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Home racing on routed track in Seattle

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  • Home racing on routed track in Seattle

    Anyone who can attend is invited to my hand-built, routed, six-lane track. The date is Sat Apr 18 and the location is just north of northeast Seattle in Shoreline. It begins at 1pm. My home is the setting, and the fully landscaped layout virtually fills my one-car garage.

    These events are friendly and informal and guests, including children, are welcome. All equipment is provided, but you may of course bring your own! Refreshments are also provided.

    Specifications: The lap length is around 51 feet. Power source is a Pyramid PS26, set to about 10-11 volts. Parma Econo's at 45 ohms are the controllers. I have painted the racing surface with Magnetic Paint, and as I write this, I have yet to test this out! The layout is fully landscaped, actually a continual work in progress.

    If you can attend, please send me an email at [email protected]. More info, including track photos and my address, is available.

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    Finally Getting Around to Uploading Pix

    A good time was had by all.......Charlie, myself, and four of Charlie's friends!

    Every one was very cool, and gracious to allow the only non-Seattle-ite to barge in on the fun.

    Thanks again for opening up your place..........I hope we can do this again sometime soon.

    Some pictures of our afternoon and the track:


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      That's a beautiful track!

      I really like the squeezes. That's a track where you really have to pay attention, and it looks like a blast to drive. My kind of track!