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NJ_132SCRA Fly March 761/Racer DP Series 5-7-10

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  • NJ_132SCRA Fly March 761/Racer DP Series 5-7-10

    Race Report 5-17-10

    Last night was week 4 of our 6 week series. It also provided to be the deadliest for one of the March cars. Racing was hot and heavy as usual and then BAM!!! Carl came around the last turn before the long straight. Carl was quick on the gas (can I say that even though these are electric?) and the rear end swung out and hit the guard rail. Well the next thing to move was the wing off the March. The other drivers ducked as if a pitcher was throwing a fastball high and tight. Off came the wing of the Fly March 761. This was the first major incident. After handing the wing back to Carl it was back to racing. No sooner did the power come back on and Carl again hit the gas, his wheel came off. Needless to say after a lot of laughing, not at Carl (well maybe) but at the situation we resumed racing. Carl pulled out this gorgeous 761 which we are all glad he did not run before.

    Brain showed that with just a little practice and a good car one can compete. Brian performed great and took 1st place. Second was Jeff with the darn Jagermeister car. Third was yours truly. Racing was extremely close with only the top 3 finishers on the same lap. Only 5 laps separated the 1st and 7th place cars. Not to bad.

    Next was the Racer DP. I said this last time and will say it again. They are FAST and especially after running the March cars at 10 volts. Carl was gunning for his 4th first place finish, but Brain (remember him from above) showed that this quiet guy can really get that car to move. Nice job Brian on a stellar performance taking 1st place in both series events. Once again racing was close from 1st to 7th with only 6 laps separating all.

    Okay, now for the 3rd race of the evening which turned out to be two races in one. We called a Mosler race with NSR or Ninco 21.5k max motor, silicones, no mag, and weight. As you can imagine the NSR’s were poised to roll over the field. While one managed to be a step above, credit goes out to the Ninco’s. Jeff took 1st place with his NSR Momo. According to Jeff this is the fastest car out of the box he has ever had. But, the Ninco’s were not to be outdone. Second was Carl with his Vortrum, followed by Paul with his Leyjun.

    See you next week.

    March 761
    Brian – 63.96
    Jeff – 63-76
    Paul – 63-53
    Mark – 62.12
    Glenn – 61.73
    Jim – 60.91
    Carl – 58.50

    Daytona Prototype
    Brian – 71.75
    Jeff – 70.83
    Carl – 70.08
    Glenn – 69.94
    Mark – 68.69
    Paul – 65.76
    Jim – 65.55

    Mosler – NSR/Ninco
    Jeff – NSR – 81.72
    Carl – Ninco – 76.62
    Paul – Ninco – 75.97
    Brian – NSR – 75.70
    Glenn – Ninco - 72.31
    Mark – NSR – 70.21

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    thanks paul!

    hi paul.
    good race,lots of action! good times.cheer's carl


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      Got that Right

      Friday at Mark's should be an event. Looking forward to making it two in a row