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    No magnet racing at Ace Hobby, 10/11/10

    Seven drivers came to race, so with Billy's help (on the button, thanks Billy!!!),
    we were able to run marshalled races (except for 2 turns).

    The Big Tree Road International Speedway team arrived separately, this week.
    Would this weaken, or strengthen the team ?
    Welcome back to another "South towner": Mark!
    Things were different, with Ace Owner / Driver Ron in Las Vegas: a little quieter, and
    (some say) fewer "racing incidents involving car-to-car contact" on the track - ha!
    A couple of other drivers did their best to "fill in" for Ron, in the car-to-car contact
    Gary, broken right arm in a sling, again drove with his "opposite hand", and did a fine job.

    Yellow Dog entered the only Fly DP, with the rest of the field being Sideways Racers.
    The podium finishers were fast, and the entire field finished within 3 laps of one another.

    1.Russ, 58.40 laps
    2.Yellow Dog, 57.85
    3.Gary, 57.25
    4.Mark, 56.90
    5.Tom, 56.60
    6.Steve & Al (tie ?), 55.50

    fast laps:
    yellow, Yellow Dog 11.985 seconds
    black, Gary 12.024
    white, Yellow Dog 11.913
    red, Gary 12.035

    Can Am

    It was an all Slot-It field, with 4 Ferrari 312's, 2 Chaparral's, and 1 Alfa. Russ put up
    a Ferrari 312, (instead of the more usual Chaparral), and still finished on top.
    The race was very close, with the entire field finishing within 2.35 laps of one another!
    Team Big Tree International (Russ & Steve) finished on top of the podium.

    1.Russ, 57.70 laps
    2.Steve, 57.10
    3.Yellow Dog, 56.70
    4.Tom, 56.40
    5.Al, 56.05
    6.Gary, 55.90
    7.Mark, 55.35

    fast laps:
    yellow, Gary 12.117 seconds
    black, Gary 11.986
    white, Gary 11.787
    red, Russ 12.079

    Slot-It Group C2

    The Group C2 cars have only raced once, (about a month ago), since last February.
    It was nice to see these LMP's on the track, again. The field was mixed, with Porsche
    956 high tails, Porsche 956 low tails, and Mazda's being the predominent entries.
    It was a fast, close race, with every one finishing within 3.25 laps of one another.
    At the finish, the driver with all the fast laps (and I mean FAST laps), came in 3rd!
    Mark took the win (by about 1 foot, over 2nd)!

    1.Mark, 59.10 laps
    2.Tom, 59.10
    3.Russ, 58.85
    4.Yellow Dog, 57.65
    5.Gary, 57.30
    6.Steve, 56.05
    7.Al, 55.85

    Thanks to all the racers that came!

    Reminder: Next Monday, we will run (the usual) DP's & Can Am's,
    with the third race being GT's (Mon. 10/18/10, is an even numbered day of the month).



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      Thanks Tom. I was wondering if we can adjust the front axle with set screws on the C2 cars. Also, can we true the front tires or use other than stock front tires? I enjoyed the C2 cars and got me to thinking. How would you guys like to take turns with alternating what we run? I propose we don't just alternate the C2's or GT's but, alternate all the classes. Every week a different class sits out. I like running all class's and this way, all four classes get fair race time.
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        Group C2 Rules

        Group C2 Rules: (taken from page 11, [the full set of C2 Rules] of the thread
        "Western NY Slot-It Grp C Challenge Series").
        Any inline Slot-It Group C car (no magnet, 12 volts):

        Porsche 956 long and high tail, Sauber MB,
        Porsche 962 long and high tail, Lancia LC2,
        Jaguar XJR-9, and XJR-12 Mazda.
        Audi NOT allowed in Group C2 (at least until further testing is done).

        Essentially “Box Stock”
        Stock inline (black) motor pod (NOT offset), (end bell drive only)
        Orange end bell motor
        Gears: stock 9 tooth pinion, any (Slot-It inline) crown gear
        Rear: stock aluminum wheels, S2 tires
        Front: Slot-It aluminum wheels may be substituted, stock rubber tires only (may be trued)
        Must have full Slot-It inserts on all four wheels
        Solid axles only

        So, set screw Slot-It aluminum wheels may be used in the front. Stock rubber tires must
        be used in front (may be trued).

        As far as a "full rotation" of the 4 classes of cars, I'll have to talk to Yellow Dog (Ace Hobby
        race director) to see what he thinks. Also, maybe "polling" the Monday night, no magnet
        "regulars", (to get a feel for what the group would like), may be in order.



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          Thanks Tom. As far as what classes get raced, how we do it is fine. I don't want to ruffle any feathers!


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            Originally posted by glp View Post
            Thanks Tom. As far as what classes get raced, how we do it is fine. I don't want to ruffle any feathers!
            Ron is OK with a fourth race being run as long as we have enough racers.
            That way we can have our cake and eat it too! I understand Tom's reasons for rotating GT1 and GrpC2 and I support him 100%. So if you want to run a fourth class, show up, bring a friend or two and race 'till your finger falls off.
            And thank Tom for keeping Monday night No-Mag racing alive and growing.


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              Bring a friend ot two? I can only get my friends to race when I have a full fridge of beer! And then all I do is fix the cars they destroy! But for whatever the reasons for the C2 and GT rotation, if no one wants to to the 4th race, the current way is OK with me.


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                4th race

                This is just my opinion / position...
                Speaking for myself, as a "getting to be an old fart",
                Three races is about all I like to drive / marshall in. By then my trigger
                finger is getting a little slow, and my knee is really sore : time for me to go.

                That certainly doesn't mean that other drivers can't run a fourth race on
                Monday night, if they want to !

                Ron has offered to stay open past 9:00 PM, if needed, to get in a fourth race.
                That is very generous of him.
                I feel that the group needs to be careful not to race past 9:00 PM too long,
                or too often, (being aware that Ron is essentially extending his work day).

                Again, these are only my thoughts.

                What does everyone else think ??? Comments ???



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                  I understand and agree with your post Tom.


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                    Sticking to three would work best.


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                      Originally posted by glp View Post
                      Sticking to three would work best.
                      What are you going to do if Ron locks the door and says "Race another one"


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                        Buy beer and coax a few friends!


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                          I will be making the trek tomorrow if all goes well. Sounds like we're getting good turnouts....Roger


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                            Can't Make Monday

                            Hello All,

                            Tomorrow would be the Monday that I make at least the DP race........unfortunately, a death in the family will be preventing me from doing so.

                            Have fun and see you all in two weeks.

                            Bagman Racing


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                              No magnet racing, 10/18/10

                              9 drivers showed up, and with Billy's help "on the button" (thanks Billy!), we were able
                              to run marshalled races. Roger made the trip from over Syracuse way - welcome Roger!
                              Team Big Tree International Speedway arrived in separate vehicles (again). Gary is
                              still driving "opposite hand", and doing a fine job of it!


                              Al, Black Hole Racing , & Yellow Dog (with experimental motor) put up Fly DP's,
                              and were the only non-Sideways Racer cars in the field. A fast, close race
                              took place.

                              1.Russ, 58.60 laps
                              2.Tom, 57.80
                              3.Yellow Dog, 57.20
                              4.Gary, 56.60
                              5.Roger, 56.35
                              6.B.H.R., 56.15
                              7.Steve, 55.30
                              8.Al, 54.70
                              9.Ron, 54.50 (the store owner had to drive while talking business on the phone)

                              fast laps:
                              yellow, Russ 12.118 seconds
                              black, Russ 11.858
                              white, Russ 11.800
                              red, Gary 12.004

                              Can Am

                              Ron entered a Fly Porsche 917, and B.H.R. put up a Spirit (Porsche 936?).
                              The rest of the field were Slot-It's (3 Ferrari 312's, 3 Chaparral's, 1 Alfa).
                              A fast, close race, saw the top 5 finishers within 1 lap of one another'
                              and positions 6 - 8 within 0.10 lap!
                              Today, the Ferrari 312's and the Chaparral's tangled for the first 6 positions.

                              1.Tom, 58.70 laps
                              2.Russ, 58.65
                              3.Yellow Dog, 58.05
                              4.Steve, 57.95
                              5.Al, 57.05
                              6.Gary, 56.65
                              7.Roger, 56.60
                              8.Ron, 56.55
                              9.B.H.R., 52.90

                              fast laps:
                              yellow, Tom 11.981 seconds
                              black, Russ 11.904
                              white, Tom 11.823
                              red, Russ 12.020


                              The field was pretty evenly divided, between (Slot-It) McClaren's, Nissan's, and Ferrari
                              F40's. Russ, in a nice gesture of competitive racing, kept his all time lap record setting
                              blue Ferrari F40 in his race box. This was also a fast, close race, with the top 4
                              finishers ending up within .55 lap of one another (all with over 58 laps each !).
                              Positions 5 - 7 finished within .45 lap of one another.

                              1.Roger, 58.60 laps (by inches)
                              2.Tom, 58.60
                              3.Russ, 58.25
                              4.Yellow Dog, 58.05 (the "Cheese-It colored" McClaren was flying today !)
                              5.Al, 56.70
                              6.Ron, 56.45
                              7.Gary, 56.25
                              8.Steve, 55.75
                              9.B.H.R., 52.60

                              fast laps:
                              yellow, Roger 12.007 seconds
                              black, Russ, 11.887
                              white, Roger 11.752
                              red, Roger 11.831

                              Thanks to all the drivers who came!
                              Thanks (as always) to Ron, at Ace Hobby, for the track time!

                              Next Monday, being an odd numbered day of the month, the third race will be
                              Slot-It Group C2's.

                              As to the question of whether to run a fourth race:
                              The drivers present were verbally asked what they thought. A few said that 3 races
                              was enough for them, due to longer travel time, becoming too sore / tired, etc..
                              The majority of the drivers said that they would be willing to enter a fourth race,
                              depending on:
                              - how much time the first 3 races took
                              - how close to 9:00 PM the 4th race would start
                              - how many drivers wanted to stay and race
                              It was agreed that a fourth race was a week-to-week option, to be decided each Monday
                              night. The fourth race would be the class not already raced that night.
                              (The even / odd day of the month rotation for the third race would continue, between
                              GT's & Group C2"s).
                              If there was a fourth race, that report would be posted by one of the drivers involved.



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                                No magnet racing, 10/25/10

                                11 ! drivers came for no magnet racing at Ace Hobby, on 10/25, making for
                                fully marshalled racing. Thanks Billy, for your help "on the button".
                                Welcome to Graham, a racer from the United Kingdom.
                                Also welcome to Doug, a past Friday speed crazed racing "regular".
                                Team "Big Tree International Speedway" had 3 members from the southtowns, chauffeured
                                by Russ, in his Ford Fusion team transport. Gary continues to mend, and drives "opposite


                                Fly DP's were entered by B.H.R., Al, Graham, & Yellow Dog (this week, with an experimental
                                orange endbell powered Fly); while the rest of the field drove Sideways Racer DP's.
                                Russ pulled out yet another DP, this one a red, custom painted from a white body, one.
                                Russ came out on top, after a fast, close race, where positions 3 - 5 were separated by
                                only .05 lap.

                                1.Russ, 58.25 laps
                                2.Tom, 57.45
                                3.B.H.R., 56.60
                                4.Gary, 56.55
                                5.Ron, 56.55
                                6.Steve, 55.55
                                7.Yellow Dog, 55.10
                                8.Doug, 54.70
                                9.Al, 54.25
                                10.Graham, 50.60
                                11.Bill, 49.55

                                fast laps:
                                yellow, Russ 12.119 seconds
                                black, Gary 12.158
                                white, Ron 11.914
                                red, Russ 12.159

                                Can Am

                                Ron and Russ put up Fly Porsche 917's, while the rest of the field drove Slot-It's
                                (4 Ferrari 312's, and 4 Chaparral's). How would Russ' just completed Porsche 917
                                fair against Ron's tried & true, heavily modified "carbon fiber" 917? In another fast,
                                close race, 5 drivers ended up with 57.something laps, all within .50 lap of one

                                1.Tom, 59.25 laps
                                2.Russ, 57.80
                                3.Yellow Dog, 57.60
                                4.Ron, 57.45
                                5.Steve, 57.40
                                6.Gary, 57.30
                                7.Al, 56.85
                                8.Doug, 55.95
                                9.Graham, 52.35
                                10.Bill, 36.00 DNF

                                fast laps:
                                yellow, Russ 11.949 seconds
                                black, Steve 11.835
                                white, Russ 11.855
                                red, Steve, 11.896

                                Slot-It Group C2

                                The Group C2 field consisted mostly of Porsche 956 long tails; with a 956 high tail,
                                a Porsche 962, Mazda, and Jaguar. Many of the racers had a little trouble getting
                                used to their faster, at the expense of less brakes, C2's. Ron's re-vitalized, re-tired 956
                                was quick in practice. How would it do against the always quick Russ & his 956?
                                Ron won by .10 lap over second place Russ, and the rest of the field strung out from
                                there. Al is working on his Warsteiner 956 high tail, and it showed with his 5th place finish.

                                1.Ron, 59.20 laps
                                2.Russ, 59.10
                                3.Tom, 58.10
                                4.Yellow Dog, 57.65
                                5.Al, 56.40
                                6.Gary, 56.30
                                6.Steve, 56.30
                                8.Graham, 53.25
                                9.Doug, 53.05

                                fast laps:
                                yellow, Russ 11.558 seconds
                                black, Russ 11.625
                                white, Russ 11.451 (yeow!)
                                red, Russ 11.755
                                No one could touch the fast laps laid down by Russ, although Ron was close !

                                Thanks to the racers who came, and to Ron (at Ace Hobby) for the track time!

                                The question was asked: "What is the stock gear ratio (required in the Slot-It DP's,
                                and GT's)?
                                Answer: 9/26 . (26 tooth, off set crown gear.)

                                Next week Monday is a "odd numbered" day of the month (11/1), so the third race
                                will (again) be C2's. Two odd numbered Days of the month in a row, 10/25 & 11/1.

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