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  • Monday Night Racing @ Ace Hobby
    May 13, 2019 (Luckily, Friday the 13th came on a Monday this month)

    Race #1: Formula 1 – in which Al slipped a bit from last week but appeared to be more or less OK about it.
    1. Pete, 74.90, 9.291/b
    2. F.Ron-o , 74.20, 9.506/b
    3. Chris, 73.25, 9.435/w
    4. Alex, 71.55, 9.658/b
    5. Al, 71.10, 9.572/w
    6. Steve N, 69.00, 9.925/b
    7. Steve, 68.95, 10.049/w
    8. Max, 67.10, 10.213/b
    Fast Laps
    Y: 9.317, Pete
    W: 9.313, Pete
    B: 9.291, Pete
    R: 9.408, Pete

    Race #2: Daytona Prototype – in which Al wasn't (due to a clerical error ), and Steve N was (but not happily ).
    1. Chris, 74.70, 9.307/y
    2. Pete, 71.90, 9.507/r
    3. F.Ron-o , 71.35, 9.621/y
    4. Alex, 70.00, 9.492/y
    5. Steve N, 68.10, 9.871/b
    6. Steve, 64.35, 9.871/b
    7. Max, 61.70, 10.629/r
    Fast Laps
    Y: 9.307, Chris
    W: 9.366, Chris
    B: 9.387, Chris
    R: 9.403, Chris

    Race #3: GT – in which there was some race testing done under the proposed new GT2 regulations
    1. F.Ron-o , 79.10, 8.701/b, Saleen, (GT1 winner)
    2. Alex, 78.75, 8.851/y, Porsche 98evo, (GTA winner)
    3. Chris, 77.80, 8.946/y, Mosler, (proposed GT2 winner)
    4. Steve, 76.40, 9.087/y, Porsche 98evo, (GT1 second)
    5. Pete, 75.30, 9.261/w, Mosler, (proposed GT2 second)
    6. Al, 74.10, 9.272/y, McLaren F1, (GTA second)
    7. Steve N, 71.70, 9.108/b, Mosler, (GT1 third)
    8. Max, 70.70, 9.675/b, Mosler, (GT1 fourth)
    Fast Laps
    Y: GT1 = 8.723, F.Ron-o ; GTA = 8.851, Alex; GT2 = 8.946, Chris
    W: GT1 = 8.782, F.Ron-o ; GTA = 8.975, Alex; GT2 = 9.048, Chris
    B: GT1 = 8.701, F.Ron-o ; GTA = 8.9.093, Alex; GT2 = 8.996, Chris
    R: GT1 = 8.850, F.Ron-o ; GTA = 8.034, Alex; GT2 = 9.022, Chris

    Race #4: LMP – in which Al rebounded and a good time was had by the guys who raced.
    1. Al, 80.00, 8.841/y
    2. Chris, 79.70, 8.837/y
    3. Pete, 77.70, 8.951/y
    4. Steve N, 75.15, 9.097/b
    5. Steve, 74.90, 9.268/y
    6. Max, 70.40, 9.391/y
    Fast Laps
    Y: 8.837, Chris
    W: 8.865, Al
    B: 8.875, Al
    R: 8.845, Chris

    Thanks to F.Ron-o for the venue.
    Thanks to F.Ron-o and Alex for marshalling the LMP race.
    Thanks to Tom for race direction.
    Thanks to Steve for the techage and computer work.
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    • Friday Night Fastest Race Lap (by class)

      Trans Am: 9.091 by F.Ron-o

      Group C: 8.661 by Troydog

      GT: 8.356 by Russ

      LMP: 8.775 by Troydog


      • Proposed GT Rules

        Discussed with those present on 5/13. No resolution on the GT1 motor rules, as some like watt ratings, some do not. OR weight tuning in the combined GT2 class.
        Should the Monday night GT1 rules be THE SAME as the Friday night GT1 rules? Weight tuning allowed. Maximum motor rating in WATTS. (therefore letting in the Slot-It Flat 6 RS 25k motor.)

        Additions / modifications in red.

        As proposed by Pete:
        OK... Here are my proposed Monday night GT rules

        The Monday GTA class would be merged into GT2 with options in drive configurations. GT1 would continue with very minor alterations. GT would still be open to any car raced as a GT anywhere at any time from 1990 forward or in FIA Group 5 from 1976-82. Any such car would be legal for either class.

        S cans manufacturer-rated at 30,000 rpm or less.
        Boxer or Flat-6 (long cans) manufacturer-rated at 22,000 rpm or less.
        (or we can use XX.X Watts or less)

        GT2 21.5 & 23k, NSR 20k, 21.9k, & 22.4k, Pirhana 21.5k, and Thunderslot 21.5k S-cans. Scale Auto SC08 Tech 1 20k (already allowed in stock sidewinder Scale Auto GT's). Flat 6 (long can) 20.5k.
        (or we can use 10.25 Watts or less)"

        GT1 & 2
        1. Motors must remain stock. Any signs of tampering will result in disqualification. Can tabs may not be hidden and the race director may inspect any motor at any time.
        2. Chassis tuning by the addition of weight is allowed. No weight may be attached to the bottom of the car or to the outside of the body.
        3. Gear ratio is open.
        4. Audi R8, Toyota GT1, and Moslers allowed in both classes.
        Monday night racers, what do you think?



        • The "Watts" thing. I'm undecided but, where Watts can be useful is in the initial selection of long cans and short cans competing in a single class. Long cans have longer arms and bigger magnets. All other things equal, the long can has more torque and less rpm than a short can. BUT, if we're willing to live with the variability of ratings and that those ratings vary a similar amount from motor to motor, Watts works. I think the fact that the GT2 and GTA records were nearly identical before the gear rule change supports this approach. As it turned out, a 20.5k/200g/cm long can (yellow flat6, 10.25W) competed well against a 23k/170g/cm s-can (orange endbell, 9.78W). There's always the option of banning a motor if it runs way outside the specs.

          The Flat6 RS is 15.0W (legal on Friday, too many rpm for Monday)
          The Boxer 2 is 18.3W (legal both nights)
          The NSR King 21 evo is 18.73W (legal on Monday, too many W for Friday)
          I think that the rules should be the same both nights as is the case with LMP and my preference would be the Friday night Watts rule (maybe raised to 19W.)

          Weight should be allowed. Let's face it... everybody gave me a hand when I showed up and ran waaaayyyy back and I've seen the same courtesy given to others at Ace. A little weight can be the quickest way for a newb (do we see any of those anymore?) to improve grip and many will step up to help in placing it properly.

          As far as the Scaleauto s-can goes, we can add it to the list if we go that way, or expand the Watt limit to 10.5W (which lets in a couple of other long cans). I have to say that I favor the list over the Watts.

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          • GT1 and GT2 allowed motors, etc..

            Pete, I like your suggestions.

            The GT1's run under "Friday night rules" on Mondays, too. Weight tuning allowed. Raise the motor watts to 19.0 w, takes in all popular motor choices.

            The new "combined" GT2 class (old GT2 & GTA) keeps the specific allowed motor list, with the addition of the Scale Auto Tech 1 20k S can.
            'Open" gearing.
            Weight tuning allowed.

            What do other Monday night racers think??



            • Tom. I like Pete's suggestion for the combining of the GT-2 and GT-A classes, but am not a fan of the watts rule. Monday night has always been a
              RPM night and I would like to see it remain so.



              • Not in favor of the Watts rule, never was. Leave the watts out and I''ll be ok with that !!


                • I like the combo of gt-2 and gta but would like to see the scalauto long can that comes stock in the viper sb00011?
                  gt1 I’m with Chris and Al, leave it an RPM night


                  • Originally posted by Joefab View Post
                    I like the combo of gt-2 and gta but would like to see the scalauto long can that comes stock in the viper sb00011?
                    gt1 I’m with Chris and Al, leave it an RPM night
                    Good point on the Scaleauto motor. I like it.


                    • It's......

                      Ace Hobby’s Friday Night No-Mag of 5/17/2019

                      Trans Am – in which Alex loaned out his entire fleet.
                      1. Joe, 74.00, 9.316/y
                      2. Al, 73.45, 9.398/b
                      3. Pete, 73.05, 9.530/y
                      4. F.Ron-o, 71.95, 9.303/y
                      5. Gill, 70.75, 9.688/y
                      6. Alex, 70.20, 9.409/y
                      7. Steve, 68.15, 10.144/w
                      8. Max, 64.80, 10.201/w
                      9. Kevin (DNF), 35.00,
                      10. Art (fun run), 66.70, 10.056/b
                      Fast Laps
                      Y: 9.303, F.Ron-o
                      W: 9.378, Joe
                      B: 9.398, Al
                      R: 9.553, Al

                      Group C in which "C" was interpreted as "Crash" and in which there were an odd number of entries so the originally planned team event was postponed
                      1. F.Ron-o, 77.70, 8.934/y
                      2. Joe, 77.45, 9.090/w
                      3. Al, 76.75, 9.085/w
                      4. BVacc, 76.60, 9.014/w
                      5. Alex, 76.35, 8.900/y
                      6. Gill, 74.35, 9.355/w
                      7. Kevin, 74.00, 9.097/y
                      8. TVacc, 73.90, 9.413/y
                      9. Steve, 72.70, 9.701/y
                      10. Max, 68.90, 9.684/w
                      11. Art, 68.75, 9.740/r
                      12. John, 67.90, 10.126/w
                      13. Pete (DNF), 56, 9.108/r
                      Fast Laps
                      Y: 8.900, Alex
                      W: 8.953, Alex
                      B: 9.043, F.Ron-o
                      R: 9.108, Pete

                      GT – in which the theme of the evening was carried forward from the previous event and perfected, with many more spectacular comings together (i.e., crashes)
                      1. Al, 79.15, 8.731/y
                      2. F. Ron, 78.75, 8.871/y
                      3. TVacc, 78.45, 8.863/y
                      4. Pete, 74.55, 9.239/y
                      5. Gill, 73.50, 9.191/y
                      6. John, 69.40, 9.625/b
                      7. Steve, 68.90, 9.431/w
                      8. BVacc (fun run), 75.30, 8.683/y
                      Fast Laps
                      Y: 8.731, Al (8.683, BVacc fun run)
                      W: 8.863, Al
                      B: 8.885, TVacc
                      R: 9.036, F.Ron-o

                      We once again offer our sincere thanks to F. Ron for a great place to race.

                      Friday Night Track Records

                      Friday GT – 8.356, Russ
                      82.55, Alex, 7/21/17
                      82.40, Joe, 8/4/17
                      82.35, Alex, 7/7/17

                      Friday LMP – 8.775, Troy
                      81.30, Troy, 5/27/16
                      81.15. Troy, 1/27/17
                      80.70, Al, 3/18/16

                      Friday Grp C – 8.661, Troy
                      79.70, Troy, 10/14/18
                      79.60, Troy, 4/19/19
                      79.35, Troy, 3/30/18

                      Trans Am – 9.091, F.Ron-o
                      76.35, Troy, 3/30/18
                      76.30, Troy, 3/9/18
                      75.90, Joe, 5/13/19
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                      • HEY YOU MONDAY GUYS!!

                        ALEX! TROY! GILL! STEVE! MAX! SAL!

                        Merging GTA into GT2: yay or nay?
                        Weight in the new GT2: yay or nay?
                        Watts or RPM in Monday GT1: yay or nay?


                        • I wasn't sure if I had a vote or not , so instead I will offer my opinion .

                          First the GT 1 - I like the idea of making the Monday rules the same as the Friday rules such that now we don't need two sets of cars .
                          Also I would prefer to rate the motors in RPM s - its easier for everybody that way .

                          Second GT A - The rules we changed them to a while back are great just the way they are . The only change would be to move the Scale Auto
                          side winder cars to GT 2 .

                          Third GT 2 - This is the rule set that needs the most help . I like choice of sidewinder or inline motor pods and open gearing . As for motors , I like
                          the scale auto short can , the orange end bell , and the new NSR 21.5 motor . My opinion - we have too many choices in motors .

                          The biggest point for me is I would like to see GT A and GT 2 stay seperate classes . Also , if we do change the GT 2 class , we will no longer have a GT
                          class that is mostly stock . A while back Pete had what I thought was a great idea for a GT 3 class with mostly stock NSR and Scale Auto cars .


                          • No racing took place on Monday, May 20, 2019 as no one except Steve & Ron were there. As for my vote on Monday rules changes. I say yea to combining GTA with GT2 because as such they both are the basic RTR GT cars from Slot-It. They were primarily kept in separate classes because of the initial performance of the flat 6 yellow can motor took a very long time to break-in being truly race worthy. which Pete, Chris, & AL have shown with their GTA's. Second point is that I am in favor of being allowed to weight tune and have freedom of gear choice in any class we race on any night. It just so hard to keep track of the different rules we have for either night. I think that I am in favor of having the motors rated to RPM's as long as the way that the manufacturers rate their motors RPM's more accurately. I think that there should be a limit of 30.000 RPM's should be made for "NO Magnet" racing with it allowed to be more open for any future Magnet Racing on the Scalextric Track. Racing higher RPM's "NO-Magnet" cars on the routed track doesn't make sense and would only result in racers needlessly damaging their cars and possibly the track itself unnecessarily. On this I know that Joe might disagree with me, but I think that the racer's with the higher RPM cars might not have as much control of their cars as they may think and may wreck their own cars along with anyone else's car they may hit in the mean time. At least you can somewhat have some reasonable control of cars with Slot-It flat black Six 25k motors with the right gearing.

                            Steve "SABarnes"


                            • Originally posted by SABarnes View Post
                              I am in favor of being allowed to weight tune and have freedom of gear choice in any class we race on any night.
                              Well, I agree with that.

                              Originally posted by SABarnes View Post
                              hard to keep track of the different rules we have for either night.
                              When I arrived at Ace I was a little confused by that situation as well, but as Frederick the Great used to say, "das ist das."

                              Anyway... F.Ron-o , Steve , BVacc , TVacc , and I had a good time racing tonight (5/24/19) and I will post the report in a day or two. I wish everyone a happy holiday and hope to see everyone on the 31st (meaning Ron's taking Monday off).



                              • Ace Hobby’s Friday Night No-Mag of 5/24/2019
                                Quote of the Week: “Where’d everybody go?”

                                After a large number of phone calls from various regulars explaining why they weren’t going to make it, the Vaccs arrived, saving the day/evening. Despite the short fields, the action was extremely entertaining in the same way as a train wreck… not pretty, but no one wanted to miss anything. There was much merriment in the halls of Ace Hobby on this night.

                                Trans Am: The field of four got right to it and managed several crashes almost immediately, including a full-field wreck on the second lap in turn 3. Things eventually settled down some, relatively speaking, and the results were as follows:
                                1. Pete, 72.60, 9.547/y
                                2. BVacc, 70.90, 9.986/w
                                3. TVacc, 69.70, 9.879/w
                                4. Steve , 67.75, 10.148/w
                                Fast Laps
                                Y: 9.547, Pete
                                W: 9.616, Pete
                                B: 9.655, Pete
                                R: 9.843, Pete

                                Group C: Seeing the good times rolling in Trans Am without him, F.Ron-o left the button and joined the fun.
                                1. F.Ron-o , 79.30, 8.894/y
                                2. BVacc, 77.50, 9.099, y
                                3. Pete, 76.10, 9.132/b
                                4. TVacc, 75.15, 9.316/w
                                5. Steve , 73.15, 9.613/y
                                Fast Laps
                                Y: 8.894, F.Ron-o
                                W: 8.945, F.Ron-o
                                B: 9.054, F.Ron-o
                                R: 9.169, F.Ron-o

                                GT: There was a lot of car-swapping in this race. Mostly between BVacc and TVacc. Pete had a seriously underpowered GT2 due to the failure (again) of his Mosler to get around faster than his Group C . Steve ran steadily with his own Porsche . F.Ron-o piloted the Green Saleen. The results are reported here with annotations.
                                1. Fun Run BVacc, 80.35, 8.603/w driving TVacc’s car
                                2. F.Ron-o , 79.10, 8.887/y driving his own car.
                                3. Fun Run TVacc, 78.05, 9.015/w driving BVacc’s car
                                4. Steve , 77.40, 9.145/y driving his own car
                                5. Pete, 76.30, 9.201/y driving his own car but wishing otherwise
                                Fast Laps (not on fun runs)
                                Y: 8.887, F.Ron-o
                                W: 8.897, F.Ron-o
                                B: 8.927, F.Ron-o
                                R: 9.067, F.Ron-o

                                Fast Laps (including fun runs)
                                Y: 8.664, BVacc (car ?)
                                W: 8.603 BVacc (TVacc’s car)
                                B: 8.927, F.Ron-o (his own car and proud of it)
                                R: 8.817, BVacc (probably his own car)

                                Thanks and a happy holiday to our good and gracious host, F.Ron the Great
                                Thanks to Steve for teching and flawless computering

                                Have a safe and happy holiday weekend remembering our veterans.