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Suzuka 6 HR Endurance race July 23 - 25

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  • Suzuka 6 HR Endurance race July 23 - 25

    We are hosting a 6 hr Endurance race on the Suzuka track in Victoria, July 23 - 25 2010.
    There will be time for tuning and testing Friday night with the race set to start at 12pm. Being a 6 hr race there will be time for drivers to make it a day trip on the ferries if you don't want to stay over?

    As far as rules are concerned I want to keep them as simple as possible? So Slot.It shoot out rules apply for chassis and body, Tyres are S2 only( if you want to spend a week truing them go ahead!), either the large or small wheels can be used at the rear, any motorpod that will accept the orange end bell motor(only motor allowed) any car found to be "dragging" on the track will be asked to change the set up. No low profile 0zero grips and no Alfa 33/ Ferrari312 front tyres allowed.

    Entrance fee is $25 per team.
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    Do I have to read all eleven pages of that thread? I've read three so far and all its done is get me all worked up because everybody posting in there is all worked up. You've bypassed all the hubbub about tires (thankfully), but near as I can ascertain my Jagermeister 956, which is unchanged since you last passed it through tech inspection is now illegal because I sanded the chassis? I cannot afford a new fangled chassis and this one has tech inspection marks on it applied by Alan Smith himself!


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      Look here for the simple version.

      My moist alter ego says he will buy you a replacement Jag chassis, if necessary. It will be the most currently fangled one available to the general public.