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    I has posted the question on another forum, of whether of not people would be interested in a digital proxy event.

    Just like an analog event, we would need hosts and racers ofcourse.
    because of the many flavors of digital, this is a bit of a challenge unless we organize a proxy for a determined system at a time.

    Aside from the normal rules, on of the requirements would be that you send the car with a chip installed for the system you plan to enter in competition. Spared are not required. However should the chip fail (which if its properly installed i should not) as stated by another forum member, the track host can either lend you a chip while the car in there to race and you will have to mail a new chip to the next track. This is on of things that need a little bit more brainstorming.

    Rather than making a poll at this time, I would like to hear your responses.

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    Also please post if you would host and what system you have.

    My system:

    N-digital 3 lanes 14x6 layout <- you can post your layout if you want.
    Stock Power supply <- maybe you have SH ?
    4 Drivers / or Time Trial <- indicate how many people would drive at a time on your track,