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Tourist Trophy 2019 presented by NSR

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  • Tourist Trophy 2019 presented by NSR

    Hey kids....

    Things are still in the planning stages and slowly being finalized. But stay tuned for news about the 2019 edition soon!

    Here's a hint of things to come...

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    It's on like Donkey Kong!

    Pretty quiet around here while the bugs get sorted out on the server time to spring some news!

    We are extremely fortunate enough to secure NSR's support for the 2019 event.

    NSR will be presenting sponsor for the 2019 event and we are pleased to partner with a first class manufacturer. The 2019 event class will be NSR's "Classics".

    More information to come as 2019 details are ironed out.

    A Facebook event page for the 2019 race has been created; please "like" and follow us here at:

    It'll be updated periodically with details and other pretty things

    Gentlemen, welcome to year 2...time to suit up


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      Looking Forward

      Very cool, looking forward to hosting this event at our Club in Edmonton!



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        Invites are out to club contacts

        Afternoon everyone.

        Invites have been sent out to club contacts this afternoon, attached here.

        2019 TT ruleset is here:


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          Excellent! The invitation has been circulated to all our members and we will start working on a team again. Also very much looking forward to meeting up with the gang again (well, if I make the cut for team selection...)

          Good times!



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            Originally posted by SuperSlab View Post

            well, if I make the cut for team selection...
            Working on your new stand-up material Alwyn?


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              I was wondering if people have made any progress on planning for the event? Or (heaven forbid!) actually preparing for the event!

              Out here on the Wet Coast, we have absolutely firmly undertaken to put together a plan to start planning to do stuff.


              Well, soon-ish.

              Well, whenever.

              But it looks like we actually HAVE decided on a team. So that is good. But our master plan to again employ our secret weapon from last year, i.e. having F1Fan Chris prepare the car, has gang agley (as Rabbie Burns so eloquently put it). Chris has asked to take a sabbatical, so now it is left to some mere mortal to try and prepare a semi-competent car for the event. So far it looks like that mortal will be me.

              Hoo boy, we are SO doomed!

              But let's put a brave face on it. We have started testing different models set up to generally conform to the rules against each other to see which car we should be using. We really have not found the answer. But we do believe we are beginning to understand the questions. And on the positive side, so far I can confidently state that we are now confused at a much higher level than we were when we started the exercise. But that is about it. And how valid our ultimate choice can be when our local tracks are obviously very different to the event tracks is open to question.

              But hey: you have got to start SOMEWHERE! And tuning and running cars is always a fun activity. And doing SOMETHING seems better than doing nothing and it makes us feel productive.

              Yeah right.

              The good news is that this event has given me an excuse to buy one more slot car (like I need more slot cars....)

              The other surprise is that it seems that, with a bit of TLC, one can get the NSR Classic cars to go almost as quick with urethanes as with NSR Ultragrips. Well, it obviously helps if the person tuning the car with the Ultragrips (me) is incompetent so you are starting from a poor base. But still. Nice to have nowhere else to go than up.

              I am still trying to make friends with NSR Air wheels. At the beginning of this exercise I started out being extremely suspicious of them: historically I have normally changed them out for "good" wheels. Now after some time spent with them I can happily report that I have gained some familiarity with them. And that I still distrust them But at least everybody would have to deal with the same suspect things.

              And that is about it. What says everybody else?

              Alwyn & team.


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                Sneak peek

                Well, after some weekend testing, and quite frankly familiarity....I can say we’re definitely leaning towards the 917

                Time winding down for invited clubs to register before March via email to: [email protected]

                Let the panic slowly wash over you ....