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The Mini Mille Miglia - 2009

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  • The Mini Mille Miglia - 2009

    I'd like to draw SCI's attention to an event that I will be attending in Italy this summer on July 5th-6th to commemorate the Mille Miglia -- the Mini Mille Miglia. Here's some basic information from the website for the event, which is being coordinated by Graham Lane. The event will take place on a spectacular 30 meter long track modelled on the Italian countryside. It has a 20 meter two-lane circuit incorporating a series of hairpin bends up to a castle, through a castellated gateway, and over an arched stone bridge. Eligible cars include 1:32 scale cars in the make and model that ran at the original Mille Miglia. See the website for more details.

    The Original Mille Miglia The Mille Miglia was a 1000 mile road race that took place in Italy between 1927 and 1957. One of the most famous winners was the duo of Stirling Moss and Denis Jenkinson in a Mercedes 300SLR in 1955, car number 722. The race was stopped in 1957 following a terrible accident in which a driver and co-driver were killed together with 11 spectators.

    The Present-day Mille Miglia

    The event was re-introduced in 1977 as a tour instead of a race. The only cars that can take part are the original cars, or the same make and model.

    The Mini Mille Miglia
    The Mini Mille Miglia is a miniature version of the current Mille Miglia, for 1/32nd scale slot cars.

    Models of these historic cars are often fragile and have taken many hours to build so we want to create a competition that keeps the risk of damage to a minimum and shows off the models in an environment that pays tribute to these noble and historic cars and the drivers that so bravely raced them.

    We will be photographing and filming the cars throughout the event and a video will be available afterwards, with proceeds going to the Alzheimer's Research Trust. Entrants get a free copy as part of their entry fee.

    Do I need to come?No, you don't have to come to Italy to take part. You can simply send a car, or cars, they will be driven carefully by experienced drivers and returned to you after the event. Of course, if you do wish to come you would be very welcome. The more help the better and there will be prizes for the winners.
    We can arrange accommodation for you nearby but you do need to book early as July is busy time of the year. If you wish to bring your wife or partner too, you can. There is plenty to do in this beautiful part of the world. We have a swimming pool and you will have free use to that and, as part of the event, we plan to have a barbecue in the garden by the pool.

    Entry Details

    Entry forms are available e-mail or post from:
    Dave Capelen, 25 Bollan Drive, Ballagarey Road, Glen Vine, Isle of Man, IM4 4FE, British Isles
    e-mail: [email protected]

    Entries must be received no later than Friday 5th June 2009
    All cars entered must be received no later than Friday 19th June 2009
    Sent to:
    Graham Lane, Villa Rosa, S.P. Madonna delle Grazie, 77, 06055 Castello delle Forme (PG), Umbria, Italy.
    e-mail: [email protected]
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    Sir Stirling Moss OBE has agreed to be the patron for the Mini Mille Miglia.


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      The Mini Mille Miglia website has been updated.

      Lin Lane has agreed to be the director of the documentary film that will be made about the Mini Mille Miglia. Lin has produced many plays and pantomimes in the UK and has won awards both for acting and for her script writing. She has also published two books and written many articles since coming to live in Italy.


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        This looks like a most excellent event.

        What a great excuse for a trip to Italy ... if one were ever needed.


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          I couldn't find mention of the entry fee anywhere on the web site, or information on the race itself like how long it is, rules, etc. Perhaps you could point out that info to me?
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            Originally posted by dr vanski View Post
            I couldn't find mention of the entry fee anywhere on the web site, or information on the race itself like how long it is, rules, etc. Perhaps you could point out that info to me?
            The information that I have is on the "Information" Page, some of which is pasted below. I'll try to get further details. Mostly, it's an excuse to go to Italy, visit the actual route of the MM, eat Italian food with slot car friends, and also to do a little racing.

            How to enter
            Entry forms are available from the Entries Secretary (see Entry Details page)
            Entry fees are 15 euros for the first car and 7 euros for each subsequent car. This covers the cost of return postage and packing and each entrant gets a photo of their car or cars on the track and a free copy of the video.
            Many of the cars make very fragile models and take many hours to build so some owners may not want to have them driven at all. We respect that and that's fine, so long as they are working models.

            Concours (digital, analogue and static cars)There will be various classes for all cars entered in this event. The panel of judges will be selected from experienced slot car drivers. If entrants do not wish their cars to be driven at all they can elect to enter this class only. They must be working models though. The cars will be used in the film as static models, moved on a couple of inches for each shot to simulate movement.

            The Tour (digital and analogue cars)
            This event is designed to enable cars to be driven round the circuit one at a time at a gentle pace, for owners who don't want to risk getting them damaged. A selected group of experienced slot car drivers will drive the cars one at a time around the track to familiarise themselves with the layout and the handling of the cars. It is also a chance for us to photograph and film the cars for the video that will be available after the event. Cars must be working models but performance is not crucial, as we can film them tackling part of the track.
            Time Trials (digital and analogue cars)
            This event is slightly more competitive, but we want to create an environment that looks after the cars. A pace car will be driven around the track at a modest speed to set a lap time. Drivers will then attempt to match that time as closely as possible with each car. Prizes for the driver and car owner accumulating the fewest seconds.
            The Rally (digital and analogue cars)
            This is a more competitive event. Driver and co-driver drive a car singly around the circuit. Obstacles are placed at strategic points and the co-driver has to look ahead and advise the driver when to change lanes to avoid the next obstacle. There will be time added and subtracted from the pace time (set above) to create a maximum and minimum time with penalty points for going over or under the time limits. Prizes for winning crew and for the car owner.
            Pursuit (digital cars only)
            For this we will be using two dedicated cars, the Scalextric Mercedes 300SLR of Stirling Moss (No 722) and Juan Manuel Fangio (No 658). They will be started half a lap apart. The race ends when one car passes the other to become the winner. The race will be particularly exciting for both drivers and spectators as the cars cannot pass on the single-lane portion of the track and can change lanes to block passing manouvers on the two-lane part.
            Races (super-resistant cars only)
            From time to time during each of the two days members of the public will be able to drive a fleet of digitally-enabled super-resistant cars to experience slot racing for themselves.
            Races will be for six drivers at a time each time we have a full grid. Times will be recorded and the winners will receive a prize.
            The cars will be modern day Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche. There are sponsorship opportunities for companies wishing to advertise on the cars. See the Sponsorship page.

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              News Update

              The MMM event is pleased to announce that i7 Technologies are sponsoring the official MMM camera car. This will be a Scalextric Range Rover fitted with a tiny wireless webcam which will relay a picture live to a monitor at the side of the track. Clips of video from the camera car will be used in the documentary film being made of the event.


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                Latest News
                The highly respected firm of architects, Conti-Rowland, are sponsoring a Ferrari for the public to race. This, along with a second, more highly-detailed model for their office shelf, will be liveried in the company colours by Richard Bennett, who is one of the top guys in this field. Richard is kindly donating his time free-of-charge so that as much sponsorship money as possible goes to our charity - The Alzheimer's Research Trust.

                Visit the Mini-Mille Miglia


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                  A lineup of cars is starting to develop for the Mini Mille Miglia (see the List of Cars page as well as the photo album). One particular lovely model is the following 1935 Bugatti built by JAK. See the story of building this car on the MMM site.


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                    The MMM event continues to pick up new sponsors. We are delighted that Charters Ancaster is now one of our sponsors. Charters Ancaster is a prep school in the UK and one of MMM drivers, Per Thorkildsen, is personally sponsoring a Lamborghini Gallardo in support of the school.

                    This Allard (with some Photoshoping below!) is one of the latest entries into the event:


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                      The time is closing in on the first mini Mille Miglia event in Italy. Some of the final preparations include the construction of a 1/32 scale starting ramp typical to those used for the Mille Migla! Hope you and your car will join the event! Photos courtesy of manitouguy


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                        Here's a (late) report of the MMM event held in Italy on July 4-5. (Apologies on the lateness, I've been out of town on a business trip so haven't been able to report until now.) I'll just reiterate how wonderful Graham Lane was as a host, how lovely Umbria/Castello della Forma/La Porta Verde are as a venue, how delightful the other racers were. I'm happy also to report that over $4K (and counting) had been raised for Alheimer's result through the event. Cars were sent from all over the world, including from here in the States. I'm planning on returning next year and would love to see more SCI-ers there!

                        Here's a few of my photos. For more photos and results, see the MMM website.

                        First of all, the track -- it was great! I loved driving through the Italian village. Words cannot due justice to the viaduct, each brick of which was hand cut and painted...

                        And, the cars -- wonderful! 87 entries were sent in from all over the world. All the cars were pre-'57 cars typical to the Mille Miglia. Thanks to everyone that send those fabulous cars. A treat to drive and watch.

                        The winning car for the Concourse de Elegance was a '32 T35B Bugatti built and entered by Peter Seager-Thomas

                        And, finally, here's Graham Lane standing over the viaduct and proudly watching over one of the public races.
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                          Thanks for all the great pictures.


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                            That is really cool. And I thought they only ran on plastic track in Italy!