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    Let's post some pictures and a short description of the tracks used by Scale Slot Racers of Lake Lanier here, as well as in the main track area on SCI under Georgia, so that people can see what we're about and get in touch with us. Start a new response under this thread with a title appropriate for your track.

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    Der Zoomplatz, Flowery Branch (NE Atlanta)

    Track type: 4-lane Scaley Classic/SCX
    Length: 90.42 feet, all lanes equal length
    Main straight: 24 feet
    Power: Variable 6-20 volt regulated, 30 amp Pyramid PS26K
    Hookup: Three-wire alligator clip
    Polarity: Positive
    Scoring: Trackmate race management software with light-bridge and infrared sensors
    Owner: Jim Basel
    Contact: By PM or email
    Classes: Vary, but usually something current and popular plus one IROC class chosen by track owner
    When: Our usual racing in SSR is every Wednesday night, track is open for practice around 5:00 PM, racing starts at 7:00 and usually ends by 10:00. We also occassionally race some enduros and special events on weekends.
    Restrictions: No chemicals, no silicone tires, no cellphones while racing or marshalling
    Comments: Most guides need to have approximately 1/32 inch removed from the depth to work on the Scaley Classic track, easily done by sanding. Many of our racers have a separate replacement guide to use here.

    Track plan:

    Right side:

    Left side,

    The wall behind the driver's stations is a walk-thru stud wall, and the stand-on mats are color coded to the driver's stations.
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      I am new to this forum. I could not send you a PM for some reason. Could you give me a call to discuss the new 6 lane track I purchased.

      Thank you,



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        Great looking track!


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          Thanks, Prof. I never did get around to landscaping it. Guess you and Chrissy will have to come down and get me going on that!

          Rich, sorry I didn't see your post here - nice talking to you. Hope you can make it to some of our races.