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    Annual GUMBALL RALLY anouncement

    "Black Hole Racing" annouced that since Christmas was on a Saturday this year that the
    Annual "RUMBALL RALLY" would be on Saturday, December 18, 2010. So come in and help celebrate and support Ron. You will also get to sample some really good rumballs, or even bring in some of your own RUM BALLS and see who has the best ones. "Oh yeah, there will also be some racing going on along with plenty of talking about hobbies, politics, and almost any other subject in all probability. (hic). Hopefully Ron will be feeling better by then.
    Canadian's are very welcome also. With your stronger dallars, you will have plenty of bargains to spend them on.

    Steve "blueflashbarnes"
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      No magnet racing on 11/29

      Six drivers came, so we ran under "crash & burn" rules (for every 3 "offs", cumulative over all
      4 heats, you lose 1 lap).
      Gary is driving with his dominant hand, even as the arm heals, and is always good for
      some of the fast laps in any class. Can he just keep it together for good lap totals?
      George and Steve were the only South Towns racers. Roger joined us today.
      Yellow Dog was minding the store for Ron, and couldn't race. Thanks Dan, for your,
      and everyone else's (Bob, Butch, & Mike), efforts in filling in for Ron.


      An all Sideways Racer field. George was on fire again today, with Gary close behind him.
      First was decided by .30 lap, and the rest of the field was over 2 laps behind. Excessive
      offs cost two racers lap(s).

      1.George, 58.60 laps
      2.Gary, 58.30
      3.Roger, 56.25
      4.Al, 55.55
      5.Tom, 55.40
      6.Steve, 53.10

      fast laps:

      yellow, 11.869 seconds, All four set by George!
      black, 12.010
      white, 11.928
      red, 12.101

      Can Am

      An all Slot-It field, of 3 Ferrari 312's, and 2 Chaparrals. Steve & Al's Chaparral's,
      and George's Ferrari 312, were all past race winners. What would be the outcome
      tonight? In a turn around from the DP race, Gary won by .30 lap, with George right
      behind him. This was Gary's first no magnet WIN - Congratulations !!
      Excessive offs cost 2 racers lap(s).

      1.Gary, 58.85 laps
      2.George, 58.55
      3.Steve, 57.05
      4.Roger, 56.30
      5.Al, 50.55 (Chaparral's guide broke, allowed to finish with his Ferrari 312)

      fast laps:

      yellow, Gary 11.892 seconds
      black, George 12.035
      white, Gary 11.974
      red, Gary 11.930

      Slot-It Group C2

      Porsche 956's (two), 956 high tail, 962, and a Mazda made up the field. Roger's custom
      paint job Porsche 956? looks good, how will it run? Gary was fast in practice with his new
      Tic Tac Porsche; it is wicked fast, but a little twitchy. George is always quick.
      The faster, sometimes harder to control Group C2 cars were a handful for some, under
      crash & burn rules. Excessive offs cost three drivers laps. In the end, the first (George)
      and second (Al) place drivers did not lose any laps.

      1.George, 58.25 laps
      2.Al, 57.25
      3.Roger, 55.05
      4.Gary, 54.75
      5.Steve, 54.20

      fast laps:

      yellow, George 11.834
      black, Gary 11.981
      white, George 11.890
      red, Gary 12.053

      A good night racing, thanks to all who came.
      Ron, get better, soon.

      Next Monday (12/6) is an even numbered day of the month, so the third race will be GT's.

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      • #48 parts will be in Friday
        See ya then


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          Tom and Dan

          I hope to be up next Monday the 13th... Your weather permitting.



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            Sounds good

            Sounds good, Chris!


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              Monday night, Dec. 20th Ron is throwing a "It's Great to Be Back" food fest for all of Ace's No-Mag racers.
              So come hungry and eat and race.


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                12/6 No magnet race results

                In spite of some (uncharacteristic) snow in the North towns, 11 drivers were at Ace Hobby.
                With Billy's help (thanks Billy!) on the button, we were able to run fully marshalled races.
                Bagman Racing came before Monday Night Football, and a couple of Canadian racers were
                here, welcome back Dominic and Vin! The Bigtree International Speedway "team" was here
                in full force (Russ, George, Doug, & Steve). Ron came in for a couple of hours, and Yellow Dog
                was able to get a couple of races in. Keep getting better, Ron!
                Russ was reaching into the back of his box, for his fastest cars, after seeing George's recent
                string of 1st place / podium finishes. Would the "back of the box" cars be enough?


                The crowd was eager to see how the returning Bagman with his fast car, would do against
                the always strong DP's of George, Gary, Russ, Al, & Yellow Dog. After a few minor computer
                "challenges", the results are in. In a typical close DP finish, positions 1 - 6 were separated by
                1.40 laps. Congratulations George!

                1.George, 58.85 laps
                2.Yellow Dog, 58.50
                3.Al, 57.85
                4.Gary, 57.50 (by faster lap time)
                5.Russ, 57.50
                6.Bagman Racing, 57.45
                7.Tom, 56.15
                8.Doug, 55.65
                9.Steve, 55.25
                10.Dominic, 53.60
                11.Vin, 50.35

                fast laps:
                yellow, Yellow Dog 11.985 seconds
                black, Gary 12.023
                white, George 11.869
                red, Yellow Dog 12.017

                Can Am

                It was Yellow Dog's Fly Porsche 908 "rising sun", against Slot-It cars: 3 Chaparral's,
                5 Ferrari 312's, & 1 Alfa. Gary and George, with their quick Ferrari's, squared off against
                the Chaparral's of Al & Russ. In a very fast race, Russ won by over a lap - congratulations!
                Positions 2 - 4 were separated by only .75 lap.

                1.Russ, 60.10 laps
                2.Gary, 58.95
                3.George, 58.20
                4.Al, 58.15
                5.Tom, 57.75
                6.Yellow Dog, 56.55
                7.Doug, 55.50
                8.Dominic, 54.85
                9.Steve, 53.75
                10.Vin, 52.10

                fast laps:
                yellow, 11.703 seconds All by Russ!
                black, 11.714
                white, 11.640
                red, 11.913


                Russ has been resting his all time total lap, record setting, blue Ferrari F40 (and giving the
                rest of the field a chance). But not today. The Nissan's of George & Gary, and Al's Ferrari
                F40 have been (too) good, lately. Unfortunately the blue streak Ferrari was sent to the pits
                early, after a wire pulled out. Al & Gary fought hard, but George won by .95 lap -

                1.George, 59.65 laps
                2.Al, 58.70
                3.Gary, 58.02
                4.Tom, 57.75
                5.Steve, 56.50
                6.Doug, 54.95
                7.Russ, 19.00 (wire)

                fast laps:
                yellow, George 11.705 seconds
                black, Al 11.736
                white, George 11.607
                red, George 11.854

                Thanks to all who came, and thanks to Ron (at Ace Hobby) for the track time.

                Next Monday will be an odd numbered day of the month (12/13), so the third race will be
                Slot-It Group C2's.

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                  Highest lap total in GT's, my apologies to George

                  Upon a semi-extensive review of the GT race results,
                  George's Nissan set the record for the most number of laps completed, on 11/22/10:
                  60.95 laps ! My apologies to George, for saying that Russ was the record holder in GT.
                  (Russ previously had the lap total record, with his blue Ferrari F40, of 60.20 laps,
                  on 9/20/10.)

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                    No magnet, completed lap records, at Ace Hobby

                    Updated: 1/04/11
                    Based on my semi-extensive review of the race records (going back about 1 1/2 years),
                    these are the lap total records in each class. My apologies (in advance) if I overlooked
                    someone in compiling this list.

                    1. 59.55 laps, Yellow Dog, 1/03/11
                    2. 59.50 laps, George, 12/13/10
                    3. 59.25 laps, George, 11/22/10

                    Can Am
                    1. 60.10 laps, Russ, 9/20/10
                    2. 59.25 laps, Tom 10/25/10
                    3. 59.10 laps, Russ, 12/13/10

                    1. 60.95 laps, George, 11/22/10
                    2. 60.20 laps, Russ, 9/20/10
                    3. 59.65 laps, George, 12/06/10

                    Slot-It Group C2
                    1. 59.75 laps, Russ, 1/03/11
                    2. 59.70 laps, Russ, 12/13/10
                    3. 59.60 laps, Yellow Dog, 12/13/10 (tie)
                    59.60 laps, Yellow Dog, 1/03/11

                    Congratulations to all!

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                      RE: laps completed records

                      There has been a "quantum leap" in laps completed, (and fastest lap times) in the last
                      few months.
                      Let's see, what could have caused that?
                      Drivers improving. Yes.
                      Cars improving / being worked on. Yes.
                      "South towns racers", (a.k.a.: Team Big Tree International Speedway) participating in
                      the race series. Most definitely.
                      Good job, men!



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                        Thanks Tom. Too bad you couldn't make it yesterday as we all ran well! Close racing! The "South Town Team" has picked up our game. It's comming down to if you make a mistake like sliding out too far just one time, you will lose a position. Lots of fun!


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                          Tom couldn't make it last night so todays race report will be lacking somewhat!
                          A couple of months ago 58 laps was a win, last night it was 5 place. The cars are slightly faster than before, but I think the driving or race craft of the drivers has been the cause of higher lap totals and the real "Dog Fight" over positions in every race the last couple of weeks.

                          George, 59.50
                          Russ, 58.85
                          Gary, 58.70
                          Al, 58.50
                          YD, 58.45
                          Rob, 56.95
                          Chris, 56.85
                          Doug, 55.55
                          Steve, 53.75
                          Fast lap, GEO, 11.866

                          Russ, 59.10
                          Al, 58.15
                          Gary, 58.05
                          YD, 57.85 (Faster lap)
                          Chris, 57.85
                          Rob, 57.75
                          Doug, 54.90
                          Steve, 54.50
                          Fast Lap, Gary, 11.614

                          Russ, 59.70
                          YD, 59.60
                          Al, 58.65
                          Gary, 58.40
                          Chris, 58.05
                          Rob, 57.50
                          Doug, 54.30
                          GEO, 30.35 DNF (chassis)
                          Steve, 29.95 DNF (gear)
                          Fast Lap, Russ, 11.314

                          Good racing Chris Not bad for a guy with so little Ace track time.
                          Remember next Monday is Ron's "Great to be back" party, come hungry!
                          Sideways DP's should be in soon (Friday, maybe).


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                            Dan and all the racers

                            I had a great time last night.. And the help from Gary on tire cleaning really did a lot for me..

                            I wish I was closer and could be there every week.. You have a great group of friendly guys at the track and that makes it very enjoyable to come and race... And the racing is very close in all the classes..

                            The lack of track time does hurt some but I have been getting a little better each time I come up.. But I am happy that I finally broke the 12 sec. barrier last night.. At least now I can start to run with the big guns :-)



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                              Thanks Yellowdog for the report and I'm glad you enjoy racing with us Chris. (don't tell the other guys about the NAPTHA aka. lighter fluid) Hey Steve! What was your statement when you DNF'ed?
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                                Updated lap total records, see post #54

                                Sounds like a great (and fast) night of racing all around !

                                See the updated records for lap totals, on post #54, on this "thread".

                                Good driving every one.