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  • Sauber Motor Upgrade

    One of my fully illegal Saubers is getting an upgrade. A 25k slim can adapted to a dropped SW pod works well, with the customary illegal filing. The pod wouldn't even fit in the chassis cutout without it. Using non-Slot.It springs on magnetic suspension Slot.It screws, chassis twist is optimized. CG is lower than is possible with the antique motors Slot.It uses. Too bad Maurizio is biased against slim cans. He came on SCI one time and said they cannot produce enough torque because the slots in the armature can't accomodate enough copper. But, I know he has a torque tester, and I know you can get 150 gcm out of these things. How much do you need? OK, back to the land of outlaws . . . too bad there is no place to race modified Group C cars.