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    Ok, this Sunday (2/12/12) we had what I will call a "Run What-Cha Brung" race....
    Any 1/32 car
    Any 1/32 chassis
    Any motor that fits rule number 1

    The extensive list of rules were as follows:
    1) 25K RPM motor or less
    a)Dodo motors are not allowed!
    2) Rubber or foam rear tires
    3) No traction magnets
    Thats it!

    And here is how today's race shook out...
    1. Damone with 141 laps
    2. Ian with 136 laps
    3. George with 133 laps 105 sections
    4. Reggie with 133 laps 79 sections
    5. Dwight with 133 laps and 48 sections
    6. Scott with 130 laps
    7. Jesse with 121 laps
    8. Nathaniel with 91 laps

    Interesting race, we had three racers finish on the same lap. Some close racing there.
    And on another note, Ian running a Ferrari 312PB overcame a dropped chassis screw that worked its way into the motor to take second place...

    And there you have the results of this afternoons race....

    Remember, have fun and keep it in the slot...


    Whoops! Almost forgot...
    The next "Run What-Cha Brung" race will be held on Sunday Feb 26th
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