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  • Ace Hobby’s Friday Night No-Mag of 5/31/2019
    Troydog Resurfaces, Penniless Due To A Hasty Change of Trousers

    Trans Am – in which Troydog squeaks through in a very closely contested event
    1. Troydog, 74.90, 9.301/y
    2. Pete, 74.85, 9.301/w
    3. Joe, 74.40, 9.392/y
    4. Kevin, 74.10, 9.333/y
    5. Al, 73.70, 9.390/w
    6. F.Ron , 72.70, 9.462/y
    7. Gill, 69.65, 9.523/w
    8. Steve, 67.95, 10.123/b
    9. Art, 67.90, 10.039/b

    Fast Laps
    Y: 9.333, Kevin
    W: 9.301, Troydog
    B: 9.399, Al
    R: 9.459, Troydog

    At approximately the midpoint of the Trans Am race, T&B Vacc arrived and joined in the next event, which was run in an increasingly warm and humid atmosphere.…

    Group C (no teams this week) - in which TVacc initially suffered from the slows but, after quick action by the other committee, was heard to proclaim his Porsche "the fastest C car I've ever had."
    1. Troydog (again) , 79.35, 8.823/y
    2. Joe, 77.10, 8.991/w
    3. F.Ron, 76.45, 8.847/y
    4. Al, 76.15, 9.112/w
    5. Kevin, 75.05, 9.164/w
    6. BVacc, 75.00, 9.068/y
    7. Gill, 74.90, 9.223/w
    8. Pete, 74.15, 9.193/y
    9. Steve, 71.75, 9.696/y
    10. TVacc, 70.50, 9.462/y
    11. Art, 64.25, 9.874/b

    Fast Laps
    Y: 8.823, Troydog
    W: 8.926, Troydog
    B: 8.924, Troydog
    R: 8.985, Troydog

    GT – in which there were many speedy cars, a lap of 7.901 being recorded. Its validity is presently under investigation by the committee . Al found his Spyker to be quite a handful but soldiered through to a podium. T&B Vacc swapped cars again. A car was marshalled onto a lane corresponding to its livery (yellow) rather than its sticker (white) resulting in a DNF and suggestions regarding a method by which similar unhappy events might be avoided. Changing the track lane colors to Chartreuse, Fuschia, Pink, Abalone, or other unlikely liveries was suggested. The committee is investigating the practicality of the scheme. But I digress…
    1. Troydog (and again) , 81.05, 7.901 (provisional), 8.687/w (car alleged not to have run since the Nixon Administration)
    2. Fun Run BVacc, 79.35, 8.649/y
    3. Al, 78.55, 8.721/y
    4. F.Ron, 78.50, 8.895/w
    5. Kevin, 78.35, 8.802/y
    6. Steve, 76.80, 9.140/y
    7. Pete, 76.45, 8.780/w (Mosler kindly provided by Joe)
    8. Gill, 75.15, 9.130/y
    9. Fun Run TVacc, 74.35, 9.021/w
    10. Art, 73.05, 9.516/w
    DNF. Joe, 14.10 (measured at the point of impact), 8.875/w

    Fast Laps
    Y: Under review (talk to the committee)
    W: 8.687, Troydog
    B: 8.749, Troydog
    R: 8.961, Troydog

    Thanks, Ron! You’re a great host, everybody’s pal, and other stuff like that.
    Thanks, Steve for tech stuff, computer stuff, and other stuff.
    Thanks. Art for your zealous button work.
    Thanks to everyone in attendance for their attendance and other stuff.

    PS: A sheet has been posted at Ace with all the records for all Monday and Friday classes, including fastest single race lap recorded.

    PS II: There is no committee.


    • June Threeth, Two Thousand Nineteen

      Monday Night Racing @ Ace Hobby - in which there was a somewhat disappointing turnout of five racers but no lack of enthusiasm… and we got through by 8:30pm.

      Quote of the week: "At no time did we exceed 175 mph." - Dan Gurney (in answer to concerns about the safety of the 1971 Cannonball Run.)

      Steve: "If we get started early we'll be done sooner."
      Pete: "Good thought."
      Al: "---------."
      Chris: "OK"
      F.Ron: "What Al said."
      RD Tom: "OK, men. Marshals!"
      Computer: "Get ready. Beep. Beep, etc."

      Race 1: Formula 1 - a close contest in which F.Ron sets a new race record and Al is thinking F1 is not so bad after all.
      1. F.Ron , 75.50 (NEW RECORD), 9.382/y
      2. Pete, 75.30 (new 2nd), 9.353/w
      3. Al, 75.05, 9.323/y
      4. Chris, 74.75, 9.393/w
      5. Steve, 69.15, 10.006/y

      Fast Laps
      Y: 9.323, Al
      W: 9.353, Pete
      B: 9.399, Pete
      R: 9.346, Al

      Race 2: Daytona Prototype - in which F.Ron's great warm-up performance fails to bear fruit in the race.
      1. Chris, 76.10 (NEW RECORD), 9.285/b
      2. Pete, 73.35, 9.593/r
      3. Al, 73.15, 9.617/y
      4. F.Ron , 72.10, 9.536/b
      5. Steve, 69.15, 9.979/y

      Fast Laps
      Y: 9.407, Chris
      W: 9.377, Chris
      B: 9.285, Chris
      R: 9.336, Chris

      Tom took his leave at this time and, as luck would have it, the ever-popular Gill arrived and manfully offered to run the button.

      Race 3: GT-1/GTA/"New" GT2 - in which we saw the first appearance of the Audi R8C in GTA and the first race for a sidewinder, S-can powered Mosler in GT2. Note that neither set the world on fire .
      1. Al, GT1, 80.70, 8.611/y
      2. F.Ron , GT1, 78.40, 8.831/y
      3. Steve, GT1, 9.164/y
      4. Chris, GTA, 76.90, 9.183/w
      5. Pete, “new” GT2, 74.35, 9.348/y

      Fast Laps, GT1
      Y: 8.661, Al
      W: 8.791, Al
      B: 8.760, Al
      R: 8.983, Al
      Fast Laps, GTA
      Y: 9.200, Chris
      W: 9.183, Chris
      B: 9.285, Chris
      R: 9.253, Chris
      Fast Laps, “New” GT2
      Y: 9.348, Pete
      W: 9.442, Pete
      B: 9.470, Pete
      R: 9.523, Pete

      Race #4: LMP
      1. Chris. 81.10, 8.664/b
      2. Al, 79.20, 8.858/y
      3. Pete, 77.50, 8.840/y
      4. Steve, 75.70, 9.211/w
      DNF F.Ron (broken chassis)

      Fast Laps
      Y: 8.742, Chris
      W: 8.669, Chris
      B: 8.664, Chris
      R: 8.825, Chris

      Thanks to F.Ron for the great venue, to Tom for race direction, to Gill for filling in on the button, and to Steve for tech and computering.
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      • A word or two about the proposed GTA-GT2 merger (not yet adopted):

        Any objections?


        • Just as long as I can still run my GT A cars as GT A cars I'm good with the changes .


          • In good with the changes if the motors are rated by RPM and not watts


            • Ace Hobby’s Friday Night No-Mag of 6/7/2019

              A short field of 7 gathered for the weekly events (T&BVacc being off in Montreal for the F1 race). Dinner was ordered and arrived a few heats into the Trans Am race. Action was suspended while the racers took nourishment.

              Trans Am – in which the RED lane was determined to be slippery and caution advised. Kevin and Pete stopped in exactly the same spot after completing 74 laps and best laps were so close that a tie was agreed upon .

              =1, Kevin, 74.90, 9.328/y
              =1, Pete, 74.90, 9.326/b
              1. Al, 74.50, 9.374/y
              2. F.Ron, 74.10, 9.386/y
              3. Gill, 73.10, 9.572/w
              4. Steve, 68.10, 10.213/b
              5. Art, 66.70, 10.037

              Fast Laps
              Y: 9.328, Kevin
              W: 9.385, Kevin
              B: 9.326, Pete
              R: 9.431, Pete

              Group C – in which the RED lane improved slightly and during which many participants commented upon the calm, quiet, and very enjoyable atmosphere resulting from the lower turnout. It was all good.
              1. F.Ron, 78.90, 8.971/b
              2. Kevin, 76.90, 9.000/w
              3. Pete, 76.45, 8.986/y
              4. Al, 75.75, 9.121/y
              5. Gill, 73.95, 9.294/b
              6. Steve, 71.85, 9.766/y
              7. Art, 71.10, 9.855/w

              Fast Laps
              Y: 8.905, F.Rom
              W: 8.993, Pete
              B: 8.971, F.Ron
              R: 9.101, F.Ron

              GT – in which the theme of the evening (enlightened peace and quiet) was carried forward from the previous race. Not saying that the usual silliness and jackassery were not present, but that they were carried on at a lower decibel level. It continued to be all good… especially for our host, Mr. F.Ron.
              1. F. Ron, 80.45, 8.784/y (the Green Saleen again)
              2. Al, 78.70, 8.851/w (Spyker - a Dutch firm [Spijker] founded in 1880 by Jacobus and Hendrik-Jan Spijker, originally blacksmiths, in Hilversum. They made carriages, then automobiles, and eventually aircraft. They moved to Trompenburg, Amsterdam in 1898.)
              3. Pete, 74.55, 8.951/y
              4. Gill, 76.10, 9.098/w
              5. Steve, 75.40, 9.122/b
              6. Art, 74.10, 9.428/w

              Fast Laps
              Y: 8.784, F.Ron
              W: 8.782, F.Ron
              B: 8.875, F.Ron
              R: 9.008, F.Ron

              Muchas gracias a nuestro amigo, el cavallero grande, F.Ron for everything he does.
              A tip of the hat to Steve for tech and computering.

              And thanks to whoever the guy was who brought the food.
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              • Ace Hobby’s Record Breaking Monday Night No-Mag of 6/10/2019

                A drivers’ meeting was held before racing began and the GT proposals were discussed. The GTA/GT2 merger was approved and the combined class will be known as GT2. Some additional research is ongoing with respect to GT1 and Tom will be posting the results as they affect the present regulations in the near future.

                So, on to the racing portion of the evening. The turnout was extremely light (4, then 5 racers) but the competition was indeed close and a good time was had by all. The spectators who were not there missed a first rate exhibition of slot car racing the like of which had never been seen recently, for awhile.

                Alex was contacted and advised the four drivers present that he would definitely be there but would not likely arrive for the first event and, in a radical break with tradition, the LMP class was first to the track.

                LMP - in which Pete fumbles around on Red, then finds 4 tenths of a second per lap on Blue, Yellow, and White
                1. Al, 79.50, 8.860/y
                2. Pete , 78.70, 8.844/w
                3. Chris, 78.10, 8.998/y
                4. F.Ron , 77.10, 9.023/b

                Fast Laps
                Y: 8.860, Al
                W: 8.844, Pete
                B: 8.867, Pete
                R: 9.114, Al

                F-1for which Alex is not present and in which the four cars involved finish on the same lap and all existing track records for the class are surpassed. NOTE: No one would have expected records to be set after watching the first minute or so of this race . Immediately after the start here was a pile-up in the first turn. After a track call, the re-slotted field tore off down the track to another massive collision in the third turn. Numerous wheels were tangled and cars inverted amidst good-natured cursing and extended laugh breaks. Al and Pete, having run off the football 'simultaneously' a few seconds later, had their cars returned to the track by Race Director Tom, side by side and about three quarters of the way around the turn. As the power came on, both cars leaped forward... into the wall. Things did get better as the drivers sorted themselves out (eventually). As should be obvious to our dear readers, it was a close contest.
                1. Pete , 75.90 (new record 1st), 9.236 (new record lap)/w
                2. Chris, 75.85 (new record 2nd), 9.343/y
                3. F. Ron , 75.65 (new record 3rd), 9.383/b
                4. Al, 75.60, 9.339/b (a noble effort and a total which would have been victorious on almost any previous occasion)
                Fast Laps
                Y: 9.296, Pete
                W: 9.236, Pete
                B: 9.339, Al
                R: 9.286, Pete

                Can-Am - for which Alex is still not present and in which another race record is established!!
                1. Al (“Mr. Can Am”), 80.00 (new record 1st), 8.805/b
                2. F. Ron , 77.90, 8.999/y
                3. Chris, 77.75, 9.018/b
                4. Pete, 75.90, 9.157/w
                Fast Laps
                Y: 8.869, Al
                W: 8.904, Al
                B: 8.805, Al
                R: 9.015, Al

                Group C2 – for which Alex arrives and in which Alex prevails but fails to set any records .
                1. Alex, 78.50, 8.964/y
                2. Chris, 78.40, 9.007/b
                3. Al, 76.90, 9.167/y
                4. F.Ron , 75.65, 9.266/y
                5. Pete , 75.40, 9.208/y
                Fast Laps
                Y: 8.964, Alex
                W: 8.976, Alex
                B: 9.007, Chris
                R: 9.064, Chris

                The usual heartfelt appreciation and thanks to our host, El Caballero Grande, F.Ron for the track, the time, and the excess humidity.
                Thanks to Tom for Race Directing.
                Thanks to Al for computering and Chris for teching (Steve was not in attendance).

                Respectfully submitted,
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                • Proposed GT Rules revision. Revised 6/14/19.
                  Combines the old GT2 & GTA. Based on all the work that Pete had done, previously; and on the driver's meeting on 6/10/19. Now, there will be GT1 & GT2 classes.
                  GT Rules (revised 6/14/19)

                  Open to any car raced as a GT anywhere from 1990 forward; OR in FIA Group 5 from 1976 – 82. Any such car would be legal for either class. (no magnet, 11 v.) The class names will be: GT2, & GT1, with the potentially faster cars in GT1. Both classes of GT’s will run at the same time. Finishing order reported by class.

                  GT1: “S cans” manufacturer rated at 30,000 rpm, or less. Boxer, or Flat-6 (long cans) manufacturer rated at 22,000 rpm, or less. Motors must be sold at Ace Hobby (NSR, Slot-it, ScaleAuto, Scalextric)
                  GT2: Slot-it 21.5 & 23k; NSR 20, 21.9, & 22.4k; Piranha 21.5k; Thunderslot 21.5k; ScaleAuto Tech 1 20k; “S cans”. Also, the Slot-it Flat 6 20.5k; long can.
                  GT1 and GT2:
                  1. Essentially Box Stock, with limited modifications allowed, as specified. Chassis tuning by the addition of weight is allowed. No weight may be attached to the car bottom, or top of body.

                  2. Anglewinder, sidewinder, or inline drive is allowed in any car. Pods may be up to 1mm offset. Any motor may be used with any pod into which it fits without modification. Adaptors designed to allow a “S can” to fit in a “long can” pod are allowed. 3D printed chassis are allowed. Chassis & pods by different manufacturers may be combined, so long as no modifications are made to either.

                  3. Gear ratio is open.

                  4. Both classes would be open to the Slot-It Audi R8C. The ScaleAuto Toyota GT1 is allowed (in both classes). The Toyota may also compete in the modern LMP class, as it did in real 1:1 racing.

                  5. The stock, or stock appearing interior must be in the proper location. It may be modified due to a change in drive (such as SW to IL), or the use of a 3D printed chassis. A vacuum formed interior may be used only if the stock interior cannot be used.

                  6. Body mounting posts may be reinforced; however, posts may not be shortened.

                  7. All other "General Rules" apply.
                  Last edited by T man; 06-15-2019, 07:23 AM. Reason: Last revision; GT1 motor rules stay at 22k for long cans.


                  • NSR King 25 EVO, 25k, 350g-cm ???

                    The GT1 motor specs, in the above post, were formulated with the Slot-it Flat 6 RS motor in mind. It has 25k rpm, and 270 g-cm ??? or torque.

                    Tonight, I discover that there is a NSR King 25 EVO motor out there, with 25k rpm, & 350 g-cm of torque. I'm thinking that this motor may produce wattage / performance / etc.
                    that will be out of line (too high) compared to the other motors / specs.

                    Perhaps Pete can do a wattage calculation?

                    We may need to NOT allow this NSR King 25 EVO motor, in GT1.

                    ??? Comments ???



                    • NSR King 25 EVO, 25k, 350g-cm ???

                      The GT1 motor specs, in the above post, were formulated with the Slot-it Flat 6 RS motor in mind. It has 25k rpm, and 270 g-cm ??? or torque.

                      Tonight, I discover that there is a NSR King 25 EVO motor out there, with 25k rpm, & 350 g-cm of torque. I'm thinking that this motor may produce wattage / performance / etc.
                      that will be out of line (too high) compared to the other motors / specs.

                      Perhaps Pete can do a wattage calculation?

                      We may need to NOT allow this NSR King 25 EVO motor, in GT1.

                      ??? Comments ???



                      • More info. on the NSR King 25's (two of them)

                        Al e-mailed me some more info. on the specs. of the "original" King 25 (not EVO), 25k rpm, 270 g-cm.. Also pointed out that the Slot-it Flat 6 RS (black label) is 25k rpm, 250 g-cm..
                        Thanks for the info., Al. He also expressed concern that I was talking about motor wattage, on Monday nights.

                        I wasn't trying to use watts for Monday - heaven forbid - ha!

                        I was just trying to get an idea of what this (fairly new / recent) NSR King 25 EVO is going to do, at 25,000 rpm, 350 g-cm.
                        This King 25 EVO is in addition to the "old" King 25 (not EVO), 25k rpm, 270 g-cm..

                        I'm looking at potential performance, and that the additional 80 g-cm of torque will kick this newer King 25 EVO right up there, compared to other allowed motors.
                        Possibly, well over the "not used on Monday night" (but a "milepost" none the less, of 18.3 watts).

                        Looking at potential performance relative to other allowed motors; and how that might effect the class (GT1).



                        • I did some research (limited to Scalextric, Scaleauto, NSR, and and found these long-can motors over 21k which would be legal under a Monday 25k limit. Note that some are not Friday legal on a Watts basis (18.3W limit).

                          King 25 EVO (blue label), 25,000 rpm, Watts = 21.88 - OK Monday, not Friday
                          King 21 EVO3, (pink-ish) label), 21,400 rpm, Watts = 18.73 - OK Monday, not Friday
                          King 21 EVO, (green label) 21,400 rpm, Watts = 17.23 - legal both nights

                          Boxer 2, 21,500 rpm, Watts = 18.28 - legal both nights
                          Flat 6RS, 25,000 rpm, Watts = 15 - legal both nights
                          Flat 6S, 22,500 rpm, Watts = 12.94 - legal both nights
                          Flat 6R, 22,000 rpm, Watts = 12.10 - legal both nights

                          none found

                          Long Can Sprinter Junior-2, 22,500 rpm, Watts = 24.19 - OK Monday, not Friday
                          Long Can Tech 2, 25,000rpm, Watts = 22.5 - OK Monday, not Friday.
                          Long-Can Endurance, 22,000rpm, Watts = 17.49 - legal both nights
                          Long-Can Sprinter-2, 21,500rpm, Watts = 16.13 - legal both nights
                          Long-Can Tech-1 20,000rpm, Watts = 14.25 - legal both nights
                          Long-Can Zero Magnet 23,000rpm, Watts = 12.42 - legal both nights

                          I get your thinking on the King 25 and personally would not have a problem with you deciding to exclude it. Not that I'm an authority, but I think the King 25 might turn out to be a non-issue. As an example, Al and I have horsed around with the Scaleauto Sprinter Junior 2 that's only 22,500 rpm but neither one of us has figured out how to get 430g/cm of torque to the track and keep the tires on the rims :-). Maybe a torque limit? Say 300g/cm? Anybody?
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                          • You are still tring to use Watts in Monday nights I would say use the the 25k and let a guys Friday change their rules.


                            • Went Dan made up Friday racing rules. He want to make it differnt from Monday night rules Maybe we should leave that way. Friday have to change their rules to fix what they are runing anyway. Mondays was always the RPM on motors.No Watts or Torque limit. Let's leave it that way.


                              • Al,
                                Just included the watts numbers to show what's out there and what would be legal on which night. Not advocating for anything.