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SCX Classic Rally Proxy 2009 - Official entry thread

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  • SCX Classic Rally Proxy 2009 - Official entry thread

    The first SCX Classic Rally Proxy has started!

    After weeks of preparation I am happy to announce the start of a new proxy series.

    This series is a one make series for analogue SCX cars only, and traction magnets are not allowed.

    The focus are on the rally style cars from the SCX Classics range and older SCX rally cars from the same era. Small fun and popular cars that handles great with a little tuning.

    The goal of this series is to be fun and inspiring for both new and old slotcar tuners. Two of the classes are close to "box-stock" and will offer a low-cost entrance to those curious about tuning for competition, and also a great challenge for the experienced "no-mag" tuners since you are not allowed to "buy yourself a victory" by replacing everything with the hottest tuning parts. The last class is for those who wants to take the cars all the way, and offer almost unlimited tuning of 4WD cars.

    On the sign up web page you will find all the information you need, even for those who still wonder what a proxy race (rally) is.

    You can find the sign up page here: (or click on the poster above).

    Notice that those new to proxy racing (rallying) can sign up with "rookie status" to get guidance and tuning help, so if you think this might be fun don't hesitate to sign up, I will take good care of you

    There are 4 months ahead until the shipping deadline so while you are tuning and testing I will take a closer look at some of the cars and show a few tips and tricks. I will also gather some history, information and videos about some of the cars to get you into the right "rally mood" while tuning your car(s).

    This is an international proxy, so it is open to entrants from all over the world, and your cars will also gather their own story as they travel across the continents to compete.

    If you have any questions about the proxy series or the sign up page, please ask them here in this thread.

    SCX CRP Organizer

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    Looks like a great concept for a Proxy Series, Tore, and very professionally organized.

    That's an interesting list of cars, too!

    Eligible car list

    Only SCX Classics and older SCX cars on this list are allowed to enter. The older cars are marked with *.

    Class 1
    Fiat 124 Spyder
    Renault A110 Alpine
    Renault 8 Gordini
    Fiat 1000 Abarth
    Seat Fura
    Seat Ibiza
    Fiat Panda
    Mini Cooper*
    Lancia Stratos*
    Fiat 850*
    Ford Fiesta*
    Fiat 600*
    Renault 5*

    Class 2
    Ford Escort MKII
    Seat 131 Abarth
    Ford Sierra Cosworth
    Renault 5 Turbo / Maxi Turbo
    Seat 1430
    BMW M3*
    BMW M1*
    Lancia 037*
    Ferrari GTO*
    Porsche 911 SC*

    Class 3
    Lancia Delta HF Integrale
    Lancia Delta S4 (when released in April/May 2009)
    Ford Escort Cosworth
    Audi Quattro*
    Ford RS 200*
    Porsche 959*
    Toyota Celica GT4*


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      I have already started the tune on my Alpine, and I am happy to see it now has somewhere to go. I need to get an A motor into it, though.


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        Thanks Wet, I'm hoping to have some great fun with this series.

        Robert: I am Happy to hear that you are considering to enter a car, just don't make it too fast eh.. as for getting a RX-41 this is the perfect excuse for getting hold of a Renault 5 Turbo #15 (the beige "Diac" version) since it has a RX-41 but should have a RX41B to be competitive in Class 2

        Here's a little vid to get you US guys into the Rally mood

        Turn up the volume and lean back:


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          Just to get this thread to the top again, a video of the 1:1 version of the car that I am going to enter.


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            Ah yes the GLORIOUS Group B cars. Ford RS2000, Porsche Groupe B prototype, which became the 959. And the Ferrari F40. Yes the F40 was designed for Group B rally! I can't remember what Renault put up for Group B. But didn't Lancia put up the Stratos?


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              The Stratos was before Group B. Lancia made two cars for Group B: first the 037 and then the Delta S4.
              Renault never made a Group B car as far as I know. The R5 Maxi Turbo was their wildest rally car and that was a Group 4.


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                Just a small update.

                After the first week since opening the proxy we now have the following entrants:

                356speedster - Reanult 8 - Class 1
                Ronan - Renault Alpine - Class 1
                kidvoltage - Lancia Stratos - Class 1
                Davnic74 - Fiat 124 Spyder - Class 1
                Ronan - Seat 131 - Class 2
                Davnic74 - Ford Sierra Cosworth - Class 2
                John Schoen - Ford RS 200 - class 3
                Driver#8 - Lancia Delta HF Integrale - class 3
                Sports Racer - cars not selected yet
                PeterN95 - cars not selected yet
                hotlap - cars not selected yet
                lavenlaar - cars not selected yet

                There are also at least 3 other entrants who will participate but have not officially signed up yet (time to do so guys).

                There is still space for more cars, and many months until you have to send it out, so sign up now to get your foot into the event (you can choose car later).

                At the moment we have 4 tracks pre-booked, and I will start to invite more tracks next week. but if you feel you have a suitable track and are interested in hosting an event, please send me a PM and we can discuss it further.

                Best regards
                SCX CRP organizer
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                  IMPORTANT UPDATE!

                  It just occurred to me that the Seat Ibiza "bimotor" is a 4WD that comes with the RX-91 motor (same as Delta Integrale).

                  The Seat Ibiza "bimotor" IS NOT A CLASS 1 CAR, it has been moved up to class 3. I will update the info/graphics on the sign-up page later tonight.


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                    Only two entries in Class 3 so far. I can already smell the podium.


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                      I wouldn't count on that John

                      It's true that it's a bit thin in the "modified 4WD class". But we have only been "recruiting" for 18 days, and it's still over 3 months left to enter a car.

                      As of today we have 16 signed up entrants (almost one new per day) and 12 booked events in 8 different countries. This proxy series is growing

                      It's been a bit hectic to get all the tracks coordinated so I'll increase the "pressure" here on SCI when things calm down a bit

                      SCX CRP organizer


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                        I'm certainly thinking about it ...

                        ... but my proxy race card is just too full to try and grok another set of rules and start hunting for a body and chassis and parts right now.

                        Already had to skip the Forums Cup for another year, doubtful if I'll find time for the next VRAA, ever hopeful of a relatively current Rally Proxy series (I completely missed the Australian one, much to my regret).

                        But a month or two down the road, with Shootout, IPS, and RAA cars taken care of? Well maybe if there's still room left; this sure could be fun.


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                          SCX CRP Status report from the organizer

                          We now have 18 signed up entrants and 18 registered cars, but some entrants have registered two cars and 4 entrants have not chosen their car yet. So the correct number is 22 entered cars. In addition a couple entrants have indicated that they plan to register a second or third car (including myself) so the total number is probably closer to 26-27 cars.

                          Of the 18 registered cars there are 8 cars in class 1 and 8 cars in class 2. But in class 3 there are only 2 registered cars so far. I will enter another car in class 3 and I think a couple other entrants are planning the same, but it would be nice to get a few more cars in that class.

                          To encourage those sitting on the fence, I can inform that I have decided for a small rule change in class 3. The rules are the same but I am allowing to use tuneup parts from any manufacturer. The main reason is that most of those who build for class 3 probably already have a "parts bin" to pick new and used parts from, and it would be an impossible task for me to inspect and verify where every part came from. The rules will be
                          updated to reflect this change in the near future.

                          I will soon make a "work in progress" thread , where you can show off your CRP car(s). When you are
                          ready to start posting pics and info, send me a PM and I'll open the new thread asap.

                          SCX CRP threads:
                          Official entry thread
                          Track host invitation thread
                          SCX CRP online contest: win a new SCX car

                          SCX CRP organizer


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                            The final rules are now published on the signup webpage:

                            A request of adding speed as meter per second in the performance calculations on the Car Detail page is also published: log in on the signup webpage and go to "my cars" to review your car details and see the performance calculations.

                            SCX CRP organizer


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                              It's time to pay the entry fee!

                              The entry fee is 20 per car. The entry fee can only be paid through PayPal. Payment instruction will be informed to entrants after signing up and entering their car(s). Final payment is due 1st April 2009. By paying the entry fee your entry is confirmed. Entries not confirmed by 1st April will be deleted to offer the opportunity to others.
                              Only 14 of the 26 registered cars are paid for (as of now). Check your status here: (Confirmed = Paid)

                              As stated in the SCX CRP rules the fee is due 1st April (tomorrow), so it's time to secure your spot in the rally. I will be a bit more round handed than stated in the rules, so I won't start deleting entry's just yet.

                              There are 26 registered cars and still 5 entrants which has not chosen car yet, so technically there are 31 cars entered, meaning we are getting very close to the maximum limit of "about 30 cars". I'll try to be as flexible as possible but if you intend to enter then now is a good time to secure your entry by paying the fee. If you need an extension, no problem, just let me know by PM or email.

                              I hate to push you guys on this, but I need to know how many that are serious about entering their car, so I can start to plan the logistics and marketing for the next months

                              SCX CRP "pusher"