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  • Possible Feb race

    I would like to hold a race on Saturday, February 18. I will be in town that weekend so I will be there. I am thinking about a double header. I would like to see what the majority would like to race. I was thinking maybe a group c and a 1:24 scale. Please reply with class and interest in racing that day. The cost would be $10.00 for the day and include test and tune on Thursday or Friday night as well. We are rearranging the store and have 3 pit tables set up at this point with a couple more coming soon.

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    would you guys consider an afternoon weekday event? where i work is close to your store and a ton of us are off by 2pm. many work weekends. just a question if this would be a viable thing. not sure how many would be interested but figured its easier to ask one person than a couple hundred. cheers bill


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      I most certainly would be interested in a Saturday Race. I am planning on Feb 18th. I would like to see this race on a monthly basis for now. We should also consider other cars like the Slot-It modern GT and LMP cars too. As far as the folks who are available during the weekday after 2 PM, just get together and come on in to the store. The track is open. For a nominal rental fee you can arrange to have a race or two. If you have less than 10 racers, you may have to use fewer lanes to have enough track marshalls. I will have to come up to speed on the PC-Lap Counter software, but others can download the software manual. I'll find it an post a link to it this weekend.


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        1/24 Carrera GT with 35Kmotor

        Which track Ninco or Carrera?



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          Sat race

          2 or 3 oclock could work. I was planning on Ninco but carrrra is possible. Would like to see who showd up and start race around 3.


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            So what if anything has been decided about racing at Racewear, CRL and some IHSR guys would like to race 1/24 Carrera cars with RMS motor on Ninco. Any others interested?


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              Race last sat

              We had 7 racers last sat night doing some test and tune and some fun runs.


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                Sat feb25

                Lets have a race on sat Feb 25. I think we should do a double header with the first race starting at 5. One race will be 1:24 carreras and the second will be group c with a 21.5 motor limit. One race for $10 or $15 for both. 6 min heats.. Please post if interested as I will make arrangements to stay in town for this event.


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                  I'm in for the race. Could we run a dual-class 1/24 scale with metal chassis cars and Carrera?