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Phoenix Raceway and Hobbies - Jacksonville, FL - 1/32 Race Results

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  • Phoenix Raceway and Hobbies - Jacksonville, FL - 1/32 Race Results

    Race Results - Friday, October 17, 2008

    Even though it was a light turnout, we still had two solid races!

    1. JP (Porsche 962) - 83
    2. D.wood (McLaren F1) - 81
    3. Ashley (Porsche 956K) - 78
    4. Erik (Porsche 956K) - 76
    5. Tom S. (Audi R8C) - 73
    6. Dallas (McLaren F1) - 58
    7. Blake (Porsche 956K) - 52

    This race was a lot closer than the final standings show, and it came right down to the wire. JP, D.wood, and Erik were all running for the top spot into the final two heats. Erik had two disastrous heats that dropped him all the way to fourth. JP managed to outlast D.wood, who had some misfortunes in the final couple of heats, to grab the top spot. Ashley drove a solid race to take third. Tom was trying the new Audi R8, which gave him some problems at first but then showed its speed as he got used to it, being one of only three cars to have a 15-laps heat. Dallas was borrowing a car for his first race ever, and did a reasonable job. Blake was another rookie, a young driver just getting into slot car racing. Both did a solid job for their first races.

    Trans Am
    1. JP (Camaro) - 81
    2. Ashley (Camaro) - 73
    3. Erik (Mustang) - 71
    4. Tom S. (Camaro) - 59
    5. Jaime (Mustang) - 57
    6. Blake (Camaro) - 57

    JP took another borrowed Camaro and dominated again... it might be time to stop letting him borrow Camaros! Ashley and Erik had a close battle for second, with Ashley staying consistent enough to grab second place. Tom had some problems with his freshly painted custom Camaro, whose custom paint job looked to a lot of cars like a target before his controller ended up breaking a wire, dropping him out of contention (he was on pace to contend for second). Jaime drove a decent race with a borrowed Mustang after her Camaro's chassis gave up the ghost. Blake was doing his second race ever (the first being the Prototype race), and still turned in a good showing, losing out on fifth by half a lap.

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    Class 1: Trans Am
    Class 2: Scalextric Ford GT40/GT, Chapparal 2F


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      Race Results March 13, 2009

      Phoenix Raceway 3/14/09 Race Results Open Cockpit (Alfa/Ferrari 312)

      Marty 181
      JP 177
      Tom 173
      George 171
      Josh 136
      Troy 109

      This is the second week of a multi-week points series with Marty firmly in a double digit lap leap. With his trusty Alfa, which was actually his first, he added to his lead over JP and field. JP driving his Ferrari 312 came in a steady second with Tom and his Alfa coming in 3rd. George was a sit in for Chase, but drove a steady race to finish 4th. Josh showed improvement and drove a steady race with Troy finishing 6th.

      Scalextric Vintage TransAm

      Lee 80
      JP 76
      Jarod 75
      Cory 67
      Richard 67
      Blake 65
      Tray 62
      George 50

      This race was actually alot closer than the laps show, but Lee took the win with his Boss Mustang and steady driving. JP came in second again for the evening with his Gimondo Camaro. Jarod finished a solid third, but was just a lap down from JP. The real race was for 3rd and 4th with Cory in his Stubber Camaro and Richard in his #78 Boss Mustang. Cory and Richard dueled throughout the race, but Cory robbed Richard without a gun and finished his personal best 4th. Richard was just a few feet behind Cory in 5th at the checkered flag, but it was his first race and did very well. Blake had the fastest car of the field with his Parnelli Jones Boss Mustang, but it was a little loose on the corners, but he was able to best Tray who ended in 7th. George, who was just 3 laps behind the leader after 3 heats, suffered a cracked chassis to his Sunoco Camaro and did his best in the pits to come back and finish 8th. Great sportsmanship indeed.


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        Pnoenix Raceways 3/20/09 Race Results

        Phoenix Raceways 3/20/09Race Results

        BRM 1/24th Scale

        1. Henry 102
        2. JP 102
        3. Marty 101
        4. Tom 100
        5. Ashley 89

        The BRM race was held on the 155' HillClimb backtrack. Henry took 1st place despite launching his Budweiser Porshe off the doughnut. He took 1st over his son JP who was driving his Alfa/Advan Porshe and was just barely edged out of 1st by a few feet despite having a 4 lap deficit after the first heat. Marty came in 3rd with his FromA Porshe with 101 laps and Tom came in 4th with a borrowed Leyton House Porshe from Marty. This was Toms first BRM race and was just 2 laps out of 1st place. Ashley rounded up in 5th place place in her Kenwood Porshe with 89 laps, but ran a clean and conservative race. Open Cockpit (Alfa/Ferrari 312)

        1. Chase 179
        2. Marty 174
        3. JP 174
        4. Tom 167
        5. Wayne 134
        6. Josh 133

        This is the 3rd race of a multi week points series with Chase taking 1st in his Alfa with 179 laps. Chase ran strong and was a bit too fast this week for points leader Marty to catch. Marty finished 2nd with 174 laps and was just inches over JP who was driving one of the only Ferrari 312s of the field. JP finished in 3rd with 174 laps. Tom came in 4th with his Alfa. This was Tom's first race and did very well with a newly set up Alfa. Wayne finished 5th in his #3 Ferrari 312 and just edged out his son Josh who finished 6th with 133 laps. This was their first race and did very well despite a untested set up.

        Scalextric Nascar COT

        1. Tom 80
        2. George 79
        3. Chase 75
        4. Jason 74
        5. Wayne 70

        This was almost a father vs. son affair with the dads getting the better of their sons this time. Tom taking 1st with 80 laps in his custom Petty #43 COT. George was just 1 lap down with his #88 AMP COT with 79 laps. Chase, who's Georges son, came in 3rd with his custom painted AMP COT with 75 laps. Jason, who is Toms son, came in 4th with 74 laps. He drove the only non COT with the Sharpie and was actually the fastest car that night. Wayne drove his newly purchased #88 National Guard COT with borrowed Super Tires from Ashley to finish 5th with 70 laps. Despite it being his first Nascar race, he was only 10 laps from the race leader.

        Next week is the first race of a 10 week Nascar series. Prizes will be given out from 1st to 5th place finishers. There will be 2 minute heats and the cars must have stock motors, 2 Scalextric magnets and the only change can be the option to mount Super Tires. Have fun and hoping to see you there.
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          Phoenix Raceway Race Results

          Phoenix Raceway Race Results 3/27/09

 Open Cockpit( Alfas & Ferrari 312s)

          1. Marty 185 #34 Alfa
          2. Tom 185 #88 custom Alfa
          3. Chase 180 #34 Alfa
          4. Lee 179 #85 Ferrari
          5. Wayne 174 #33 Alfa
          6. Lyle 149 #33 Alfa
          7. JP 116 #87 Ferrari

          This makes another week in the now 6 week points race. Marty sporting a new paint scheme took 1st and edged Tom who finished 2nd by 3 seconds with each having 185 laps. Considering that the race consisted of 6 heats that were 4 minutes each, that was close racing. Chase ran a usual consistent race to wrap up 3rd with 180 laps. Lee ran his first open cockpit race with his Ferrari 312 and wrapped up 4th with 179 laps. Wayne switched cars to his #33 Alfa and took 5th with 174 laps. Lyle took 6th with 149 laps, but did well considering it being his first race back. JP with the 2nd Ferrari in the race completed 116 laps before his car suffered technical difficulties and forced a DNF. It was also his back up car.


          1. Lee 90 Canon 956 Porshe
          2. Jarett 83 Fina Mclaren
          3. Wayne 83 Loctite Mclaren
          4. Gary 76 Custom Nissan R390
          5. Lyle 76 Racer/Sideways AIM Gold
          6. Chase 76 Ferrari F40/ Swap Shop 956 Porshe
          7. George 75 Loctite Mclaren
          8. Blake 71 Nissan R390 #22
          9. Josh 67 Loctite Mclaren
          10. JohnB 67 Custom Jaguar XJR9

          A very close race as bad heats and breakdowns decided the race. Lee ran a clean race to get ahead early and finished 1st with 90 laps. Jarett finished 2nd just a few inches over Wayne who finished 3rd. Both had 83 laps. This was Jaretts first race, but he ran a previous race winning Fina Mclaren from his dad Lee. Wayne ran clean to wrap up his highest finish to date with his Loctite Mclaren. Here is where the race got tight. Gary, another first time racer, ran his custom paint Nissan R390 to finish 4th. Lyle finished inches behind Gary with his Racer Daytona Riley to take 5th with 76 laps. Chase, who started with a Ferrari F40 and finished with a Porshe 956 Swap Shop, finished 6th just inches behind Lyle. After 5 heats, Chase was on pace for a clear 2nd place, but finished 6 laps off his usual high pace in the last heat to also finish wih 76 laps. George wrapped up 7th with his Loctite Mclaren with 75 laps over his son Blake who took 8th. Blake is a phenom who puts the pressure on racers 3 and 4 times his age and he was only 5 laps off the race leader after 4 heats, but a new set up with with Nissan R390 caused him to ease up to not damage his car. Josh ran a good race and finished 9th with his Loctite Mclaren. Johnny B. wrapped up the field in 10th, but he was very fast with his custom paint Jaguar XJR9 before suffering technical issues with his new set up. This was also his first race.

          Scalextric Nascar COT

          1. Tom 78 #97 Sharpie
          2. George 75 #88 AMP
          3. Lee 72 #48 Lowes
          4. Chase 70 #24 Dupont
          5. Marty 67 #88 custom paint AMP
          6. Orlando 66 #88 AMP
          7. Josh 62 #88 National Guard
          8. Dylan 48 #5 Mears

          More good racing and Tom ran away from the field with steady driving to finish 1st with 78 laps. George was fast and finished 2nd with 75 laps. Lee finished 3rd with 72 laps and this was his first Nascar race. Chase, who was on pace for atleast 3rd place, suffered technical issues in one of the last heats to finish atleast 3 laps off his usual pace to wrap up 4th with 70 laps. Marty finished 5th with 67 laps despite a new car and set up. Orlando had probably the fastest car in the race with his #88 AMP and finished 6th with 66 laps. Josh another junior racer held his own and settled in 7th place with 62 laps. Dylan ran a borrowed #5 Mears and with it being his first time, wrapped up 8th with 48 laps. He showed quick learning in the later heats to provide pressure to the field.

          Races start at 7pm every Friday evening and all are welcomed. Race schedule is previously provided, so feel free to stop on by and enjoy.


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            Phoenix Raceways Race Results 4/3/09

   Open Cockpit (Alfa& Ferrari 312)

            1. Tom 188 #88 Alfa
            2. JP 182 #87 Ferrari 312
            3. Marty 178 #34 Alfa
            4. Chase 171 #34 Alfa
            5. Wayne 169 #3T Ferrari
            6. Josh 158 #33 Alfa
            7. Cory 120 #33 Alfa
            8. Troy 114 #33 Alfa

            Tom took 1st with 188 laps and a series record of 188 laps. JP had 2nd with 182 laps, but went back and forth between his primary Ferrari and his back up, so he lost his points. Marty then took 2nd with 178 laps. Chase took 3rd with 171 laps and bested Wayne who took 4th with 169 laps. Josh took 5th with 158 laps with his #33 Alfa. Cory took 6th with 120 laps over Troy who took 7th with 114 laps. Final race of the series will be next week, but Marty has a firm grip of 1st, but Tom and Chase are battling for 2nd, so tune in next week for the series finally.

            Scalextric Modern & COT Nascar

            1. JP 81 #43 Custom Petty
            2. Tom 79 #97 Sharpie
            3. George 77 #88 Amp
            4. Chase 70 #24 Dupont
            5. Orlando 69 #88 Amp
            6. Marty 65 #88 Relaunch
            7. Josh 64 #88 National Guard
            8. Troy 60 #88 Amp
            9. Ben 54 #5 Mears

            JP took 1st with a borrowed car from Tom. He finished with 81 laps. Tom took 2nd with 79 laps with the only non COT car in the field. George took 3rd with 77 laps. A battle developed for 4th where Chase took it with 70 laps. He bested Orlando by 1 lap who finished in 5th with 69 laps. Marty took 6th with 65 laps and bested Josh by 1 lap. Josh took 7th with 64 laps. Troy took 8th with 60 laps. Ben took 9th with 54 laps. It was actually his first race and he drove with a borrowed car. This is the first race of a 10 week series, so check back for more results.


            1. Chase 94 Swap Shop 956 Porshe
            2. Blake 84 Baby Creschi 956 Porshe
            3. George 81 Mclaren Loctite
            4. Alex 81 Ferrari F40 test car
            5. Orlando 77 Swap Shop 956 Porshe
            6. Ben 76 Baby Creschi 956 Porshe
            7. Shavon 74 Custom Jaguar XJR9
            8. Gary 72 Audi R8C
            9. Wayne 70 Ferrari F40 Test car
            10. Josh 62 Mclaren Loctite

            Chase ran away from the field literally by 10 laps to take 1st with 94 laps. His brother Blake took 2nd with 84 laps over his dad George who took 3rd with 81 laps. Alex took 4th with 81 laps also, but was bested by George's track position. Orlando took 5th with 77 laps and was just 1 lap over Ben who took 6th with 76 laps. This was only his 2nd race of the night, so he did very well. Shavon was the only female racer in the field and it was also her first race. She finished 7th with 74 laps and actually finshed better than Gary who was her boyfriend. Gary finished in 8th with 72 laps. Wayne finished 9th with 70 laps and Josh took 10th with 62 laps.


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              Phoenix Raceways Race Results

              Race Results 4/10/09

     Open Cockpit (Alfa& Ferrari 312)
              1. Marty 181 #34 Alfa
              2. Chase 176 #34 Alfa
              3. JP 171 #87 Ferrari 312
              4. Tom 170 #88 Alfa
              5. Josh 151 #33 Alfa
              6. Troy 136 #33 Alfa

              Marti took 1st with 181 laps and the series championship. Chase took 2nd with 173 laps, and finishing 3rd overall, JP took 3rd with his Ferrari with 171 laps. Tom then took 4th with 170 laps.
              Tom finished second the points. Josh finished 5th with 151 laps, he earn the Most Improved Driver for the series, and finishing in 6th place with 136 laps was Troy.

              Scalextric Modern & COT Nascar
              1. Tom 78 #97 Sharpie
              2. JP 77 #43 Custom Petty
              3. George 74 #88 Amp
              4. Jason 72
              5. Chase 70 #24 Dupont
              6. Derek 68
              7. Matt 66
              8. Josh 65 #88 National Guard
              9. Orlando 63 #88 Amp
              10.Troy 53 #88 Amp
              11. Alex 48

              Tom took first place with the only non COT in the race, he had 78 laps with the #97 Sharpie. Coming in second was JP he finished with 77 laps with a borrowed car from Tom. George took 3rd with 74 laps. A battle developed for 4th where Jason took it with 72 laps. He bested Chase 2 laps who finished in 5th with 70 laps. Derek took 6th with 68 laps and bested Matt by 2 laps. Josh took 8th with 65 laps. Orlando took 9th had gear problem thru out the race to finish’s with 63 laps. Troy took 10th with 53 laps and Alex finished 11th with 48 laps. The second race of the ten week series.

              Scalextric Trans Am
              1. Blake 83 Laps Camaro
              2. Tom 79 Laps Boss Mustang
              3. George 79 Laps Boss Mustang
              4. JP 76 Laps Camaro
              5. Alex 75 Laps Boss Mustang
              6. Jason 73 Laps Camaro
              7. Derek 65 Laps Camaro
              8. Troy 60 Laps Corvette
              9. Matt 60 Laps Camaro


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                Phoenix Raceways & Hobbies Race Schedule For MAY 2009

                May Race Schedule
                1/32 scale
                May 1, 2009
                slot-it open ****-pit (2 magnet)
                alfa 33/3 and ferrari 312pb
                5. Nascar (cot and modern 2 magnet)

                May 8, 2009
                slot-it protoype (2 magnet)
                trans-am (scalextric 2 magnet)
                6. Nascar (cot and modern 2 magnet)

                May 15, 2009
                gt’s (scalextric 2 magnet)
                slot-it protoype (2 magnet)
                7. Nascar (cot and modern 2 magnet)

                May 22, 2009
                trans-am (scalextric 2 magnet)
                slot-it open ****-pit (2 magnet)
                alfa 33/3 and ferrari 312pb
                8. Nascar (cot and modern 2 magnet)

                May 29, 2009
                lmp’s (boxed stock)
                9. Nascar (cot and modern 2 magnet)


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                  Phoenix Raceways Race Results 4-17-09

                  Scalextric LMP Box-stock

                  1. Orlando 62 Peugot test car
                  2. W. Estes 57 Peugot
                  3. Kat 51 Porshe Spyder
                  4. Troy 35 Peugot
                  5. Skip 32 Porshe Spyder
                  6. JP 73 DQ

                  Close racing as these are ran box stock except the addition of Super Tires. Orlando took firm hold of first with 62 laps and Wayne Estes came in 2nd with 57 laps even with a new car and set up. Kat ran a strong 3rd with 51 laps even though this wasn't her main event. Troy came in 4th with a new Peugot with 35 laps and Skip rounded out the field with 32 laps. JP was DQ'd as his Porshe was set up for 2 magnet racing.

                  Scalextric TransAm

                  1. JP 78 Gimondo Camaro
                  2. George 78 Sunoco Camaro
                  3. Wayne 73 70' Camaro
                  4. Kat. 72 Custom Camaro
                  5. Cory 72 Stubber Camaro
                  6. Troy C 68 Camaro
                  7. Troy B 64 Corvette
                  8. Dennis 57 Camaro

                  Close racing in this popular class seeing JP in his Gimondo Camaro take 1st with 78 laps just a few feet over George who also finished with 78 laps in his Sunoco Camaro. Wayne took 3rd in his 70' Camaro with 73 laps. Kat came in 4th with 72 laps and edged aout Cory who finished 5th also with 72 laps. Troy C took 6th with 68 laps and Troy B took 7th with 64 laps. Dennis rounded up the field with 57 laps and took 8th.

                  Scalextric Nascar COT & Modern

                  1. Tom 80 #97 Sharpie
                  2. George 76 #88 Amp
                  3. Chase 74 #24 Dupont
                  4. JP 73 #43 custom Petty
                  5. Orlando 71 #88 Amp
                  6. Lee 71 #48 Lowes
                  7. Josh 69 #88 National Guard
                  8. Bill 68 Dewalt Modern
                  9. Jarett 65 #5 Kelloggs
                  10 Troy C 61 #88 Amp
                  11. Kat 60 #5 Kelloggs

                  Largest field of the night with Tom taking first with 80 laps. George took 2nd with 76 laps and Chase took 3rd with 74 laps. JP took 4th despite mechanical failure in the final heat causing him to be down 8 laps off his average to finish with 73 laps. Orlando finished in 5th despite a cracked chassis with 71 laps and edged out Lee who also finished with 71 laps to take 6th. Josh took 7th with 69 laps and edged out Bill who ran his first Nascar race to finish in 8th with 68 laps. Jarett also ran in his first Nascar race to finish 9th with 65 laps. Troy C finished 10th with 61 laps just one ahead of Kat who finished 11th with 60 laps.


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                    Phoenix Raceway Race Results 4-24-09

                    Scalextric TransAm

                    1. Jarett 80 #78 Mustang
                    2. Blake 77 #6 Sunoco
                    3. Marty 75 #76 Camaro
                    4. Lee 74 #83 Mustang
                    5. JP 73 Gimondo Camaro
                    6. Josh 69 #1 Camaro

                    Track conditions had everyone guessing, but that is racing. Jarett took 1st in his first ever TransAm race with his #78 Mustang putting up 80 laps. Blake ran a very fast car in his #6 Sunoco to put up 77 laps for 2nd. Marty took 3rd with his #76 Camaro by putting up 75 laps. Lee put up 74 laps for 4th with his #83 Mustang despite being down 8 laps after the first heat. JP took 5th with 74 laps also being down 6 laps after the first heat with his Gimondo Camaro. Josh rounded the field with 69 laps in his #1 Camaro, but did well running consistent laps.


                    1. Chase 87 Swap Shop
                    2. Blake 86 Baby Creschi
                    3. Lee 86 Nissan R390 test
                    4. Mato 81 Nissan R390 custom
                    5. JP 77 Porshe Fortuna
                    6. George 74 Mclaren Loctite
                    7. W. Estes 72 Ferrari F40
                    8. Jhonny B. 66 Jaguar XRJ9
                    9. Josh 36 Mclaren Loctite

                    Eventful race seeing George and Blake team up and drive for Chase to take 1st with 87 laps in the Porshe Swap Shop. Blake did his solo run in his Porshe Baby Creschi to take 2nd with 86 laps. Lee took 3rd in his Nissan Test car with 85 laps. Gary took 4th also in a Nissan to put up 81 laps. Jp took 5th in his new Fortuna to tally up 77 laps. George took 6th with 74 laps in his Loctite, but was derailed by driving for Chase in the Swap Shop. W. Estes ran 72 laps in his F40 test car to take 7th. Jhonny B. took 8th is what was probably the fastest car of the night, but a loose track generated alot of deslots to finish with 66 laps. Josh took 9th with 36 laps, but was forced to drop out due to mechanical failure before his best 2 heats.

                    Scalextric Nascar

                    1. Tom 79 #97 Sharpie
                    2. JP 79 #43 Petty custom
                    3. Lee 75 #48 Lowes
                    4. Jason 74 #88 Amp
                    5. George 72 #88 Amp
                    6. Josh 71 #88 National Guard
                    7. Chase 69 #24 Dupont
                    8. Marty 68 #88 Relaunch
                    9. Orlando 62 #88 Amp

                    Close racing for 1st and 2nd being decided by track position. Tom took 1st with 79 laps over JP who took 2nd also with 79 laps. Lee took 3rd with 75 laps and Jason took 4th with 74 laps. George took 5th with 72 laps in his #88 Amp. Josh ran a clean race to finish 6th with 71 laps in his #88 National Guard. Chase took 7th with his #24 Dupont just 1 lap over Marty who took 8th with 68 laps in his #88 Relaunch. Orlando was nursing a cracked chassis to take 9th with 62 laps and was nearly 10 laps off his pace due to it.


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                      Phoenix Raceway Race Results 5-1-09

                      Scalextric Nascar COT & Modern

                      1. JP 80 #43 Custom Petty
                      2. Tom 79 #97 Sharpie
                      3. George 75 #88 Amp
                      4. Chase 73 #24 Dupont
                      5. Joshua 67 #88 National Guard
                      6. G1 45 COT

                      Close race again between the front two drivers in the point series with JP getting the better of Tom by 1 lap. JP took 1st with 80 laps and Tom took 2nd with 79. George ran a great race to get 3rd with 75 laps. Chase took 4th with 73 laps while Joshua took 5th with 67 laps. G1 took 6th in his first race with 45 laps.


                      1. JP 93 Hydro Aluminium Porshe 962
                      2. Chase 93 Swap Shop Porshe 956
                      3. Tom 85 Fina Mclaren
                      4. Mato 81 Custom Nissan R390
                      5. Jhonny B. 74 Custom Jaguar XRJ9
                      6. Blake 73 Loctite Mclaren
                      7. Josh 73 Loctite Mclaren
                      8. Jacobi 68 Fina Mclaren
                      9. Raymond 58 Custom Audi R8C
                      10. Steve 53 Fortuna Poshe 962
                      11. George 51 Repsol Porshe 962

                      Another close race with JP taking first by several track positions. JP took first with a borrowed car to take 1st with 93 laps. Chase took 2nd with 93 laps with his Swap Shop. JP and Chase were turning laps nearly .5 seconds faster than the rest of the field to finish nearly 8 laps ahead. Tom took 3rd in his first ever prototype race with a leased Fina by putting up 85 laps. Mato ran a strong race to take 4th with 81 laps with the only Nissan of the field. Jhonny was battling a blown motor to take 5th with 74 laps. Blake put aside his Baby Creschi to run his Loctite Mclaren. He took 6th with 73 laps and edged out Josh who also turned 73 laps with a Loctite Mclaren to finish 7th. Jacobi in his first race took 8th with 68 laps in his Fina Mclaren. Raymond was also a first time racer and took 9th with 58 laps. Steve took 10th with 53 laps and George took 11th with 51 laps, but that was in 4 out of 6 heats before pulling his Repsol


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                        Phoenix Raceway and Hobbies Race Results 5-8-09

                        Scalextric Nascar COT & Modern

                        Tom 72 #97 Sharpie
                        Jason 69 #88 AMP
                        Orlando 67 #88 AMP
                        Josh 63 #88 National Guard
                        Luke 54 #5 Kelloggs

                        Very light turn out as the shop was getting ready for the 1/24th state race, but we were still able to run our Nascar points race. Tom took first will 72 laps. Jason did very well with 69 laps to take 2nd. Orlando took 3rd with his Amp by tallying 67 laps. Josh came in 4th with 63 laps in his #88 National Guard. Luke a first time racer took a borrowed #5 Kelloggs abd turned in 54 laps to take 5th.