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Racer Resin Main Line Hobbies Regional Results

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  • Racer Resin Main Line Hobbies Regional Results

    Congratulations to Bob Kuss on his win at the 2010 Racer Resin Regional race, held at Main Line Hobbies, E. Norriton, PA on 3/6/10. Bob overcame running over/through at least 2 screws on the track that attached to his car, yet had consistent runs throught the race. Very impressive, particularly since the Ferrari 250LM is typically the heaviest Racer resin car out of those entered in this race.

    Starting lineup:

    Here's results:

    1. Robert Kuss.......271, Ferrari 250LM
    2. Dutch Cloud.......270, Ferrari 312p
    3. Robert Holt.......267, Ferrari 312p
    4. Herb Bigelow......266, Ferrari 312p
    5. Joe Rose, Jr......265, Ford P68
    6. Geoffrey Powell...262, Ferrari 330 P4 (ahead by track sections)
    7. James Drayton.....262, Ferrari 312p
    8. Steven Horvath....258, Porsche 935k
    9. Lawrence Jordan...257, Ferrari 312p (ahead by track sections)
    10. Mike Rossbach.....257, Ferrari 312p

    Robert Holt had previously qualified for the finals in another regional race. Therefore Robert Kuss, Dutch Cloud, Herb Bigelow, and Joe Rose, Jr. advance to the Racer Resin National Final in Philadelphia on Saturday, 3/27/10.
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