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Saturday, 5/22/2010 - Clearview Racing Group Meet, Greet, Race

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  • Saturday, 5/22/2010 - Clearview Racing Group Meet, Greet, Race

    Hello folks.

    After some testing, tuning, and a fair amount of work. I'm pleased to announce the formation of the Clearview Racing Group. We're planning on bringing regular bi-weekly 1/32nd scale racing to Clearview Train and Hobby here in Lorain County, Ohio.

    To kick things off, we're holding a gathering for 1/32nd scale racers at Clearview Train and Hobby starting at 1:00pm on Saturday, May 22nd, 2010, with the intent of discussing our proposed rulesets, racing procedures, getting to know interested racers, and ultimately even staging a few pick-up races that day between interested parties.

    Currently we're planning to have both magnet and non-mag classes, but no worries - no oversized HO cars as testing on Wayne's track has proven that 5 second lap times are a good minimum margin (seriously, a bone stock Monogram Lola T70 with stock size and location magnet, using a stock Parma 35ohm controller, can turn a 4.8 second lap on this track, so we're aiming to reel that in just a bit in some divisions!)

    Divisions to be discussed

    Rally (Non-Mag)
    Sports Classics (Non-Mag)
    Trans-Am (Non-Mag)
    Vintage Prototypes (Magnet)
    Modern GT (Magnet)
    OVSRL Slot-It (Non-Mag)
    NASCAR Modern

    Plus whatever else folks have in their box!

    Track time, as always at Clearview, is free, and the track is unpainted Carrera plastic. I'll try and have a track picture posted here on Thursday.

    Clearview Train and Hobby
    2055 N. Ridge Road East
    Lorain, Ohio 44055
    (440) 277-4488

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      Octagon Spirit

      Clearview Hobby, good to see you on SCI.


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        Due to an unforseen travel emergency (read, car trouble) the Race and Greet will be moved to ONE WEEK from today.

        I sincerely apologize to all who were planning on making the trip and hope you'll arrive on the 29th!