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Monday Night Race at Sling Shot Speedway

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  • Monday Night Race at Sling Shot Speedway

    Winter 2012 Series - Slot It Classics

    a) Slot It Alfa Romeo T33/3
    b) Slot It Ferrari 312pb
    c) Slot It Chaparral 2E
    d) Slot It Ford GT40
    e) Slot It Ford GT40mkii

    a) This series will start January 23rd and run for 10 weeks.
    b) Heats will be 5 minutes for each lane - 30 minutes total
    c) Track voltage will be 12 volts on all lanes.
    d) Mondays - Practice 5:30-6:30pm, Tech 6:30-7:00pm, Race starts promptly at 7:00pm. Cost: $10.00
    e) Have fun and be courteous to fellow racers & marshals.
    f) All “free choice” parts must be must be commercially manufactured 1/32 scale slot car parts.

    a) Slot cars will be inspected before each race by a designated tech inspector to ensure slot cars meet the rules stated in this ruleset. Inspection methods include, but are not limited to: magnet marshal check, visual check of body and/or chassis, weight checks, etc. The tech inspector and/or race director may request an open body inspection at any time before or after the race.
    b) Once inspected the car is impounded, and the racer may not change, adjust, or handle the car. Changes and adjustments are allowed only before impound and during green flag conditions.
    c) Impounded cars will not leave the impound area or tech table until the race begins.
    d) If a driver wishes to make changes to the car before the race begins the car must be re-inspected.

    a) Spec Motor: Slot It V12/3 21,500 rpm Mx06 (orange endbell)

    b) Maximum motor speed is 23,000 rpm or TBD . Motor exceeding this speed will not be allowed to race. Motors tabs will be marked after first tech inspection.
    c) Motor may not be treated or modified in any way.
    d) Motor may be oiled. Oil is free choice.
    e) Motor may be secured with screws if screw holes are present in motor pod. Screws are free choice.
    f) Motor may not be glued or taped.

    Rear Tires
    a) Rear tires are F22 (20x10 - Shore 22) - PT27.
    b) Rear tires will be purchased at the counter and impounded at the tech table as “Race Tires”.
    c) Race Tires must never leave the tech and impound area. Once outside the tech or impound area the tires are considered tainted and may not be used for racing.
    d) Race tires may be re-used. Race tires that are being re-used for a future race must be stored in the tire impound box. Racers can choose to store just the tires or tires + wheels.
    e) Rear tires may not be glued, trued, sanded, or treated at any time.

    Front Tires
    a) Front tires must be stock or replacements
    b) Replacements for Alfa Romeo T33/3 and Ferrari 312pb
    1. PT19 - 16x8
    2. PT20 - 15.5x8
    c) Replacement for Chaparral and GT40
    1. PT07 - 19x10 zero grip
    2. PT15 - 17x10 zero grip
    3. Any Slot It 20x10 rubber tire (c, e, p, or z compound)
    4. Any Slot It 19x10 rubber tire (c, e, p, or z compound)
    d) Front tires must cover the entire width of the wheel, no exceptions.
    e) Front tire minimum diameter
    1. 17.0mm installed on the wheel for Chaparral and GT40
    2. 15.5mm installed on the wheel for Ferrari 312pb and Alfa Romeo T33/3
    f) Front tires may be sanded/trued. Front tires may not be glued, painted or treated
    g) Slot It lettering must be present on the side of the tire.

    Chassis and Drive Train
    a) Modifications to the parts listed and free-choice items in this section are prohibited. Only the parts listed are allowed unless noted otherwise.
    b) Chassis:
    1. KS01t - Ferrari 312pb
    2. CS11t, CS11t-60 - Alfa Romeo T33/3
    3. CS16t - Chaparral 2E
    4. CS18t-60 - Ford GT40 and GT40mkii
    c) Motor pod:
    1. CH62 - sidewinder pod 0.5mm offset
    2. CH67 - sidewinder pod 0.5mm offset, evo6
    3. CH40 - sidewinder pod 0.0mm offset
    4. CH44 - sidewinder pod 0.5mm offset
    d) Anglewinder triangular knock outs may be omitted.
    e) Mold burrs may be cleaned from chassis and pod
    f) Suspension is not allowed.
    g) Pinion gear must be sidewinder 6.5mm brass.
    1. PS10 - 10 tooth pinion
    2. PS11 - 11 tooth pinion
    3. PS12 - 12 tooth pinion
    4. PS13 - 13 tooth pinion
    h) Spur Gear Slot It 18mm:
    1. 31 tooth spur - GS1831
    2. 32 tooth spur - GS1832, GS1832-pl, GS04
    3. 33 tooth spur - GS1833
    4. 34 tooth spur - GS1834, GS05
    5. 35 tooth spur - GS1835
    6. 36 tooth spur - GS1836, GS06
    i) Rear bushings must be Slot It spherical CH14 or CH56. Bushings may not be glued place.
    j) Axle must be Slot It solid axles. No hollow axles or narrowed axles.
    1. PA01-45 - solid 45mm axle
    2. PA01-48 - solid 48mm axle
    3. PA01-50 - solid 50mm axle
    k) Front axle height may be adjusted with m2 set screws, caps, plastic inserts, and/or spherical bushings. All parts must be Slot It.
    l) Guide lead wire may not be used to affect front axle position.
    m) Axle spacers are allowed. Axle spacers are free-choice.
    n) Axle collars are not allowed.
    o) Screw washers are optional. Washers if used must be used as stock washers are used. Washers may not be placed in between pod and chassis.
    p) Screws and/or washers must be metal. Screws and washers are free-choice
    q) Nuts may not be used.

    a) Guide:
    1. CH10 - Racing guide with screw
    2. CH26 - Standard clip in guide
    3. CH66 - Standard clip in guide (newer style)
    b) Guide may not be thinned or tapered.
    c) Either eyelets or m2 set screws are permitted for securing wires to guide.
    d) Braids, lead wires, eyelets and set screws are free choice.

    Wheels & Inserts
    a) ALL modifications to the wheels are prohibited.
    b) All Rear Wheels PA24-als (15.8x8.2)
    c) Front Wheels
    1. Ferrari 312pb and Alfa Romeo T33/3 - PA33-als, PA33-pl (14.3x8.0)
    2. Chaparral 2E and GT40 - PA17-als, PA24-pll, PA24-als, PA24-pl (15.8x8.2)
    d) Wheel inserts are required for all wheels
    e) “Classic” wheel insert only.
    1. PA33 wheels may only use the small ferrari or alfa inserts
    2. PA17 and PA24 wheels
    i. Large inserts for Ferrari and Alfa
    ii. Inserts for Chaparral and GT40
    f) Wheels and tires must be level or inside the fenders at all times when viewed from above.
    g) Maximum axle width, measured at the tire is front 61mm, rear 61mm.

    a) ALL modifications to the body are prohibited unless noted otherwise.
    b) Body Weight - minimum body weight as follows
    1. Ferrari 312pb - 17.5 grams

    2. Alfa Romeo T33/3 - 13.5 grams
    3. Chaparral 2E - 16.0 grams

    4. Ford GT40 - 14.0 grams

    5. Ford GT40mkii - 15.0 grams

    c) Permitted modifications are:
    1. Modification - GT40mkii - front lifting hooks may be omitted.
    2. Modification - Wing may be reinforced with glue or tape.
    3. Modification - Body may be modified to allow the installation of a lighting kit.
    4. Modification - Broken body parts may be reattached with glue or tape.
    5. Modification - Broken body posts may be repaired with glue and tubing.
    6. Modification - Body parts may be replaced with Slot It Tear Proof parts.
    d) Body must be presentable with all major parts intact (ie left rear quarter panel must be present). Cosmetic parts of the body are optional: mirrors, wipers, antennas, etc. Rear wing must be in place in the beginning of the heat. If wing comes off, wing may be re-installed in between heats.
    e) White body kits are permitted. Entire body must have at least one coat of paint.
    f) Lexan interiors are not allowed.
    g) Light kits are optional and are free choice.

    Magnetic Downforce & Ballast

    a) The magnetic downforce created by the motor is measured with the Magnet Marshal at Sling Shots. Cars over the limit will not be allowed to race.
    1. Maximum reading with new tires: tbd
    2. Maximum reading with used tires: tbd
    b) Race organizer may change the limits to promote closer racing.
    c) No traction magnets are allowed.
    d) Ballast is allowed. Ballast must be tungsten. No lead ballast.
    e) Ballast must be inside the car. It may be attached to the chassis, pod or body only.

    Winter 2011 Series - Slot It Classics

    Rules Short

    Ferrari 312pb
    Alfa Romeo T33/3
    Chaparral 2E
    Ford GT40
    Ford GT40mkii

    Slot It only
    motor – orange endbell
    rear tires – f22 20x10
    rear wheels – 15x8 pa24-als
    gt40 and chaparral – front wheels 15x8 tires 17x10,19x10, 20x10
    ferrari and alfa – front wheels 14.5x8 tires pt19, pt20
    guide – ch10, ch26, ch56
    axles – 45, 48, 50 (maximum width tire to tire 61mm)
    sidewinder pod – stock or ch62, ch67
    sidewinder 6.5mm pinions and 18mm spurs

    Free Choice
    braids, eyelets, screws, washer, lead wire
    axle spacers

    weight - tungsten only, inside car
    truing front tires
    light kit

    Not Allowed
    lead ballast
    tire treatment
    motor secured with glue and/or tape
    chassis secured with glue and/or tape

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    This sounds like a lot of fun. I recently pulled my cars out of storage and have the "bug" again. Unfortunately all I have had are 1/24 cars.

    How do I get started with 1/32 and what kind of cars should I be looking at? I know it's kind of vague, pretend like I'm someone who has no clue and explain it to me.. :-) (sad but true).



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      Sorry for the late reply.
      well josh the best thing you can do is go down to your local hobby shop and see if they have any club or racing going on around town.

      and also this website is a great place to find people in ur area that are in the same hobby

      In atlanta we have great guys who share information and push each other to race harder and better. No other place i would want to race at!
      hope this helps and also look up the race directory on this forum.