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  • Race results for Monday, 7/18

    Five drivers came to race, so we were able to run under "crash and burn" rules,
    where for every three "offs" (cumulative), you lose 1 lap.

    Not a lot of pre-race "chatter" from the owner of Ace Hobby. One memorable line was
    something about "kicking some a--" in GT's. Time will tell.


    3 Riley's & 2 Dallara's were on the grid.
    It was not particularly fast, but a close race,
    (all drivers finishing within 1.65 laps of one another), before lap deductions for
    excessive offs. Three drivers lost lap(s). C-Bill won handily, by .85 lap over second
    place (Tom). Congratulations Bill.

    1.C-Bill, 60.90 laps
    2.Tom, 60.05
    3.Al, 58.25
    4.Chris, 57.95
    5.Ron, 57.50

    fast laps:
    yellow, C-Bill 11.431 seconds
    black, Al 11.605
    white, C-Bill 11.236
    red, C-Bill 11.515

    Can Am

    One Fly Porsche 917, and 4 Slot-It Ford GT40's were in the field.

    C-Bill won going away, by 2.55 laps. Congratulations Bill.
    The GT40's mixed it up pretty well, and were all close, before lap penalties.
    Two drivers lost a lap due to excessive offs.

    1.C-Bill, 63.25 laps
    2.Tom, 60.70
    3.Chris, 60.25
    4.Ron, 59.70
    5. Al, 59.50

    fast laps:
    yellow, 10.878 seconds All by C-Bill!
    black, 11.085
    white, 10.903
    red, 11.142


    3 Ferrari F40's, 1 McClaren, & 1 Nissan were on the starting grid.
    The very quick Ferrari's of Al, C-Bill, & Chris were the pre-race favorites.

    The pressure, the heat, the (insert excuse here), got to 4 out of 5 drivers,
    with all 4 losing a lap due to excessive offs.
    C-Bill won by .40 lap over second place Al. Congratulations Bill. (He swept all three
    races, tonight).

    1.C-Bill, 61.50 laps
    2.Al, 61.10
    3.Chris, 60.50
    4.Tom, 60.02
    5.Ron, 59.90

    fast laps:
    yellow, C-Bill 11.233 seconds
    black, C-Bill 11.269
    white, Al 11.133
    red, C-Bill 11.233

    Thanks to Ron, at Ace Hobby, for the track time; and thanks to the drivers who came.

    Each Monday in July, there (continues) to be a drawing for a $10 store gift certificate,
    sponsored by "Super Tires". The winner of each race, and anyone who has not won for
    the month, are elligible for the drawing.
    The winner for 7/11 was: Al. (We forgot to draw last week).
    The winner for 7/18 was: C-Bill.
    Thank you Nick (owner of Super Tires)!

    Next Monday, 7/25, is an odd numbered day of the month, so the third race will be Group C2's.



    • Monday 7/25 race results

      7 drivers came to race. The DP class had two turns marshalled, and the rest "crash and burn".
      Cam Am & Group C2 classes were mostly marshalled turns, with the help of Stan on the button
      (thanks Stan!).

      Dave made it from Ontario, welcome Dave.
      Steve was back working days for a while, and made it, from the south towns.

      There was a lot of talk about Yellow Dog's new Slot-It Toyota C2 car doing so well in practice,
      last Friday & Saturday. Track conditions were said to be great, then, in spite of last week's
      heat and high humidity. Today, track conditions were average, and lap times were slower
      than last Friday & Sat.. Ron's Porsche 956 was very quick, also.


      The field consisted of all Sideways Racer cars, 4 Dallara's & 3 Riley's. Yellow Dog's known-to-
      be-quick Sun Trust was on the grid, making it the pre-race favorite.
      The race was fairly fast, and close, with Chris finishing second by only .25 lap to Yellow Dog.
      Congratulations Dan. Positions 3 - 5 were all within .25 lap of one another.

      All but two of the turns were "crash and burn"; however NONE of the drivers lost any lap(s)
      due to excessive offs. In fact there was only 4 "offs" total, between all 7 drivers, in the
      crash and burn areas of the track. Careful driving, or slow, depending on your outlook - ha!

      1.Yellow Dog, 61.50 laps
      2.Chris, 61.25
      3.Ron, 59.80
      4.Al, 59.65
      5.Tom, 59.55
      6.Steve, 55.80
      7.Dave, 55.70

      fast laps:
      yellow, 11.579 seconds. All by Yellow Dog!
      black, 11.596
      white, 11.290
      red, 11.573

      Can Am

      Two Ford GT 40's and 5 Chaparrals were in the field. With C-Bill and his Fly Porsche 917
      not here, the podium was wide open.

      The race was fairly fast, and close, with the top 4 finishers all within 1.20 laps of one another.
      Chris again finished second by .40 lap, to Tom.

      1.Tom, 61.25 laps
      2.Chris, 60.85
      3.Ron, 60.60
      4.Al, 60.05
      5.Yellow Dog, 59.30
      6.Steve, 55.85
      7.Dave, 55.05

      fast laps:
      yellow, Chris 11.491 seconds
      black, Chris 11.429
      white, Tom 11.334
      red, Al 11.635

      Group C2

      Could Yellow Dog's basically stock Toyota do what it did in practice last week?
      With the new Toyota as an unknown in actual racing, Ron's quick Porsche 956 was probably
      the pre-race favorite. Chris ran his nicely painted Red, White, & Blue Mazda, Al entered
      his proven P. 956, Tom ran a newly rebuilt P. 956, Steve entered a Mazda, and Dave ran
      a high tail 956.

      In the end, Ron won handily (setting the 2nd best lap total ever, for C2's) by .90 lap over Chris.
      Congratulations Ron. Ow, our butts are sore from all that kickin' - ha!

      1.Ron, 62.05 laps Second best lap total, for the C2 class.
      2.Chris, 61.15
      3.Tom, 60.70 by 1 foot
      4.Al, 60.70
      5.Yellow Dog, 59.25
      6.Steve, 57.50
      7.Dave, 55.75

      fast laps:
      yellow, Ron 11.245 seconds
      black, Ron 11.402
      white, Al 11.277
      red, Ron 11.435

      Thanks to Ron, at Ace Hobby, for the track time. Thanks to the drivers who came.

      Dave, who is only able to make it about twice a year when he is in the area, had a very
      good night; getting over 55 laps in each of the races (while hardly coming off). Good job!

      Chris had a very good night, finishing a very strong second in ALL 3 races. Good job!
      (Pay no attention to the "bridesmaid and not a bride" comments - ha! Second in all 3 races
      is darn good.)

      The July weekly drawing for a $10 Ace Hobby gift certificate, sponsored by Super Tires,
      was won by: Dave. Thanks Nick, owner of Super Tires.
      Who said we don't treat our Canadian neighbors well, eh! - ha!

      Next Monday, 8/1, is an odd numbered day of the month, so the third race will be Group C2's.

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      • Race results for Monday, 8/1

        9 drivers came, enabling us to run marshalled races.

        Louis, Chance, & William came in from Ontario - welcome!
        They also marshalled, even when they were not driving, to help us out.
        Thank you!

        Best wishes to Russ, as he recuperates!!

        The track seemed fairly fast, in practice, on a warm, humid day.


        There were nine cars on the starting grid (thanks to Yellow Dog, for lending a car(s)
        so our guests could race).

        In a close race, the top 5 finishers were wihin 2.2 laps of one another. 3rd - 5th were
        only .20 lap apart!
        C-Bill & his Riley held off Yellow Dog's Dallara, to take the win. Congratulations Bill.

        Chance and William did a good job, for their first race on Ace Hobby's long track.

        1.C-Bill, 61.50 laps
        2.Yellow Dog, 60.70
        3.Tom, 59.85
        4.Ron, 59.35
        5.Chris, 59.30
        6.Al, 58.90
        7.Steve, 55.85
        8.William, 40.80
        9.Chance, 39.85

        fast laps:
        yellow, 11.557 seconds. All by C-Bill!
        black, 11.422
        white, 11.419
        red, 11.605

        Can Am

        Seven cars started the race, with the field consisting of 1 Fly Porsche 917, 1 Chaparral,
        4 Ford GT 40's, and 1 NSR Ford P68 (Chris driving his P68 for a "fun run").

        In a rare cluster of breakdowns, Yellow Dog lost laps early on (internal fuse in his controller?),
        and Al & Ron were DNF (wire at motor end, and broken chassis at the guide post, respectively).

        C-Bill took the win going away, by 3.7 laps. Congratulations Bill.
        The rest of the remaining cars were out for a "Sunday Drive", lap wise, in spite of their efforts.

        1.C-Bill, 63.30 laps
        2.Chris, 59.60 NSR "fun run"
        3.Tom, 58.50
        4.Steve, 55.50
        5.Yellow Dog, 54.90 had to switch controllers
        6.Ron, 21.0 DNF, chassis
        7.Al, 16.0 DNF, wire

        fast laps:
        yellow, 11.059 seconds. All by C-Bill!
        black, 11.056
        white, 10.887
        red, 11.298

        Group C2

        Eight cars were on the grid. 3 Porsche 956's, 2 Toyota's, 1 Sauber, 1 Porsche 956 KH, &
        1 Mazda.

        Bad racing luck continued, as 1 lap into the race, Tom's 956 dropped a screw, which landed
        between the rails, blowing his controller fuse.

        Ron and Al, with their quick Porsche 956's, went at it with Chris & Yellow Dog, driving their
        new Toyota's. They all finished within .80 lap of one another. That's close racing.
        Ron took the win (two weeks in a row). Congratulations Ron.

        Al was charging hard, but came up just .15 lap short of the Toyota's, and took fourth.

        How did the new Toyota's do? Pretty good!
        Chris, 9/28 gears, 17 mm rear hubs, #1407 Super Tires, just edged out Y.D. (.05 lap) for second;
        Y.D., 9/28 gears, 16.5 mm rear hubs, #1407 Super Tires, third.
        Perhaps, in the next C2 race two weeks from now, we will be able to again try the new Toyota's
        (in a race setting) with some different gear ratio's, or different hubs / tires.

        1.Ron, 61.50 laps
        2.Chris, 60.90
        3.Yellow Dog, 60.85
        4.Al, 60.70
        5.Steve, 55.50
        6.Chance, 46.55
        7.Tom, 46.35 Dropped screw (stripped), blow fuse, finished with a Jaguar
        8.Louis, 42.55

        fast laps:
        yellow, Ron 11.406 seconds
        black, Al, 11.393
        white, Al 11.255
        red, Al 11.454

        So the night ended with several people having to take their cars back "to the garage", and
        repair the breakdowns. And, with all of us nursing sore back sides after Ron kicked them
        (again) in Group C2 - ha!

        Thanks to Ron, at Ace Hobby, for the track time. Thanks to the drivers who came to race.

        Next Monday, 8/8, is an even numbered day of the month, so the third race will be GT's.
        How will the new (month old) McClaren's do next week?



        • Race Results for Monday 8/8

          Seven drivers came, enabling us to run partly marshalled / partly "crash & burn", racing.

          Very quiet pre-race. Especially from the owner of Ace Hobby.
          This is very unusual ...

          A lot of new motor installations / motor "swapping" going on with many of the drivers.
          Especially in the DP cars.
          The practice times, in general, seemed to be "medium fast", this week.
          Weather conditions seem to affect the track times (usually, but not always,
          hot & humid outside makes for somewhat slower track times, as well as really cold out).
          And yes, the building is air conditioned.


          Seven DP's took the field, with about 4 Dallara's, and 3 Riley's.
          Would a new motor in Yellow Dog's once invincible Sun Trust perk it back up?
          C-Bill's McDonald's Dallara was probably the pre-race favorite.

          It was a close race, with the top 4 finishing within .60 lap of one another.
          C-Bill edged out Chris by about 2 feet, for the win. Congratulations Bill.
          No drivers lost any laps due to excessive "offs", in the crash and burn corners.

          1.C-Bill, 61.10 laps By about 2 feet.
          2.Chris, 61.10
          3.Al, 60.85
          4.Tom, 60.50
          5.Ron, 59.60
          6.Yellow Dog, 59.55
          7.Steve, 55.05

          fast laps:
          yellow, Al 11.464 seconds
          black, Al 11.460
          white, C-Bill 11.392
          red, C-Bill, 11.528

          Can Am

          One Fly Porsche 917, two Chaparral's, three Ford GT 40's, and one NSR Ford P68 were on
          the grid. C-Bill's super quick Porsche 917 was expected to win. The rest of the podium
          was anyone's guess.

          C-Bill won going away, by almost 2 laps, over the next car to finish (Chris' NSR P68, in for
          a "fun run", with the finishing position not officially counting). Congratulations Bill.

          Positions 2 - 5 were extremely close! Al took second by .25 lap, with the next 3 cars all
          getting the same lap total. Track position was used to determine the finishing order.
          In the race for third, Yellow Dog beat Ron by about 1 inch, with Tom back about 2 feet.
          No drivers lost laps due to excessive "offs" in the crash & burn corners.

          1.C-Bill, 63.02 laps
          2.Al, 60.10
          3.Yellow Dog, 59.85 By 1 inch.
          4.Ron, 59.85 By 2 feet.
          5.Tom, 59.85
          6.Steve, 36.85 Lead wire pulled out, twice.
          7.Chris, 61.10 NSR P68 "fun run".

          fast laps:
          yellow, 11.149 seconds All by C-Bill.
          black, 11.101
          white, 10.994
          red, 11.267


          Four McClaren's, one Nissan, and one Ferrari F40 took the grid.
          Al's Ferrari F40 was probably the pre-race favorite, but Yellow Dog's orange McClaren
          has had it's moments in the past. Chris reached into the back of his race box for
          a Gulf liveried McClaren.

          All "offs" would fall under crash & burn rules (one lap lost, for every 3 offs, cumulative).

          In an exciting finish, the top two drivers after 3 heats were on the track together for
          the final heat. Yellow Dog was about 14 feet behind Al when the final heat began; however
          "the Dog" was in the faster "white" lane. Could he do it?
          Could Al (with 2 "offs") drive conservatively, but still quick enough, in a less favorable lane?

          Yellow Dog began to slowly "reel in" Al, making up some ground on most laps.
          A "racing incident" later in the heat, between Steve and Yellow Dog,
          (any guesses as to what might have happened? - ha!), really made it difficult for "the Dog".
          Al managed to hold off the hard charging Yellow Dog (both drivers now with 2 offs), to take
          the win by about 2 feet. Congratulations Al.

          The top five finishers all had 60.something laps, before deductions for excessive offs.
          That's close! Two drivers lost laps.

          1.Al, 60.85 laps By about 2 feet.
          2.Yellow Dog, 60.85
          3.Chris, 60.10
          4.Tom, 60.05
          5.Ron, 58.15
          6.Steve, 45.20 Lead wire pulled out.

          fast laps:
          yellow, Al 11.498 seconds
          black, Yellow Dog 11.497
          white, Yellow Dog 11.234
          red, Al 11.535

          Thanks to Ron, at Ace Hobby, for the track time. Thanks to the drivers who came.

          Next Monday (8/15) is an odd numbered day of the month, so the third race will be Group C2's.



          • Race Results on Monday, 8/15/11

            Eight drivers came, enabling us to run marshalled races, with Stan's help on the
            button (thanks Stan!). Brian was back in WNY, on vacation, from Iowa - welcome back!

            We are thinking about putting a "pool" together, to predict the date of
            "the Return of Russ", to Ace Hobby Monday night racing.

            The track seemed fairly quick, in practice. (Not too hot, or humid, out ?)

            We all admired Ron's new "drawers".
            Now, if he can just find the "stuff" he moved, to put them there - ha!


            Yellow Dog went with a Riley, something we haven't seen much of in months (usually a
            Dallara). Pre-race favorites included: C-Bill's, & Chris' McDonald's Dallaras, & Al's Riley.

            It was a fairly fast, close race, with the top 3 finishers all within .25 lap of
            one another! Al was charging hard, but came up just .1 lap short.
            Congratulations C-Bill.

            1.C-Bill, 61.20 laps
            2.Al, 61.10
            3.Yellow Dog, 60.95
            4.Tom, 60.25
            5.Ron, 59.25
            6.Chris, 58.60
            7.Brian, 56.50
            8.Steve, 54.85

            fast laps:
            yellow, Ron 11.453 seconds
            black, Al 11.556
            white, Al 11.460
            red, Al 11.578

            6 out of 8 drivers had faster laps on red, than on black. This is unusual.

            Can Am

            C-Bill's dominant Fly Porsche 917 was the pre-race favorite.
            One Chaparral, two Alfa's, and four Ford GT 40's were also on the grid.
            It seemed to be anyone's race for second & third.

            C-Bill won easily, by 1.60 laps. Congratulations Bill.
            The race for the other two podium spots was very close, with the next 5 drivers all
            finishing within 1.9 laps of one another, with 59 and 60 laps.

            1.C-Bill, 62.55 laps
            2.Tom, 60.95
            3.Chris, 60.50
            4.Ron, 59.85
            5.Al, 59.65
            6.Yellow Dog, 59.05
            7.Steve, 55.05
            8.Brian, 51.55 (DNF)

            fast laps:
            yellow, 11.164 seconds. All by C-Bill!
            black, 11.128
            white, 11.032
            red, 11.260

            Group C2

            A mixed bag of C2's were in the field: 3 Porsche 956's, 2 Jaguars, 2 Toyota's, and 1 Mazda.
            C-Bill, Al, Ron, Chris, and Yellow Dog were all quick in practice. It looked to be anyone's race.

            In a fast, close race, the top 6 finishers all had 60 or 61 laps, and were all within 1.55 laps
            of one another. That's close!
            C-Bill held off Yellow Dog, to take the win, tieing the record for the 3rd highest lap total.
            Congratulations Bill.

            Chris & Tom battled neck and neck, over a couple of heats. At the checked flag, Chris took
            3rd by about 1 inch.
            Al's New Man P. 956 was the fastest car on the track, and he put on quite a show of driving,
            at times, (unfortunately too many offs cost him the race).
            Brian got over 58 laps with his Jaguar, after not driving here in almost a year. Good job.

            1.C-Bill, 61.85 laps. Tie for 3rd highest lap total, in C2 class.
            2.Yellow Dog, 61.50
            3.Chris, 61.05 by about 1 inch
            4.Tom, 61.05
            5.Ron, 60.80
            6.Al, 60.30
            7.Brian, 58.25
            8.Steve, 54.90

            fast laps:
            yellow, Al 11.132 seconds
            black, Al 11.374
            white, Al 11.287
            red, C-Bill 11.360

            5 out of 8 drivers had faster times on red, than on black. Unusual.

            Thanks to Ron, at Ace Hobby, for the track time. Thanks to the drivers who came to race.

            Next Monday, 8/22, is an even numbered day of the month, so the third race will be GT's.

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            • Slot-It Toyota's in the C2 class

              The two (new) Slot-It Toyota's we have seen race, have both been quick,
              and getting faster. They finished 2nd & 3rd today, AND 2nd & 3rd two weeks ago.
              Nice racing.

              They are both still running the stock gear ratio (9/28), I believe.
              Crown gear changes (allowed in the C2 class), might turn the Toyota's (and their .5mm
              offset motor pods) into really fast cars. Stay tuned, as their development continues.
              IF (repeat IF) gear changes make them markedly faster than the rest of the C2's with out
              offset motor pods, than a rule change MAY BE in order, (to keep the C2 class close, &



              • Tom, my Toyota ran with 9/26 gears and small hub 1403 Super Tires last night.


                • Russ was in today to run some laps and may be in Monday night to race.


                  • Race Results for Monday, 8/22/11

                    Nine drivers came, enabling us to run marshalled races.

                    Brian was here, on vacation from Iowa. Welcome.
                    Russ was back, looking good, & recovering from his "cardiac event", and subsequent
                    surgery. He joined the "Ace Hobby Racers with surgical scars" club - ha!
                    Welcome back, Russ.

                    The track seemed pretty quick, in practice. Ron was busy helping to fix a couple
                    of broken wires in controllers before race time. Fortunately, for those involved,
                    the wires broke during practice, and they were up and running by race time.


                    4 Riley's and 5 Dallara's were on the grid. C-Bill's McDonalds Dallara, and Yellow Dog's
                    Sun Trust Dallara, and Al's Riley were probably the pre-race favorites.

                    It was a close race, with the top four finishers all within 1 lap of one another.
                    At the checkered flag, Yellow Dog finished 2nd to C-Bill by just .15 lap.
                    Congratulations Bill.

                    1.C-Bill, 61.25 laps
                    2.Yellow Dog, 61.10
                    3.Al, 60.50
                    4.Tom, 60.25
                    5.Ron, 59.45
                    6.Chris, 59.05
                    7.Russ, 58.25
                    8.Brian, 57.70
                    9.Steve, 55.20

                    fast laps:
                    yellow, C-Bill 11.526 seconds
                    black, C-Bill 11.554
                    white, Al 11.381
                    red, C-Bill 11.573

                    Can Am

                    The starting grid consisted of: 4 Ford GT 40's, 2 Ferrari 312's, 2 Chaparral's, and 1
                    Fly Ferrari 512, with a custom chassis.
                    Russ had a brand new "Gulf #6" GT 40 (first one of that livery we've seen on the track).
                    C-Bill left his all time record setting Porsche 917 in his race box, giving the rest of the
                    field a shot at the top podium spot. Thanks Bill!

                    It was a close race, with the top 5 finishers all within 2.75 laps of one another.
                    C-Bill continued his string of Can Am victories; his Ferrari 312 finished 1.0 lap ahead
                    of second place Russ. Congratulations Bill.

                    1.C-Bill, 61.85 laps
                    2.Russ, 60.85
                    3.Tom, 60.50
                    4.Yellow Dog, 59.50
                    5.Al, 59.10
                    6.Ron, 58.70
                    7.Steve, 56.85
                    8.Brian, 55.50
                    9.Chris, 58.05 "fun run", hand built circuit board chassis, nice!

                    fast laps
                    yellow, 11.347 seconds All by C-Bill!
                    black, 11.328
                    white, 11.335
                    red, 11.499


                    It was field "heavy" with Nissan's (4 Nissan's, 2 McClaren's, & 2 Ferrari F40's).
                    Pre-race favorites were all cars/drivers that hold the class record for most number
                    of laps: Yellow Dog's McClaren, Russ' Nissan, and Al's Ferrari F40.

                    Thanks to Bill for staying to "run the button".

                    It was a fast, close race, with Russ finishing in second, by .60 lap, to the hard driving
                    Al. Congratulations Al. (Also set the third highest class lap total.)
                    Positions 3 - 7 all had 60 laps, and were within .60 lap of one another. That's close!
                    One "off", or a "bobble" or two, made the difference in finishing 3rd or 7th.

                    1.Al, 62.15 laps 3rd highest class lap total.
                    2.Russ, 61.55
                    3.Yellow Dog, 60.70
                    4.Chris, 60.60
                    5.Ron, 60.50 by lap times
                    6.Tom, 60.50
                    7.Brian, 60.10
                    8.Steve, 56.60

                    fast laps:
                    yellow, 11.219 seconds All by Russ!
                    black, 11.429
                    white, 11.103
                    red, 11.278

                    Thanks to Ron, at Ace Hobby, for the track time. Thanks to the drivers who came.

                    Next Monday, 8/29 is an odd numbered day of the month, so the third race will be Group C2's.

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                    • Race Results for Monday, August 29

                      Eight drivers came, enabling us to run marshalled races with Stan's help on the button
                      (thanks Stan!.

                      Ron was busy cleaning and prepping his "fleet" of entries before race time (as usual).
                      No talk about a-- kicking though, in any class. Very unusual.

                      Practice times seemed average, with some pretty good lap times put down for
                      some of the Group C2 Class cars.


                      There were approximately 5 Dallara's and 3 Riley's in the field.
                      Pre-race favorites were probably the "usual 3", lately in DP:
                      C-Bill, Yellow Dog, and Al. Chris has also been very close, lately; and one of these weeks
                      Russ is going to get the handle on his McDonald's Dallara, and leapfrog over

                      In a close race, the pre-race picks were only .60 lap apart, on the podium.
                      C-Bill took 1st over Al by just .25 lap. Congratulations Bill.
                      3rd - 5th were just .80 lap apart.

                      1.C-Bill, 61.30 laps
                      2.Al, 61.05
                      3.Yellow Dog, 60.70
                      4.Chris, 60.25
                      5.Ron, 59.10
                      6.Tom, 58.70
                      7.Russ, 58.55
                      8.Steve, 55.50

                      fast laps:
                      yellow, C-Bill 11.418 seconds
                      black, Al 11.534
                      white, C-Bill 11.347
                      red, C-Bill 11.538

                      Can Am

                      The field consisted of 5 Ford GT 40's, 2 Fly's (Porsche 917, & Ferrari 512), and 1 Alfa.

                      4 GT 40's were the #24, red car, released first. Russ entered his #6 Gulf blue GT 40,
                      released second, with different body features (scoops, etc). Might the body width
                      over the rear wheels be a touch wider on the Gulf model?

                      C-Bill ran away from the rest of the field to take the win by 1.75 laps over second.
                      Congratulations, Bill. Russ did well, taking second by 1.1 laps over third (Chris).
                      4th - 6th were only .30 lap apart.

                      1.C-Bill, 63.25 laps
                      2.Russ, 61.50
                      3.Chris, 60.40
                      4.Al, 59.85
                      5.Ron, 59.70
                      6.Yellow Dog, 59.55
                      7.Tom, 57.85
                      8.Steve, 55.60

                      fast laps:
                      yellow, 11.073 seconds All by C-Bill!
                      black, 11.041
                      white, 11.047
                      red, 11.169

                      Group C2

                      The new Toyota's are improving every race. Will they be on the podium this week?
                      Russ' (third hand) Toyota was quick in practice. Is it due to the previously modified
                      rear wing position? - ha!
                      Half the field were Porsche 956's.

                      In a fairly fast, very close race, positions 3 - 7 were only .55 lap apart !
                      Three drivers had 60.55 laps.
                      Al took second, by .40 lap over third place Yellow Dog. C-Bill finished first by .50
                      lap over Al. Congratulations Bill.

                      1.C-Bill, 61.70 laps
                      2.Al, 61.20
                      3.Yellow Dog, 60.80
                      4.Russ, 60.55 by fast lap
                      5.Ron, 60.55
                      6.Chris, 60.55
                      7.Tom, 60.25
                      8.Steve, 54.70

                      fast laps:
                      yellow, Russ 11.240 seconds
                      black, Russ 11.260
                      white, C-Bill 1.291
                      red, Al 1.376

                      Thanks to Ron, at Ace Hobby, for the track time. Thanks to the drivers who came to race.

                      Next Monday is the Labor Day Holiday, the shop is closed, NO racing (on 9/5/11).

                      The next Monday night racing will be on Monday, 9/12. That is an even numbered day of
                      the month, so the third race will be GT's.



                      • Friday night: Racing or testing?

                        Would anyone like to run some new no-mag classes on Friday nights or just keep it for testing and practice?
                        Al and Ron have been talking about maybe running a T/A class to start with. With the new "scale" Super Tire on the way we could have a Sebring chassis class for '60's GT and Sports cars.
                        What do you think


                        • Class Lap Records

                          Class Lap Records
                          Updated: 9/13/11
                          Based on my semi-extensive review of the race records (going back about 1 1/2 years),
                          these are the lap total records in each class. My apologies (in advance) if I overlooked
                          someone in compiling this list.

                          1. 62.30 laps, Yellow Dog, 5/9/11
                          2. 62.25 laps, Yellow Dog, 5/2/11
                          3. 62.05 laps, Yellow Dog, 4/25/11

                          Can Am
                          1. 64.35 laps, C-Bill, 5/23/11
                          2. 64.10 laps, C-Bill, 5/9/11
                          3. 63.85 laps, C-Bill, 5/2/11

                          1. 62.65 laps, Al, 9/12/11
                          2. 62.55 laps, Chris, 10/10/11
                          3. 62.40 laps, Chris, 6/20/11
                          62.40 laps, Russ, 6/20/11

                          Slot-It Group C2
                          1. 62.50 laps, C-Bill, 5/23/11
                          62.50 laps, Tom, 5/23/11
                          62.50 laps, Al, 9/19/11
                          2. 62.15 laps, Yellow Dog, 10/3/11
                          3. 62.05 laps, Ron, 7/25/11

                          Congratulations to all!

                          Much work was done, in April 2011, on improving electrical connectivity between track
                          pieces in various areas of the track.
                          Also, beginning 4/18/11, Classic Super Tires are allowed in all classes.
                          For track records before electrical connectivity improvements, and the (increased) use of
                          Super Tires, see post #121 (on page 9) of this thread.

                          Last edited by T man; 10-11-2011, 12:11 PM. Reason: corrected 9/30/11, updated 10/4/11, updated 10/11/11


                          • race results for Monday, 9/12

                            Seven drivers came, enabling us to run some turns marshalled, and the rest under "crash
                            and burn rules. Stan ran the button for the last class. Thanks Stan!

                            In practice, there were a lot of 11.6 second laps turned, then 11.4 second laps, so the
                            times were good.


                            A mix of Riley's and Dallara's were on the starting grid.
                            The race was close, with all drivers finishing within 2.25 laps of one another;
                            before laps were deducted due to excessive offs (3 drivers lost a lap).
                            Yellow Dog finished second by .50 lap to Al. Congratulations Al.

                            1.Al, 61.05 laps
                            2.Yellow Dog, 60.55
                            3.Tom, 59.85
                            4.Russ, 59.40
                            5.C-Bill, 59.05
                            6.Chris, 58.65
                            7.Ron, 57.70

                            fast laps:
                            yellow, C-Bill 11.441 seconds
                            black, Al 11.418
                            white, C-Bill 11.230
                            red, C-Bill 11.539

                            Can Am

                            C-Bill's Ferrari 312 was the only car that was not a Ford GT40 (5 Slot-It, and
                            1 NSR out for a "fun run").

                            The race was fast, and close, with all seven drivers finishing within 2.20 laps of
                            one another, with over 60 laps, each.
                            No drivers lost laps due to excessive offs.
                            In a very close finish, C-Bill finished second by just .10 lap to Russ.
                            Congratulations Russ.

                            1.Russ, 62.25 laps
                            2.C-Bill, 62.15
                            3.Tom, 61.10
                            4.Ron, 60.60
                            5.Yellow Dog, 60.05 by track position
                            6.Al, 60.05
                            7.Chris, 62.05 (NSR, out for a "fun run")

                            fast laps:
                            yellow, Russ 11.123 seconds
                            black, Russ 11.244
                            white, Russ 11.088
                            red, C-Bill 11.395


                            3 McClaren's, 2 Nissan's, and 1 Ferrari F40 were on the grid.

                            All finishing cars were within 1.95 laps of one another, with over 60.70 laps, each!
                            It was a very fast race, with Al winning going away by 1.55 laps, over second place
                            Ron. Al set a new total lap record, with 62.65 laps, in GT. Congratulations Al!

                            Positions 2 - 5 were within .40 lap of one another.
                            One driver lost a lap due to excessive offs.

                            1.Al, 62.65 laps new class total lap record.
                            2.Ron, 61.10
                            3.Yellow Dog, 61.05
                            4.Tom, 60.90
                            5.Russ, 60.70
                            6.Chris, 47.0 DNF, controller problems

                            fast laps:
                            yellow, Chris 11.243 seconds
                            black, Al 11.168
                            white, Russ 10.924
                            red, Al 11.320

                            Thanks to Ron, at Ace Hobby for the track time, and thanks to the drivers who came.

                            EXPERIMENTATION is continuing for a POSSIBLE addition of 1 or 2 classes of cars to run
                            in the rotation, no magnet, on Monday evenings:
                            NASCAR and Trans Am.

                            Next Monday (9/19) is an odd numbered day of the month, so the third class will be Group C2's.



                            • New cars for Monday nights

                              Have cars, will race. Are you also thinking about including SCX in the new classes?


                              • NASCAR / Trans Am Classes, Experimentation

                                Experimentation and development is in the early stages.
                                Chris and Al have been "playing" with some NASCARs.
                                Scalextric, SCX, and Carrera.
                                Orange endbell, replacement axles, wheels (15 x 8), and tires (S.T. 1400 series),
                                11/34 gears (like Can Ams).

                                Trans Am is envisioned to be Scalextric, and / or Pioneer. Just talked about, so far.
                                Same kind of running gear as in NASCARs.
                                Especially if Pioneer comes out with Trans Am type cars, in addition to their Mustangs.

                                I wonder if the SCX cars, with the motor pod, (orange endbell, etc), will prove to be
                                superior to the Scaley's (fixed chassis)?? To the point of being FAR superior, and possibly
                                making the class non-competitive (to non-SCX's).
                                Experimentation & time will tell.