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Race results from 4/14/2011

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  • Race results from 4/14/2011

    On Thursday we raced Group C class cars with orange endbell motors. I think that just about every make was represented for that nights racing which helps makes it interesting. We did not run fuel management. Voltage was 12.5. And we ran 7 minute heats on each lane. The race was also run on the new track extension as shown here...

    The entrants...

    And the results:
    1. Ian "the Stig" Keck 166 laps
    2. Scott Keck 165 laps
    3. Lovette Owens 165 laps
    4. Dr. Chop 162 laps
    5. Bob "H-Bomb" 157 laps
    6. Tony D 148 laps
    7. Bob Williams 145 laps
    8. Zach Roloson 117 laps

    And there we have it.

    Next week BRMs... Might be interesting to try fuel management with those....