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Saturday, August 16, 2014 - HOg Wild Weekend!

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  • Saturday, August 16, 2014 - HOg Wild Weekend!

    Yes - I won! I am the HO champ of Edmonton! Wahoo!

    OK, so the competition was weak. All right, then, non-existent. I had to race BY MYSELF.

    Even though nothing registered on Lane 3 for some reason, I still scored 92 laps, with a fastest lap time of 3.106 seconds.. And I led all the way!

    In the mean time, both Dariusz & Leon came for the 1:32!

    Leon brought in a CRATE of new cars to test out, and some of them were pretty incredible. But Leon also has lightning fast reflexes, so he came away with all of the wins on the 1:32 track.

    In the first 2 Crash & Burn races Dariusz & I both de-slotted quite early , leaving Leon to rack up the laps.

    Dariusz & I did MUCH better on the Crash & Runs, even though my running was more of a limp. On the first Crash & Run Dariusz ended up only 2 laps behind Leon.

    On the last race of the day, Dariusz had some technical difficulties, allowing me to slip in between him and Leon for my one and only second place finish!.

    I'm going to be taking my AFX track back home, but there will be a Tyco 2-lane track available to use for HO racing in the future, if anyone is interested. On that note, are any of you interested in future HO races? Last year there was a survey done, and there were a fair number of people that were interested in HO at that time. Maybe people have moved on? If people actually are interested, we may be able to obtain enough track to actually set up a 4-lane HO. Please let us know.

    Please note that there will be NO racing on Thursday this week or next. Racing will resume after the Annual General Meeting on Thursday, September 4th, 6:00 PM, at the track.

    Thanks and have a great week.