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  • Magnet racing at Ace

    Box Stock magnet racing at Ace.
    Al 69.25
    C-Bill 68.10
    BHR 66.25
    YD 62.90
    Bagman 62.85
    Bill 60.90
    Fast lap: Al, 9.960

    C-Bill 74.20
    Bagman 70.85
    Al 69.35
    YD 68.35
    Bill 65.05
    BHR 59.15
    Fast Lap: C-Bill, 9.228

    C-Bill 75.90
    Al 74.80
    Bagman 73.80
    YD 70.70
    Bill 69.02
    Fast Lap: Bagman Racing, 9.073
    The Saturday season of Box Stock Racing has started at Ace so come on down and get into the fun.
    Ace Hobby Racing

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    Found It

    OK.........I found the new thread!

    Thanks Dan!

    Bagman Racing


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      Christmas came early

      Box Stock Mag Racing
      Al, 70.05
      C-Bill, 68.20
      Steve, 67.65
      BHR, 64.95
      YD, 63.25
      Todd, 60.25
      Bill, 59.85
      Josh (First time racer), 53.10
      Fast lap, Al 9.750
      Our first big Saturday race program got off to a great start when St. Nick Laratonda (Mr. SUPER TIRE), patron saint of Ace Hobbys racing program, showed up with a sack of goodies for all the racers.
      First out of the sack was a brand new Scaly NASCAR with Classic ST's for first time racer Josh. Next was $10 "Race Bucks" for every NASCAR racer.
      After the race was over Nick pulled out two more NIB Scaly NASCARs and had his Grand Daughter pull two numbers out. Thank you very much Nick.
      Nick's GD also ran Race Control for us and nobody had to tell her which button to hit when a "Rider" call was made. Very good job young lady.
      Just before St.Nick left, he set up a fast lap challange with $10 for the winner. After the dust settled CBill had edged out Al for the fast time. Both racers were in the very low 9's with GT cars.
      Thanks again to Nick for all the goodies and support you have given to our racing program over the years!
      Dan & Ron
      Ace Hobbys


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        Saturday, 11-13-2010 Race Results

        We started raceing with Nascars with crash & burn Rules, with 7 people and had a late racer cominig in at the end of the first heat.
        was Boobie with 67.90 laps
        was Steve with 67.70 laps
        was Yellow Dog with 66.90 laps
        4th was C-Bill with 65.45 laps
        5th was T-Bone with 63.55 laps
        6th was AL with 57.85 laps
        7th was Josh with 54.55 laps
        8th was John (late comer) with 48.55 laps
        Fastest lap was 10.037 seconds by Steve on White lane.

        Second race was GT's after C-Bill left.
        was AL with 68.10 laps
        was Boobie with 67.90 laps
        was Steve with 67.25 laps
        4th was Yellow Dog with 65.85 laps
        5th was T-Bone with 55.50 laps
        6th was Josh with 53.75 laps
        7th was John with 43.45 laps
        Fastest lap was 9.625 seconds by Steve on Black lane.

        Good to have Boobie and T-Bone back into the racing again on Saturdays
        Steve "blueflashbarnes"


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          Invite to race Magnet Racing on Saurdays

          T-Bone and Boobie have come to race the last couple weeks, T-Bone is much calmer nowadays and as a result is racing more competatively (Even a little better than what Boobie was for a while).
          So how about it, Bagman?, Glitch?, Fat Man?, Root Road?, and Russ and Rob, and Doug, and George, Can you come out and Play with the rest of the guys who do come out on Saturdays. I can't beleive that all of you are working on Saurday Afternoons. We need to get this new racing season going and help out Ron, who recently had surgury but is back out now but still needs our support.
          Plan on having the Usual Saturday Races of Stock Magnet Nascars, and GT Races. There haven't been enouth interext in Magnet LMP's the last number of weeks but we could always break out the No-Magnet cars if you would rather race them.

          Come out and support Ron and have some fun along the way!!!
          Any of you Canadians out there are welcome also. Take advantage of the stronger Canadian Loonies, Eh!!

          Steve "Blueflashbarnes"


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            Magnet Racing for Saturday, Nov. 27, 2010

            There was just enouth people show up with cars to have a couple of marshalled races on Saturday. There were a couple of new customers who look to be possible racers in the coming weeks probably after Christmas, with Yellow Dog selling them on Slot Cars.
            The first race was Box Stock Magnet Nascar's
            was Steve with 68.15 laps
            was AL with 67.75 Laps
            was Russ with 67.35 Laps
            4th was T-Bone with 64.35 Laps
            5th was Gary with 64.25 Laps
            6th was B.H.R. with 63.20 laps
            7th was Josh with 58.25 laps
            8th was John with 53.40 laps
            Fastest lap 10.061 Seconds by Gary on white lane.

            The Second Race was Box Stock Magnet GT's with B.H.R. not racing but still marshalling
            was Steve with 70.05 Laps
            was AL with 67.10 Laps
            was Russ with 66.25 laps
            4th was Gary with 61.50 Laps
            5th was John with 56.40 Laps
            6th was Josh with 53.70 Laps
            7th was T-Bone with 49.60 Laps (with a substitute car after mechanical problems early in first heat)
            Fastest lap was 9.608 seconds by Steve on Black Lane.

            After couple of the racers left there was just enouth for a crash & burn race for Box Stock Magnet LMP's
            was AL with 72.70 Laps
            was Gary with 72.70 Laps
            was Steve with 69.10 laps (with barrowed Scaly Peugot from Gary)
            4th was Josh with 68.05 Laps
            5th was John 50.85 laps (With Slot-It Audi R8 he purchased from Russ Earlier that he purposely drove very conservatively)
            Fastest lap was 9.429 seconds by Gary on Red Lane.

            The Annual "RUMBALL RALLY" was Determined to be on Saturday, December 18, 2010,
            due in Part that Christmas is on Saturday this year the following week. (This anouncement was made by an "Interested" annual participant and not by me)
            Get better soon Ron so that you can come in for longer than an hour or so. We miss you here at ACE HOBBIES.

            Steve "blueflashbarnes"


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              Saturday 12-04-10 Magnet Racing

              We had 9 racers ready to race Box Stock Nascars.
              was Yellow Dog with 67.40 laps
              was Steve with 67.15 laps
              was Tom with 64.80 laps
              4th was Bagman Racing with 63.25 laps
              5th was Graham with 62.60 laps
              6th was T-Bone with 61.05 laps
              7th was AL with 60.40 laps
              8th was Bill with 60.02
              9th was John with 48.85 laps
              Fastest lap was 10.219 seconds on white lane by Yellow Dog.

              Second Race had 8 Racers for Box Stock GT's
              was Steve with 70.02 laps
              was Bagman Racing with 69.50 laps
              was Yellow Dog with 68.15 laps
              4th was AL with 66.65 laps
              5th was Graham with 62.90 laps
              6th was Bill with 61.25 laps
              7th was T-Bone with 59.60 laps
              8th was John with 54.90 laps
              Fastest lap was 9.859 seconds by Steve on Black lane.

              Third Race saw only 5 Racers race in a crash and burn Box Stock LMP race.
              was Steve with 73.25 laps (with car barrowed from Bagman)
              was Bagman Racing with 72.30 laps
              was AL with 72.25 laps
              4th was Yellow Dog with 70.85 laps
              5th was Graham with 69.80 laps
              Fastest lap was 9.341 seconds by Bagman Racing on Black lane

              With Rumball rally a couple weeks away, and with a very snowy week in the SouthTowns area we shall see if we have a good turnout for that.
              Steve "blueflashbarnes"


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                Missed again..

                Sorry guys, I just am not quite up to it. Sinus problems. My daughter set up a simple web page for Ace Hobby. It links to both Mag and No-Mag racing. check it out.


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                  Saturday, December 11, 2010 Race Results

                  First Race was a Marshalled Box Stock Nascar race
                  was Steve with 67.60 Laps
                  was Yellow Dog with 67.25 laps
                  was Russ with 66.55 laps
                  4th was AL with 66.50 laps
                  5th was T-Bone with 66.02 laps
                  6th was Gary 65.65 laps
                  7th was B.H.R. with 64.85 laps
                  8th was Josh with 59.80 laps
                  Fastest lap was 10.235 seconds by Yellow Dog on Black lane.
                  This was a very close race

                  Second Race was a Crash & Burn Rules Stock GT's Race
                  was Steve with 68.40 laps
                  was AL with 67.70 laps
                  was Yellow Dog with 67.20 laps
                  4th was Gary with 65.15 laps
                  5th was T-Bone with 58.05 laps
                  6th was Josh with 56.95 laps
                  Fastest Lap was 9.732 seconds by Steve on Black lane.
                  Everyone had at least one off, and everyone except Yellow Dog lost at least one lap due to number of off's

                  3rd Race was Crash & Burn LMP Race.
                  was Gary with 72.25 laps
                  was Yellow Dog with 71.50 laps
                  was Steve with 68.50 laps (with barrowed car from Gary)
                  4th was Josh with 67.85 laps
                  5th was T-Bone with 67.50 laps
                  6th was AL with 66.10 laps
                  Gary had 3 of the 4 fast laps, (lap times didn't get printed)
                  Yellow Dog had 0 off's, T-Bone had 2 off's, everyone else had at least one lap off due to number of off's

                  Remember the next Saturday is RUMBALL RALLY DAY,
                  All people are encouraged to bring in their own Rum Balls to be judged which are the best RUM BALLS. There will be plenty of Racing, Discussion and enjoyment of the RUM BALLS, (HIC), Canadians Welcome

                  Steve "Blueflashbarnes"


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                    Steve! What about your normal 3 lap lead? LMAO


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                      Getting Here

                      Now that I have set up as a favorite, getting to the No Magnet and the Magnet Racing info is so much easier. Just click the link you want.


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                        Saturday, December 18, 2010 Race Results

                        On RUMBALL RALLY day at Ace Hobbies, the Racing got underway a little late with some testing for a slot car sale that was being made at about Race Time.
                        First Race was box stock Nascars (Fully Marshalled)
                        Dominic and Vinny showed up after the first heat but B.H.R. offered to let Vinny drive his car.
                        was Steve with 66.40 laps
                        was Tom with 66.20 laps
                        was AL with 65.95 laps
                        4th was T-Bone with 65.50 laps
                        5th was C-Bill with 62.10 laps
                        6th was B.H.R./Vinny with 61.70 laps
                        7th was Josh with 60.30 laps
                        8th was Bill with 59.30 laps
                        9th was John with 55.30 laps
                        10th was (new comer) Will with 51.45 laps
                        Welcome to Ace Hobbies Racing Will.
                        Fastest Lap was 10.183 seconds by AL on white lane with newcomer Will doing a 10.184 seconds on Black lane.

                        Second Race was stock GT's (Marshalled)
                        was C-Bill with 72.85 laps
                        was Steve with 68.60 laps
                        was AL with 65.45 laps
                        4th was Tom/Vinny with 65.25 laps
                        5th was Bill with 61.45 laps
                        6th was Josh with 57.85 laps
                        7th was John with 57.80 laps
                        8th was Will with 51.55 laps
                        The fastest laps sheet didn't print out for some reason buth I did see that C-Bill had all of the fastest laps.

                        Now for the Important News, The Entrants for the RUMBALL RALLY RumBall contest was by AL's Wife, Bob's Wife, and Jeff's Wife, with each one entering 2 different RumBall Recipe's each. By a vote of all non-biased people present that tasted the RumBalls, The Winner and Second Place finisher was AL's Wife. Congraduations AL, no wonder you are always so happy with your marrage and how your Wife allows you your slot car racing and your two tracks at your home. (Lucky Dog)

                        Steve "Blueflashbarnes"


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                          Yes I am !!!!!!!!!



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                            New hours at Ace

                            New hours at Ace Hobby are:
                            Monday 12-9pm (no-mag racing 5-9pm)
                            T, W, Th, 12-6pm
                            Fri 12-9pm
                            Sat. 10am-5pm (mag racing)
                            Ace Hobby Racing


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                              Are we starting the races earlier or the same times as before?