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Rally Denmark - Well Mountain, Second event in the SCX CRP 2009

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  • Rally Denmark - Well Mountain, Second event in the SCX CRP 2009

    The second SCX Classic Rally Proxy event is approaching fast, and the action takes place the coming weekend, so get ready for a spectacular event on a even more spectacular rally track in the land of beautiful farmland, fairy tales, excellent beer and open minded women - Welcome to Denmark!

    Or as we say every time we visit our neighbor country: "it's good to be a Norwegian in Denmark"

    Details about the track, stages and how we will do the reporting, etc.. will be revealed soon, but to really appreciate the time, effort and creativity put into this huge track that fills up a Danish barn, you have to read the through the whole 250 post long thread on the UK forum.

    Words can not describe this track, so lets just look at the pics and videos while we wait for the cars to safely land in Denmark and the rally action to start



    What else is there to say...

    ..let's go rallying!

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    Just a little info before the event:

    The Cars arrived in Denmark yesterday, and Lars Ole is testing them now and will post more track info and first impressions of the cars later tonight.

    The rally will start tomorrow (Saturday, European time) and times will most likely be posted live on the SCX forum while the stages are driven, just like in the first event. I'll confirm the exact starting time as soon as I know it for those who want to follow the cars through the stages.

    Good luck to the entrants!


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      Originally posted by PSRRFH
      Well Ok the action at Well Mountain has officially started:
      So after being smuggled out of the Norwegian Mountains and Into the Danish in the behind of boss eyed DHL camel.
      The cars finally arrived at Well Mountain:

      First Sighting of the contestants:

      The mule did a responsible job and wrapped all the cars in luxurious body bags:

      The Class 3 Grid safely lined up at the city gate:

      Little Willy is looking at the competition:

      And so is his evil twin brother:

      The field is looking excellent:

      The Drivers are rubbing there necks thinking of what to expect:

      I'll be back with the presentation for class 2 and 1 shortly.

      cheers and happy Rallying


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        Originally posted by PSRRFH
        The Class 1 Grid is lined up aswell:

        a top view:

        one happy family all lined up for fun:

        Little Willy is almost out of breath keeping up with the action:

        Class 2 in a minute or two when our reporter gets to the top of the mountain........


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          Originally posted by PSRRFH
          The Class 2 cars has to be showcased outside town due to the vast number of contestants:

          the sheer magnitude of the field has to be experienced in the flesh:

          Hectic activity is taking place in and around the cars:

          Scouts are already taking driving notes, while Mad Abby complaints about the noise:

          Amish Hank Is starring in disbelief at the red Ferrari, his sweaty hand holding the betting ticket:

          Pig Hearding Fred nodding his head in respect:

          A birds eye view of the mountain top:

          Little Willy strutting his gangster limb:

          Cheers and thanks for watching this presentation of the different classes of the SCX Clasic Rally Proxy at Well Mountain and on to the first impressions of the individual cars after a short break from our sponsors.......


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            Originally posted by PSRRFH
            During the wee ours of the day the cars takes a quiet stroll around the roads of Well Mountain to take notes of the different treacherous bends and dibs.

            The bend around the Gaudi Monument:

            the Mangrove Hairpins:

            a little Close Up:

            The Mountain Top:

            The 180 hairpin:

            The Metal Bridge:

            The Fat Madonna Monument:

            Ok and the First Impression..........drum roll please:
            They all run on the's slippery(Black Ice) but pretty funny however.
            The Rally Track is drive able as well however some cars have deeper guides than others and on a few they rub against the bottom of the slot.....a lot:-(make those cars very slow:-(

            can I sand the guides a little bit on cars that I find too Handicaped by this issue ?????????
            I'll continue my pre testing early in the morning when the drivers have had some sleep.

            Cheers and thanks for watching this evenings broadcast from the 2009 SCX Classic Rally Proxy at Well Mountain.
            And please please don't forget to send a kind thought to our sponsor:

            -at last you can drink with a clear conscience


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              Originally posted by PSRRFH
              Ok we are a bit delayed here today due to a mazive media frenzy :-)
              Local media have been here this morning to cover the action:
              and I'll link up to the interview when it has been aired tonight.

              so about 1 hour and a half slipped with that and after that we had a hard disk crash/Melt down on the backup computer so that's a bummer, moreover part of the Well Mountains are used for todays Tour De France stage ending at Mount Ventoux. so the drivers have to wait for the peoleton at times.

              I'll announce the stage in advanced, and if anybody has input to the guide trimming issues now is the time to post input.
              really some cars are great and some are just slow dogs where a little gentle sanding would do wonders for the times.

              Basically I do like Tore suggest to all my own cars from various brands.

              on with the testing.....
              Live reporting during the rally will be posted on the SCX forum, starting in a couple hours, and the final results gets posted on all the forums tonight/tomorrow.

              BTW: guide issues have now been taken care of.

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                Ok just to anounce further progress.
                The cars are starting to feel at home on the track and the spectators are starting to spread around the track.

                Tracktimes are respectable around the 45 mark.
                And race will start at 6:00..... that's in 3 and a half hour.

                I'll probably get one stage done today and 2 tomorrow.



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                  Rally Denmark has started!

                  Live timing here:


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                    The first stage of Rally Denmark is over and there where some shaking up in the field on the Danish track. The live reporting was great with lot's of excitement in all three classes.

                    John Schoen brought home the Class 3 stage win but the Class 1 & 2 wins went to Australia. Can't wait for the next stage when it starts tomorrow!

                    Rally Denmark - Well Mountain
                    Time sheet for stage 1 (SS 1)


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                      Hi guys

                      The second stage of Rally Denmark starts at 16:00 local Danish time with live reporting on the SCX forum.

                      Follow the event live in this thread:

                      16:00 Danish time should be about 07:00 on the West coast and 10:00 on the East coast, so this is the chance to follow a stage live while enjoying your morning coffee

                      See you at the rally…

                      SCX CRP Organizer


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                        BRAVO!!! the track is amazing. Your photos bring it to life. I can smell the exhaust in the air and hear the throttles rapping. It is well worth staying up for the live feed.