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IHSR Season Kickoff on 10/6 in Darnestown, MD

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  • IHSR Season Kickoff on 10/6 in Darnestown, MD

    If you're in the Mid-Atlantic region, and want to race 1/32 slot cars with the best bunch of guys you can imagine, you should come check out the Interstate Home Slot Racers (IHSR) season kickoff at a member's home in Darnestown, MD. The track is an approximately 80' lap length 4 lane circuit, routed in mdf board.

    The day starts with the host opening his home between 8 and 9 am. Bench racing/testing/tuning/practice until about 10 am or so. We then run the first of four classes. After two classes, we break for pizza lunch and more bench racing and practice.

    After lunch, we run the last two classes, with most folks on their way home by 3:30, more or less. Based on interest and host's discretion, a 5th race might be held in IROC format.

    We typically get between 8 and 15 racers from MD, PA, WVA, VA. More are ALWAYS welcome. While we have 13 or more race dates on the schedule (most on Saturday, one on Sunday), we don't run them as a points series. On race day there is no shortage of trash talk and good natured banter, and some really close racing for all skill levels, but aside from an extraordinary race report published on our website by our in-house scribe, nobody keeps track from one race to the next of 'standings.' That's not what we're about.

    The experienced racers and builders are always happy to share their tips and secrets, and in some cases even build cars for other racers. For new people, there are ALWAYS loaners available, so no need to invest in or build cars to come and race.

    Rules/Classes, Schedule, and past seasons' race reports with photos can be found at our website:

    Please contact me at [email protected] for more information about the 10/6 event. Come race with us!