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Thursday, July 31

Another FUN night at the track!

What can be better than hanging around with the guys at the race track?

Doing just that, AND getting some exercise while you are at it! Races last night consisted of a couple of Crash & Run's, where each driver has to marshal their own cars! Of course this means that when we de-slot, we have to get around the track to our cars and back to our driver's station as quickly as possible, which makes for some excitement and some great laughs!

First up was a Crash & Burn that left Leon running up the laps after everybody else was off the track, but I guess he took it too easy and left me with an opportunity to get a few more laps in after he crashed on subsequent heats!

This was followed by the aforementioned Crash & Run's that had everyone running around the track!

To finish the night off once we had a few extra people to marshal , we had one European Round Robin Race.

Times are getting better, the gaps behind the leaders are closing down a bit, and it's great to see everybody coming out & enjoying the fun, companionship, and excitement!

And it was cool to watch Gilbert's new Hummer, complete with lights & 4-wheel drive make it's way around the track!

Also, a couple of sets of old Arurora HO plastic track, along with a few pieces of Tyco thrown in for good measure, have been donated to the Society, along with a couple of HO cars. One set is the very old Thunderjet pin & clip track, the other is the AFX Speed-Lok track. There are pieces available somewhere to join these together, but they did not come with the donation. I had already planned on donating my Tyco track to the Society, so the Tyco stuff that came with this donation can be put with my old stuff. That leaves the 2 sets of Aurora track.

The track seems to be in OK shape - there are a few pieces that are broken, but may still be usable, depending on HOW we want to use it. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? A couple of my ideas:

- Assemble on boards and donate to a group that can use it as part of their programs (Big Brothers Big Sisters?). Without cars this would be somewhat useless.

- Assemble onto boards and provide to members for HO racing at members' homes? (These are only 2 -lane tracks, not 4-lane).

- Try to sell on Kijiji or E-Bay to raise funds for the Society,

- Keep them in storage until someone finds a use for them?

Any ideas would be quite welcome!