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SCX Classic Rally Proxy invite track hosts

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  • SCX Classic Rally Proxy invite track hosts

    The SCX Classic Rally Proxy 2009 are inviting track hosts.

    Information about the SCX CRP can be found here: and on the sign-up webpage here:

    The SCX CRP is a proxy series for SCX classic rally cars where the car builders (owners) tune their cars and ship them off to compete on different tracks around the world (just like in the real WRC). We are now looking for more tracks where the cars can compete, and would like to get applications from the following regions:

    - UK (2 tracks)
    - Western Europe (1-2 tracks)
    - Australia (2-3 tracks)
    - USA or Canada (2-3 tracks)

    Who can become a track host?
    Slotcar Clubs, a group of friends or a single "home track" owner. Basically anyone who owns a suitable track (check requirements below) and are willing to spend 2-3 evenings driving, photographing and reviewing cars in the autumn/winter 2009 can apply to become a track host for the SCX CRP.

    The person applying must have experience with repairing and tuning non-magnet slot cars, have equipment to take photographs and/or video and knowledge on how to post images and information on the forum. You should also have a PayPal account.

    Track requirements:
    Any analogue slotcar track for 1/32 scale cars like SCX, Ninco, Carrera, Scalextric, etc.., but also home made wood tracks and commercial style club tracks are welcome to apply.

    We are looking for tracks with:
    - Permanent layout
    - Good equipment (solid PSU, good controller, timing system accurate to 1/10 or better).
    - Scenery, the more the better
    - Road, hill-climb, rally or similar styled "themes".
    - A road surface that works OK with stock tires and no magnets.

    Can I drive the cars myself?
    Yes, the "rally format" is to drive one and one car against the clock (Time Trial), so a single person can be the track host and the one and only driver for a whole event. This is referred to as being a "single host". Groups and clubs can also do the driving with several drivers to complete the event in a shorter time period. There is more info about the racing format here and also in the rules. Track hosts will get guidance on how to conduct the event.

    What does it cost to be a track host?
    Noting, there are no expenses involved in being a track host except for the time and effort you put into it and a trip to the post office to receive and send the package with the cars. The organizer will cover the shipping cost of sending off the package to the next track.

    How much work will it be?
    Depending on how many cars there will be entered the 3 different classes will either be racing together at each event, or split up so one event only drive one class at the time. This will be agreed upon between the track host and the organizer dependent on how much work the track host is willing to do. As a guideline there has been set a rough limit of 20-25 cars for each event, which a single host can mange over 2-3 evenings if he spends about 2 hours each evening. A club or group of friends will spend much less time, and could manage an event in one day.

    Why should I apply to be a track host?
    Being a track host gives you an opportunity to drive some of the best tuned no-mag cars in the world! We have car builders entering cars from England, Ireland, Norway, Netherlands, Germany, Bahrain, Australia and the USA. Since this is a rally which appeals to scenic home made tracks, you also get a great opportunity show off your track and work by reporting from the event with info and pictures/video. These reports will be distributed in the forums on SCX World Wide, Slot Forum (UK), Slotcar Illustrated (USA) and Auslot (Australia).

    There is also a carrot for the track hosts. The organizer will reward every host with a little surprise, and there will also be a contest for the "best rally of the year" where readers on the forums vote for the best track/reports. The prizes are sponsored by SCX so expect some new SCX cars to enter the prize pot

    How do I apply?
    To apply as a track host, simply post your interest here in this thread with a little info about your track (type, length, voltage) and when it could suit your schedule to do an event. A picture of the track would also be great.

    I hope this covers the basics of being a track host, if not then do not hesitate to ask.

    Best regards
    SCX CRP organizer

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    We are getting close to the limit of how many events we can run so don't hesitate to contact me if you want to host an event.

    A quick recap (in no particular order):
    1. Norway 1: Road, tarmac
    2. Norway 2: Rally, dirt/snow
    3. Denmark: Hill climb, tarmac/gravel, possibly dirt
    4. Germany: Road, tarmac, (club)
    5. France: Road, tarmac
    6. Ireland: Road, tarmac
    7. USA 1: Road, tarmac
    8. USA 2: Hill climb, tarmac, (club) unconfirmed
    9. Australia 1: Rally, gravel
    10. Australia 2: Rally, gravel/tarmac

    Gravel/tarmac = painted tracks
    Dirt/snow = loose surface (flour, etc...)

    Pics from some of the tracks




    USA 1

    USA 2 (in the making)

    Australia 1

    Australia 2


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      We have been missing a UK event on the schedule, so when I where approached by Malcolm at Wolverhampton Scalextric & Slot Car Club ("wolves") I decided to try to make space for a UK event. "Wolves" is a busy slotcar club, but thanks to Bruno (LanciaB) who willingly agreed to change his race weekend, we have now included the UK event into the schedule.

      (click on image to find the full version on the signup page)

      The members at Wolves will race the cars through different stages on three different tracks.

      4 lane 100ft (33m)
      sandtex surface
      copper tape
      slotmaster control
      13.7v, 25amp

      Demountable,1 lane 30ft (10m)
      fine textured surface
      routed, aluminium tape
      12v, 5amp

      Demountable,1 lane 30ft (10m)
      fine textured surface
      routed, coppertape
      12v, 5amp

      Check out their website for more pics of the tracks.

      They have also entered 3 more cars into the series, a Fiat 124, Ferrari GTO and finally the first Lancia Delta S4 !!!

      Thanks to Malcolm and the others at Wolves for offering to host the UK round for us, I'm sure it will be a very fun weekend