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Any interest in a Grp5 "Silhouette" proxy for 2010?

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  • I have decided to give up my involvement in this proposed proxy series for now.

    I am sorry if anyone gets upset by this decision, but things change in life so I have less time to spend on the hobby now than I had when I first aired the ideas last year. In addition I am already manging another proxy series which takes up quite a lot of my "hobby time" so I have decided to stick to managing only that series this year and instead use my left over spare time to complete my two tracks, and pursue my scenery building interest that I have been neglecting for a long time due to too many proxy projects the last couple years.

    If anyone else wants to take over to try and get this series up and running I will support that initiative and offer my advice and proxy managing knowledge to the new "organizer" if it's wanted.

    Sorry guys, but I have to take a step back to avoid making this hobby become an obligation, that's not why I got into slotcars.


    • Thanks for the update...

      Sheet happens, eh?



      • Hi

        It's not that really. I started my own business in December and that is an exhausting process that has to be my number one priority (after the family). so until I feel more comfortable in my new situation and get control over the work load, I am cutting back on self inflicted "responsibilities" in the hobby and instead try to enjoy the hobby as it is without having to feel obligated to "deliver something" every time I go into the hobby room.

        I was also starting to get a bit tired of the whole proxy thing because it has consumed too much of my hobby time the last couple years, so this season I have pulled my entry's from 3 series and lost 3 cars in shipping in a forth series. I still have 4 cars "out there" racing as we speak and my Fly truck is shipping out to US tomorrow, and I am still organizing the SCX Classic Rally Proxy series, so I've not given up completely yet

        It was time to realize that starting up another proxy series would have been madness and probably would have pushed me out of this hobby for a long time. It actually went so far that I bought a model railroad train , but don't worry It made me realize that I don't know much about trains, and that cars are what still intrigues me, so it stays on my shelf, at least until I find a way to incorporate it into a slotcar layout

        I would love to see this series materialize some day, but not with me behind the wheel, at least not now. Maybe some other time.


        • I relate. It's all too easy to overextend yourself, and if you're not having fun then there's no point in it, is there?

          I hope you don't drop the idea completely though (whilst feeling some relief that it won't happen any time soon) as it has great potential.

          Sorry to hear your CanAm cars remain out in the ether, or wherever they ended up; that's just cruel.


          • Lost cars are really bad. Sorry to hear about that.

            I have certainly been in the proxy-administrator-fugue-state. That is why I don't organize races any longer. Hopefully there will be other, capable people volunteering in the future.

            This front engine Grp 5 idea has been entertaining. Here's to its future.


            • Originally posted by Wet Coast Racer View Post
              ...if you're not having fun then there's no point in it, is there?
              That's basically what I found out, so it's better "wind down" before it's too late.

              Originally posted by Robert Livingston View Post
              Lost cars are really bad. Sorry to hear about that..
              I think I've lost around 3-4 packages of 300-400 the last 5 years, so it's usually a very small risk, but it obviously can happen. It was just so annoying it had to be that package, as there was quite a lot of work put into them. But I'm over that now, it's just toys, and I have no problem keeping myself busy until next season

              I still think the front motor idea is intriguing, but as explained I won't take on the job of organizing the whole series now. But If there is any interest, I guess that with a bit of help (hint) we could try to get the rules pinned down now? The rules wont have to be written in stone, but it could provide a "framework" to start experimenting with some cars.

              Let me know what you think.


              • Of course there's no class in the SCX Rally Proxy for Scratchbuilt cars - maybe a TdeF class for cars with thier motors in the right place ??