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Who's entering the Electric Dreams Challenge?

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  • Who's entering the Electric Dreams Challenge?

    Who out there is planning to enter the mail-in event (rules and information here) sponsored by Electric Dreams?

    I'm not eligible to enter because I'm one of a small group of people who were consulted during the planning of the competition, but I'm interested in knowing who is going to enter and what (in general terms, not giving away any secrets) your approach to it is going to be.

    With $600 up for grabs I would think there would be a lot of cars under construction (or more accurately, reconstruction).


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    we are in! this is a great opportunity for me and my son to tune/enter a car into such a race. we follow all of the proxy type races here on sci and admire the advanced skills needed to tune such a car to be competitive. this challenge certainly lends itself to the rookie car tuners like us who have wanted to try a proxy type race but did not have the skill set to do so. we dont expect to win anything. our primary goal is to tune this car so it runs all 10 minutes without mechanical failure (a rear wheel flew off on the first lap we ran this car out of the box-gotta love fly!). our approach will be less is more but it will be fast! good luck to all and we can't wait to see how our car holds up against the competition and itself!

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      I'm in too. No cost added, just driver and interior detailing, chassis 'tuning', tire truing and sent it back. I have a Scaley test track and the car ran very well on it. I didn't see the need to swap out motors or change wheels for a few minutes of running. Once secret I will let out that will help magnet racers: instead of adding weight to the back to balance the chassis, I drilled holes everywhere. It lightened the chassis so the motor could respond better and brake better. The chassis actually has some flex. On my test track the times were bettered by 1.5 seconds. Good luck to everyone.