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SCX Classic Rally Proxy 2009 - Official entry thread

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    Don't count me out just yet. With hosting the IPS, moving house and entries in the CPR, DUPR and RAA I'm not sure which end is up at the moment. As soon as I get some breathing space I'll let you know what I'm doing.




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      OK, now you can count me out. Just too busy.




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        SHIP OUT DEADLINE = 1st June (5 days left!)
        This means your package must be post-stamped by your local post office latest on 1st June

        Here is what happens if you ship out the car after the ship-out deadline (1st June):
        Car arrives in Norway before 6th July = The car gets a "late entry penalty" (small points penalty in the first round).
        Car arrives in Norway after 6th July = The car miss out on the first event (no points at all from the first round).
        Car arrives in Norway after 15th July = The car is likely to miss out on the whole series and returned to owner.

        The sign-up and car registration will still be held open at least until 1st June, so there is still time to enter this proxy for anyone who wants. Sign-up page:

        But with 10 days left to the ship-out deadline you should probably use a car and parts you already have, unless you accept the risk of getting a "late entry penalty".

        List of all entrants (23) and registered cars (32):

        NEWS: New UK round just booked:

        Complete track schedule:

        Have fun getting your cars ready to rally
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          It has just come to my attention that the post office is closed on the 1st June in some countries because of a holiday. Those affected by this will get a ship-out deadline extension to 2nd June.


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            Status 04. June 2009
            25 signed up entrants
            33 registered cars
            16 cars have arrived for tech inspection

            Signup for new entrants is now closed.
            But already signed up entrants may still login and register up to 3 cars each (one in each class) until 20th June 2009, but cars that are shipped out after 1st June will receive a small points penalty in the first event. Deadline for arrival at tech inspection is 6th July 2009.


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              TRACK TEST 1
              Track: "Big track" (50+ feet)
              Surface: Scalextric Sport with acrylic wall paint and with foam borders speckled smooth to the track
              Grip level: Medium
              Voltage: 12 Volt (measured on the rails)
              Controller: Professor Motor
              Laps: 10 laps

              This was a first test of all the received cars (up to now), and 10 laps is just enough to get the feel of a car and discover obvious problems. So do not put to much faith into the laptimes, but instead focus on my comments and see this in regard of the track style and surface.

              Click for fullsize image:

              About the problems with Ninco guides: The main problem with the spring loaded guides are that they extend past the guide stop when the car lift on the outer tires, then the rear end loose grip because it is riding on the ridge of the tire and the rear end swings around 180 degrees while the guide is still in the slot. The result is stretched motor cables and eyelets that pop out of the guide. While testing this is not a big issue, but if it happens during a stage your car will not finish that stage.

              I am ready to answer questions, so fire away


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                Coming soon...


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                  Just a reminder to tune in to the live reporting from the first stage of the first event in about an hour:

                  Live reporting can be followed here


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                    Stage 1: SS1 Oslo

                    Stage 2: SS2 Kongsvinger

                    Event summary after two stages:

                    We are now having a service stop before the event continues with stage 3.

                    These cars will get some extra attention during the service:
                    # 21 - Ford Sierra Cosworth - Davenic74
                    #30 - Lancia Delta S4 - malatwolves

                    Both cars suffer from too much grip causing them to tip up on the outer wheels and either lift out the guide or tip over. These problems where not evident at earlier tests, but came with the summer heat and humidity which has increased traction a lot on my tracks.

                    Anyone else with service requests or advice?


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                      Time sheet for SS3 Finnskogen

                      Congrats again to the class winners

                      Shakedown rally - Event time & bonus summary

                      Time to analyze


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                        20 laps on the outer lane of the small track. With extremely high grip and high voltage (13.8 volt) this stage will be ruthless...
                        This stage was very tough to drive and more nerve shaking than fun, but I wanted to put the cars through a torture test since I know there are some rough rally tracks ahead, and it's not without reason it's called the "shakedown rally"

                        I had 59 offs in 520 laps, and that is a lot, but 90% of them where just a simple guide lift out within reach of my arms, so most of the offs caused a very small time penalty.

                        Some reflections:

                        The GTO's and the 131's where a pleasure to drive. Ronan's 131 was just a bit too heavy to keep the pace up.

                        John's RS200 was simply too hot for this stage, on the straight only a blip of full power was all I could give it, a bit too much and it lacked the brakes to bring down the speed before entry and it flipped.

                        Gazza's 959 came more alive than ever, and still secure like a train, but it just doesn't go any faster. A MB Slot Gnik would have suited this car very well.

                        Timo's Audi jammed the guide and lost some time from that, The deslot's where actually caused by spin out's. With better tires this car could have been much faster.

                        The Lancia Stratos had some "hop" trouble, and it feels as something is loose inside the front. Remind me to take a look at it after the event.

                        The Fiat 124's did not like this stage at all, they tended to "dig in" and lift the guide, except Chuck's which strangely did not have enough grip.

                        HBR245b's Ford Escort feels a lot faster than the fast lap shows, it feels like a sub 5 second car, but the speed is just not there. When pushed it answers by suddenly throwing itself across the table. In my opinion this car is still too heavy, or the vertical COG is a tad too high.

                        LanciaB's M1 did well, easy to drive, but maybe a bit too heavy to follow the GTO's. I think this car could do very well on a sweeping track with high voltage.

                        The two Ford Sierra's..... Mr Jekyl and Mr Hyde... one goes like a train, the other lifts out the guide by just looking at the turn...

                        My Porsche 911 did pretty well. Has it's limit but is forgiving.

                        The R5's where quite nice to drive, just had to brake a bit early to keep the front in place.

                        The Seat 1430 was very nervous and a bit rough in the front end.

                        My Fiat 1000 Abarth needs more weight low. It's a small narrow car on tiny wheels.

                        The Lancia Delta S4 just have too much grip. the rear end is impossible to brake loose, it just lifts on the outer tire edge. The times where not too bad, but it was a nightmare to drive. This car could have been hunting the RS200 if it had less grip.

                        Keep in mind that these comments are from a small twisty stage with tight turns, high grip and relatively high voltage.

                        If I forgot any, just ask..


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                          Time sheet for SS4 Lillehammer

                          Congrats again to the stage winners

                          Shakedown rally - Event time & bonus summary

                          After re-reading the rules I had to make a tough decision to disqualify Timo's Audi from the last stage.

                          From the rules:
                          In the true spirit of rallying there are no allowed repairs during or between the stages except braid adjustments. Tire cleaning is only allowed between the stages. If a car gets damage during a stage it may continue if it still is running. It may continue to run until the track host finds it too hazardous for the track, or the car is too damaged to continue a stage within reasonable time.
                          I know.. this is brutal, but it's rallying. The car was not able to move an inch when the belts jammed the axle, so it's a DNF (Did Not Finish). I'll try to fix it as best I can and wish it better luck in the next event.

                          The last and final stage will be exiting, anything can happen in rallying and it's already pretty close in all the classes. The show is starting tonight (Norwegian time) with live reporting. More info is comming...

                          Photos and video have been taken during the event, but due to lack of time, I'll have to post this after the driving is over.

                          We will try to start SS5 around 9:00 PM tonight, Norwegian time, but we are still discussing which track to use The stage time will probably be somewhere between 1-2 minutes per car, voltage will be moderate.

                          Live reporting will be posted on SCXWW
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                            Time sheet for SS5 Elverum

                            Congrats to the top finishers on stage 5

                            Shakedown rally - Event summary

                            Congratulations John for winning the first Rally!

                            Top 3 overall by points:
                            Ford RS200 - John Schoen
                            Ferrari GTO - reek455
                            Ferrari GTO - malatwolves

                            Top 3 - Class 1
                            Lancia Stratos - Kidvoltage
                            Renault Alpine - Ronan
                            Renault Alpine - Ontheflipside

                            Top 3 - Class 2
                            Ferrari GTO - reek455
                            Ferrari GTO - malatwolves
                            Seat 131 - silver rocket

                            Top 3 - Class 3
                            Ford RS200 - John Schoen
                            Porsche 959 - Gazza
                            Porsche 959 - 356speedster

                            The cars are soon heading for Denmark and the second rally event, good luck...
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