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  • We're HERE!

    Welcome to the SCI Forum for the Greater Edmonton Toy Car And Racing Society (otherwise known as GETCARS)!

    We are a bunch of old fogeys (with a few younger members thrown in for good measure) in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada who still love to play with toy cars! We started as kids and learned fundamentals of physics and electricity by racing our cars around plastic tracks, and working on them to try to get them to go faster! We want to help pass our knowledge along, as well as learn from others.

    The Mission of our Society is to promote all aspects of the live toy car experience in the Edmonton Area. While the founding members are all avid 1/32 scale slot car enthusiasts, we believe that it is important to include other aspects of toy car enjoyment, including all scales of slot cars, Magcars, remote control cars, car modelling and collecting, among others.

    Our goal is to promote the physical and social aspects of toy car enjoyment, and to provide a fun and safe environment for all who share similar interests. We also want to share expertise in all facets of the hobby with members of the public through the provision of clinics and short courses, and to provide 'hands-on' experience for youth groups, organizations, and others who may be interested in a toy car hobby.

    We own and operate a 4-lane wood 1/32 scale track and a 2-lane HO track. Our members own & operate HO, 1/32 analog & digital, and even 1/24th tracks at home.

    Won't you come and join us?

    Aging is inevitable. Maturity is an option!

    Curt Wiebe
    Greater Edmonton Toy Car And Racing Society