought extra Carrera motors from several suppliers and none of those were competitive. This was intended to be more of an entry level class than we normally run, if you had to buy a few dozen motors to find a good one or scour ebay for older cars that would go down the drain. We decided to allow Piranha motors in this class, they are inexpensive, readily available and are more or less equal in performance. The Piranha does have more power than a Carrera E200 motor, but not so much that the chassis gets overwhelmed.