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Northwest/Southwest LMP Chassis Manufacturers Cup

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  • Northwest/Southwest LMP Chassis Manufacturers Cup

    Drawing by Cody Kosier as witnessed by Glen Shaw, Alan Smith, Paul Kassens, Kevin Kosier, Steven Cobb, Scott Mendenhall

    1. Tony Kuljis/AvantSlot
    2. Blair Massenheimer/SCX Audi PRO
    3. Kerry Davis/NINCO Acura Lightning
    4. John Lyon/Slot.It Audi R8
    5. Alan Smith/ScalAuto Toyota Gt1
    6. David Walls/Spirit Courage
    7. Scott Mendenhall/Carrera
    8. Kevin Kosier/HobbySlot Courage
    9. Darren Morris/Sloter Zytec
    10. Victor Coy/Scalextric
    11. John Powers/FLY Porsche 911 GT1-98

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    9. Darren Morris/Sloter Zytec
    Guess you better get one in the mail to me then! Is the Gulf model available??
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      1/32 Chassis Manufacturers Cup rules

      The eleven drivers/tuners in the first just above slotbutton's post.....which is just above this post.....have each consented to tune and drive the LMP cars listed with their names.

      Anyone is welcome to put together an LMP, as defined by me, car to the rules below from any of the listed manufacturers and compete. Standard or 'race' versions, as from the various manufacturers, are allowed so NINCO Lightning is ok, SCX Pro is ok, FLY Race is ok, etc. The list of acceptable cars:
      AvantSlot: Audi R10, Peugeot 908, Pescarolo LMP
      HobbySlot: Courage LMP
      Slot.It: Audi R8
      FLY: Joest Porsche, Lola B98, Panoz LMP1, Porsche 911 GT1-98...but only in the EVO3 configuration.
      Scalextric: Porsche RS Spyder, Audi R10, Peugeot 908, Lola MG, Cadillac LMP, Lister Storm,
      NINCO: Acura LMP, BMW V12 LMP, BMW LMR
      SCX: Audi R8, Ferrari 333SP, Cadillac LMP, Audi R10, Peugeot 908, Porsche RS Spyder
      ScaleAuto/MRRC: Toyota GT1, Radical LMP
      Carrera: Porsche RS Spyder, Audi R10, Peugeot 908
      Sloter: Zytek
      Spirit Courage LMP, Dallara LMP, Reynard 2KQ

      Manufacturers points will be awarded only to the highest finishing chassis from that manufacturer. Driver points also awarded. Much like F1. 15, 12, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2.
      So if say Sloter chassied cars were two finish 1-2-3 with a FLY chassied car in 4th then Sloter as the manufacturer would be credited with first place in the 'Manufacturers' championship while FLY would be credited with fourth place. In the drivers championship the first eleven drivers score points regardless of which manufacturer they are representing.

      Chassis Manufacturers Championship.
      LMP cars can use parts that are not motors or tires from any of the listed manufacturers. Initial idea was to use only parts manufactured by the chassis manufacturer but this would be problematic as some manufacturers parts are very hard to come by so any of the listed manufacturers parts can be used however modifying the chassis to accept those parts is not allowed.....this last may change, not sure why it would change but stuff happens and will be addressed when it does happen. Anyways it means that Slot.It motor pods can be used in the MRRC Toyota...or vice versa, Scalextric Sport wheels can be used on the FLY Porsche, NINCO crown gears on the SCX Audi, Slot.It guides in the Scalextric cars, etc. Don't know why some of the possible combinations would even be attempted but I believe the reasoning is clear enough.

      If FLY declares itself defunct then their cars will continue in the series....who knows maybe another manufacturer will take note.......

      Motor choice: Slot.It SIMN08C (21.5K boxer) or SIMX06 (21.5K S can). Up to the car owner which of those two motor they will use.

      Spec tire Slot.It S2 SIPT17. .....this too may change but I doubt it. Tires may be glued to their wheels....this as some of the cars taking part can not use wheels of large enough diameter that the S2 tires will stay put w/out glue. Clear silicone sealant seems to work fine for attaching the S2 tires to aluminum wheels and the tires are easily removed if need be.

      I see five minute/lane as long enough. Races to be run as part of the 'Scaleracing Endurance' series. Marshalled, cars will be returned to their lane in the event of a crash. Lane stickers will be used. Of course if for some reason only eight of us show for a race at 132slotcar then crash and dash will ensue.

      This list is a subset of sorts to the list of cars above. These are the newest whiz bangs from the listed manufacturers.
      1. Avant Slot Audi R10/Pescarolo/Peugeot,
      2. FLY Porsche GT1-98 EVO3
      3. NINCO Acura LMP Lightning,
      4. Sloter Zytek,
      5. Scalextric Audi R10/Porsche RS Spyder/Peugeot,
      6. Spirit Courage,
      7. HobbySlot Courage,
      8. Slot.It Audi R8C,
      9. SCX Audi R8 Pro,
      10. MRRC Toyota GT1, Radical LMP
      11. Carrera Porsche RS Spyder, Audi R10, Peugeot

      The Porsche 911 GT1-98 EVO3 does not fit as an LMP but it was close and the chassis/motor pod are seperate items so the exception is allowed.

      A few more:

      1. No weight tuning. At least initially. Perhaps for the first two or three races. Then perhaps allow weight fitted so as to not be visible outside the car. See just how far these can be taken.
      2. This is no magnet racing except as follows: Slot.It magnetic suspension and motor magnets are allowed. Only for their intended purpose.
      3. Tires not to be visible when car is viewed from above.
      4. Chassis stock to the car, or a replacement chassis of the same type must be used. So the Slot.It HRS chassis' are not allowed to be used in the Slot.It Audi R8, the HobbySlot Diablo chassis is not allowed to be used under their Courage etc.
      5. Inline motor setup only except in the case of the FLY Joest Porsche which must be a sidewinder.
      7. Chassis/motor pods may be clearanced from each other and from the car body but air gap between the pod/chassis and body/chassis is not to exceed 1 millimetre.
      8. Screws, washers, nuts, bolts from the various manufacturers may be used but only as screw, washers, nuts, bolts are meant to be used. They are not to be used as weight.
      9. Screws that detach from a car during a race and cause a different car to deslot will net the offending car/driver a fifty lap penalty. If the offending screw is found to have detached from the deslotted car then the only penalty is the immediate loss of laps while the screw is reinstalled......and the immediate laughter.
      10. Wings that unattach themselves during the course of the race must be reattached in their original location on the car before that car will be allowed to continue. Doesn't have to be pretty just back in its original location.....If a wing gets broken during a race it may be reattached and reinforced in such a way as to attempt to prevent it breaking again.

      1. Before replacing axle bushings measure the stock bushings and the replacements. Too large bushes will break your chassis.
      2. AvantSlot and Slot.It wheels/axles/crowns are interchangable....not the same just interchangeable.
      3. I'd really like it if tuners were to keep some form of notes regarding what's been done in the way of tuning.

      Question? Feel free to ask.

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        How big is your package?

        Originally posted by slotbutton View Post
        Guess you better get one in the mail to me then! Is the Gulf model available??
        Please sir, a Patron?


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          Post further questions here.
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