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Sling Shot Speedway Group C Racing Series

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  • Sling Shot Speedway Group C Racing Series

    SLING SHOT SPEEDWAY will be racing Group C cars for the next 12 weeks. The series started April 12, 2010, but it is never too late to start racing!

    Two Classes - C1 & C2

    C1 is a modified class where the following cars are allowed - Porsche 956/962 low tail, Porsche 956/962 high tail. This class closely follows the Endurance Championship rule set in regards to the motor and tire used, but the parts allowed have been restricted to help reduce cost.

    C2 is a stock class where the following cars are allowed - Lancia LC2, Jaguar XJR9, Jaguar XJR12, Mazda 787B, Mercedes Sauber C9. cars are known to be great runners with the factory equipped parts. This class allows no aftermarket parts other than factory replacement of the same type (28t gear for a 28t gear) - this class always has very close racing amongst its participants.

    The Rules are attached.

    For more information, please contact Sling Shot Speedway @ slingshotspeedway"at" or call the number above.

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    Race 1 Results 4-12-2010

    Here are the race results for 4-12-2010!

    Jon Grizzle --------- 175 laps
    Mark Azarraga ----- 174 laps
    Greg McBee ------- 173 laps
    Doug Whelan ------ 162 laps

    Jack Ballard ------- 161 laps
    Jim Basel ---------- 159 laps
    Jerry Brock -------- 152 laps
    Klaus Ortmann ----- 147 laps
    Dan Robinson ------ 146 laps
    Jon Mulrey --------- 142 laps
    Chris Schwartz ----- 138 laps

    Points Standings After Race1
    Jon Grizzle --------- 20
    Mark Azarraga ----- 18
    Greg McBee ------- 17
    Doug Whelan ------ 16

    Jack Ballard ------- 20
    Jim Basel ---------- 18
    Jerry Brock -------- 17
    Klaus Ortmann ----- 16
    Dan Robinson ------ 15
    Jon Mulrey --------- 14
    Chris Schwartz ----- 13


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      Race #2 4-19-2010

      Race #2 brought a bigger crowd. Race results will be posted soon - for the mean time, here's a picture of the cars following the Sling Shot Speedway 956. The Pace car looks faster than it is - not faster than it looks.


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        Race #2 Race Results 4-19-2010

        Mark Azarraga -------- 184 laps ------- #8 Manards 956 LH
        Jon Grizzle ------------ 183 laps ------- #1 Rothmans 956 LH
        Lance Perry ---------- 176 laps -------- #19 Schiesser 956 KH
        Greg McBee ---------- 174 laps -------- #8 Spirit of America 956 LH
        Doug Whelan --------- 167 laps -------- #17 Fortuna 962 C
        Sean Ferreyra -------- 167 laps -------- #17 Fortuna 962 C

        Jim Basel ------------- 165 laps -------- #4 Martini Lancia LC2
        Jerry Brock ----------- 164 laps -------- #66 Castrol Jaguar XJR9
        Jack Ballard ---------- 157 laps -------- #4 Martini Lancia LC2
        Klaus Ortmann -------- 155 laps -------- #4 Martini Lancia LC2
        Dan Robinson --------- 153 laps -------- Yellow Jaguar XJR12
        Chris Swartz ---------- 150 laps -------- Green Jaguar XJR12

        The track was a lot better this week, thanks to Doug W. for vacuuming the pollen and dust on the track before practice! Made a huge difference in lap times when your tires aren't yellow/green/white after 5laps!

        Next race - Monday 4-26-2010


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          Race #3 4-26-2010

          Group C1

          Jon Grizzle
          Mark Azarraga
          Kevin Brown

          Jon had a flawless run on all lanes while Mark choked on a several lanes. Kevin got lucky this week - we'll see if he's as lucky next week. Team Stanley still has yet to show up and Whelan Racing could not make it this round. There is a drill blank shortage - this is probably the reason Team Stanley has yet to make an appearance.

          Group C2

          Jerry Brock
          Jack Ballard
          Dan Robinson

          Strong finish by Jerry @ 7laps ahead of 2nd place in Group C2. Jack is on the podium as usual while Dan finishes in 3rd for his first podium this series. Jim Basel could not make it this round - word on the street is he's turned into a NASCAR fan after the trip to Talladega and is giving up on road racing.


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            Originally posted by Mark View Post
            Jim Basel could not make it this round - word on the street is he's turned into a NASCAR fan after the trip to Talladega and is giving up on road racing.
            You can't believe everything you hear on the street!


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              Race #4 5-3-2010 Race Results

              Group C1

              Jason Stanley
              Mark Azarraga
              Jon Grizzle

              Mr. Stanley finally decided to show face this week, and he did not miss a beat. This was the gap between 1st and 2nd:

              Arguably the closest finish with these cars so far.

              Group C2

              Jim Basel
              Jerry Brock
              Klaus Ortman

              Well done by Jim Basel taking the top podium spot with Jerry Brock in second - consistency pays! Congratulations to Klaus for his first podium in this series as well. Jack Ballard was MIA this week - he will be back next week for vengeance.

              Photos were taken by Sean.

              Klaus's Lancia and Chris's Jaguar - Gr. C2

              Jim's Lancia - Gr. C2

              Sean's 962 - Gr. C1

              The line-up & Sling Shot Speedway owners: Duane Stephenson & Lance Perry.


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                Super report, Mark. Seeing it posted here adds a lot to the fun of racing at Sling Shot - not that we need anything more than just fantastic racing and comraderie to have a great time there. Anyone in the Atlanta area, or just passing through, should bring their group C car and come race with us. (Check the rules, posted above, for the minor changes allowed on C2 cars, or the more extensive changes allowed for C1.)