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SCX CRP CONTEST: Win a new SCX car!

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  • SCX CRP CONTEST: Win a new SCX car!

    Vote & win!

    Choose your favorite classic SCX cars

    This contest is part of the SCX Classic Rally Proxy 2009 but is open to all registered forum members to participate.

    To participate you must choose your favorite car in each of the three classes from the SCX CRP posters below, then post a reply in this thread and list the three cars, then explain which one car is your ultimate favorite, and why you like that specific car so much.

    The SCX CRP organizer will review (jury) all the answers and pick one winner to win a new SCX car.
    The contest is open until 1st July 2009. The winner and the prize will be announced at the first CRP event (July 2009) and published in this thread. The contest is published on, and open to, registered forum members from:,, and

    You can only choose between the eligible cars from Class 1, 2 & 3 in the SCX Classic Rally Proxy as seen on the posters below (cick to zoom in):

    The SCX Classic Rally Proxy is a proxy series for classic SCX cars that start in July 2009. If you want to learn more about the proxy series, consider to enter a car, or simply wonder what a proxy series is all about, you can:

    - Read the official thread here on the forum:
    - Visit the official sign-up page:

    The SCX CRP are also expanding the amount of events, so if you have a nice slotcar track or belong to club you now have the opportunity to showcase your track/club by hosting an event in the autumn winter 2009. Read more about hosting an event in the host invitation thread here:

    Good luck and have fun!

    Best regards
    SCX CRP organizer

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    Still time to participate!

    The contest is open until Friday 10th July

    The winner will be announced next weekend, and the winner can choose if he wants the car as it is (new in box) or if he wants it "blueprinted" by me

    So enter your votes and tell us why (see post #1 for contest info)


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      class 1 Mini Cooper
      class 2 Ford Escort
      class 3 Audi Quattro

      The Audi Quattro would have to be my favorite of all the cars simply because of the way it changed the concept of rally cars and rallying right up to the present day. It introduced a new era in rallying.


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        Class 1 Ford Fiesta
        Class 2 Ford Escort
        Class 3 Ford Cosworth/RS200

        I guess as you can see I like the Fords. I feel that Ford has set the standard in WRC Racing till the present day in the 21st Century. I like to see how they changed/morphed into the Focus of today.



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          I like the Alpine Renault, with its rounded, melon-seed shape, sleek and smooth, with interesting trim and detail. Nice styling, not to mention an excellent, great handling scale model by SCX.

          In the other classes, I'll go with the Porsches. I can barely tell one 911 from another, but I do know what a 959 is.


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            • Class 1 - Renault 8
            • Class 2 - Ford Sierra Cosworth
            • Class 3 - Toyota Celica GT4
            [ame=""]YouTube - Toyota Celica GT-FOUR - Best Motoring 0-400m Battle[/ame]


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              Class 1 Fiat Panda
              Class 2 BMW M3
              Class 3 Audi Quattro

              Who doesn't like a car called a Panda. The BMW and the M3 was written off by most competitors but proved to be a competitive rally worthy car. The Quattro is an iconic rally car that I think helped usher in a new age in rally racing.
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                Small classics: Lancia Stratos (love the aggressive styling)

                Modern classics: Porscsche 911 SC (I'm a dyed in the wool 911 fan)

                4WD clssics: Porsche 959 (I remember when this car was released, it was a revolutionary design)

                If I must choose one, it's the 911 SC for me.
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                  contest entry

                  1. Renault 8 - for me, this is what Rallying is all about - small, seemingly insignificant cars that you drive the snot out of and they keep asking for more.

                  2. Seat 131 Abarth. Abarth has a long and storied history as an automotive tuner. They led the way for so many innovations.

                  3. Audi Quattro. When the quattro came along, everything changed - for the better.

                  besides, they're all pretty cool looking cars!

                  - I'd have to pick the Renault as my favorite. It's what I think of when I think Rally car.
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                    Lets look at some facts before we announce the winner

                    The results tell us that SCX hit the nail on the head with the release of the Renault Alpine and the Escort MKII, especially in the UK market. There seem to be a good opportunity to repeat the success by releasing a new Lancia Stratos and a Porsche 959. The Audi Quattro is also very popular but there are already 4 manufacturers making different version of it, so the 959 would be unique to SCX.

                    So.. Dave/Chuck now you know what to discuss at the next meeting in Barcelona


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                      And the winner is....

                      "Mr.M" Jim Moyes from Slotforum UK.


                      Originally posted by Mr.M
                      I voted for;

                      1. Abarth 1000TC
                      2. Seat 1430
                      3. Ford RS200

                      Like Driver #8, the old twice yearly holidays to Sitges in Spain are the inspiration for the first two. The Seat 124s were always the taxis that took us from Barcelona airport to Sitges and back again at the time. And I will never forget the journey along the cliff top coastal road. Every bend was taken with the tyres screeching, and sometimes with enough body roll for a small boy to be able to look over the door panel and down the cliff at the wrecks that were just left there after the dotted stone guards and occasional bit of armco had failed to keep them on the road. The driver always seemed to be a rotund Spaniard with a moustache, smoking a cigar, and leaning heavily against his door. Probably at the ready to leap out if the inevitable happened. There was usually a Barcelona football pennant hanging from the mirror too, and the broken Spanglish conversation was often peppered with "aaah, Bobbeeee Charl-a-ton" if it was mentioned that I supported Man Utd.

                      Once we got to the resort, everybody and his Grandad seemed to bomb around in a 600 Seat, and we didn't see so many of those, compared to the 500, in the UK. When I went to the first Goodwood revival, I was pleased to see the Abarth versions for the first time, other than photos in books, but disappointed that they cruised around at the back. Something I try to avoid when racing my slot versions.

                      The RS 200s were the first "new" slot cars I bought when I got back into the hobby in '92.

                      The SCX Abarth 1000TC is my favourite car from any manufacturer.
                      Thanks for sharing your memories with us and congrats with the new SCX car.

                      I'll contact you by PM for shipping info.

                      SCX CRP organizer