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Thursday, August 7, 2014

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  • Thursday, August 7, 2014

    Yes, summer is here, and everyone is busy with cutting lawns, heading out to the lake, vacations, and other forms of recreation. Slot car racing is not at the top of everyone's list at this time of year.

    Except for me. And Dariusz. And Adrian.

    We had fun on Thursday with a series of Crash & Burn & Crash & Run races. See the attached results.

    As I had touched on in last weeks' e-mail, we have received a donation of a variety of HO scale slot car track. It consists of the following:

    Way old Aurora Thunderjet (pin & clip style) track:

    1 x power connector (not attached to any track sections)
    5 x 9" standard straights
    4 x 6" Standard straights
    1 x 9" Squeeze straight
    2 x 9" Cobbletsone straights
    3 x 9" Hill straights
    1 x 9" Bump straight
    1 x 9" Mechanical lap counter straight
    10 x 9" 45 degree Standard curves
    Power pack & 2 controllers

    AFX Speed-Lok track (this is the stuff that joins by sliding sideways together)

    1 x 9" Power straight
    1 x 9" Standard straight
    4 x 15" Standard straights
    6 x 9" 45 degree Standard curves
    7 x 9" 45 degree curves for cardboard outer wall
    1 x Vertical loop section (several required for each loop).
    Power pack & 3 controllers

    2 x strange looking cars with a few spare parts.

    Plus 1 piece of guardrail and several outer borders for the curves.

    Plus 2 pieces of Marchon curve sections.

    Most of the Speed-Lok track has minor damage - this stuff is prone to the connecting catches breaking off. It may not stay together without being physically attached to a tabletop.

    So I'm wondering what we can do with it all. I have already donated my Tyco track to the Society to set up on one of our tables, as I have a lot of it. There is not a lot of either of these Aurora tracks.

    I believe that there are adapter sections that will allow the various styles of Aurora track to be connected together, but I don't think that these are very easy to find, and would probably not justify the effort & expense.

    Should we try to donate it to a worthy cause, one that may also help to promote the hobby (Big Brothers/Big Sisters, a church youth group, other)?

    Does anyone out there want to BUY any of it, proceeds going to the Society?

    The cars can be kept with the Tyco track and be Society cars to be used with that track.

    Any other ideas?

    Please let me know what you think.