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  • LMP's running the 3rd race on Monday evenings

    Sorry for the late posting of this, online.
    Most of the Ace "regulars" know about this already - thanks to those who spread the word.

    As a result of driver's requests, LMP cars will be running for the third race, every Monday evening.
    This is an experiment, and we will see how it goes. There was a show of hands taken on Friday, 2/20, indicating a lot of interest by the drivers present. These are the typical ACE Friday night
    modern LMP cars, run under their (Friday night) class rules.

    The Monday night Trans Am class, & the NASCAR class, will go on hiatus, during the LMP experiment. Their future will be decided at a later date.
    The other classes run on Monday nights will continue to rotate:
    - odd day of the month (DP's/new Scaley GT's, existing GT's [GT2/GTA/GT1]).
    - Even day of the month (Can Am's, Group C2's).

    The Friday night race schedule continues unchanged (Group C2, GT, LMP).



    • Revision / clarification to the Scalextric GT class rules

      There has been a revision / clarification to the Scalextric GT class rules, found on Page 61, post # 912.
      This clarification is in green:

      Provisionally, the narrower modern Scalextric GT cars, 59.99 mm wide or less, may weigh less than 80 grams. Examples of the narrower GT's are: Lotus Exige, Porsche 911 GT3, Lotus Evora, Ford Mustang GT500 (modern), Ferrari F430, Lamborghini Gallardo, & Chevy Camaro GT-R.

      In other words, Scalextric GT's measured for width across the rear wheel well arches, that are
      60.00 mm wide or more, must weigh at least 80 gms.
      Cars that measure 59.99 mm or less, may weigh less than 80 gms.

      This is an attempt to equalize the usually more difficult handling / cornering, of the narrower cars.

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      • Perhaps a vote on the night that you proposed to run the LMP's would have been better, just sayin'. As long as it's the third race all's well.


        • Friday night rules at Ace Hobby

          In case anyone was wondering what the "Friday night rules" are for the three classes raced
          (no magnet) on Friday nights... The LMP's will also race in the third race on Monday nights, using the same rules (below).

          This is a copy of Friday night rules, that was on Post #471, By Dan.


          Friday Night Racing

          Grp C
          All Grp.C and Mr. Slotcar Grp.C cars are allowed.
          All Monday night rules apply, except:
          1) You may use any pinion.
          2) You may add weight for tuning. No weight below the chassis.
          3) Spring suspensions are allowed.
          4) Cars will use the 21.5k orange motor, or the black Piranha motor (effective 2/8/16). (Endbell drive only).
          5) You may use a 0.0 or .5mm off set S/W'er pods. Friday nights, only.
          6) Axles must be solid steel. No independent front axle/wheel setups allowed.
          7) Effective 2/8/16, you may use replacement 3D printed chassis from aftermarket manufacturers.

          GT1 rules apply with the following exceptions:
          1) Axles must be solid steel. No independent front axle/wheel setups allowed.
          2) Any motor 18.3 watts or less allowed. Slotcar News has a list you can use. Ron has an easy to use app. made by Jeff to find motor wattage.
          3) You may add weight for tuning, no weight below the chassis.
          4) Effective 2/8/16, you may use replacement 3D printed chassis from aftermarket manufacturers.

          Bodies: LMP 900-675 (LMP1 & LMP2) 2000-present.
          Any motor 18.3 watts or less may be used.
          Gears, guides and axles are open, except no hollow or graphite axles. No independent front axle/wheel setups allowed.
          Any rims or silicone tires sold at Ace Hobby (No F1 rims or tires).
          No metal motor pods and no ball bearings to be used.
          Must have driver. Driver must be 3D from the waist up(Not paper)
          Bodies and chassis must be all RTR origins. No mixing of bodies and chassis. No vac. bodies.
          Pods: OK if both chassis came RTR with pods and they drop in(Like and Scaleauto, and/or Sideways).
          Effective 2/8/16, you may use replacement 3D printed chassis from aftermarket manufacturers.
          No spring or magnetic suspensions. If car comes with a spring suspension (NSR Audi R18) it may be used.
          Weight may be used for tuning. Weight must not be below chassis.

          All 3 classes:
          All other general rules apply.
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          • Friday night rules

            I must have not posted that in Grp.C you may use a o.o or .5mm off set S/W'er pods.
            Sorry Tom.


            • Friday Night Racing Feb 27

              Friday Night Racing Feb 27,2015 @ Yellow Dog Raceway

              We started with 13 racers tonight.
              So now for the results:

              Grp. C:
              1. Al, 73.70 laps
              2. Troydog, 73.40
              3. Russ, 73.35
              4. Yellow Dog, 72.30
              5. Ron, 69.35
              6. Steve, 69.25
              7. Gill, 68.45
              8. Ted, 68.10
              9. Brian, 67.45
              10. Max, 67.10
              11. Kevin, 66.15
              12. Marsh, 64.05
              13. Alex, 61.60

              Best Lap Times:
              Yellow: Russ, 9.544 sec.
              White: Russ, 9.288
              Blue: Al, 9.497
              Red: Russ, 9.542

              1. Ron, 77.70 laps --- Class Record for 2nd
              2. Russ, 76.70
              3. Al, 75.40
              4. Troydog, 75.10
              5. Yellow Dog, 71.35
              6. Brian, 70.65
              7. Steve, 70.35
              8. Gill, 69.90
              9. Ted, 67.65
              10. Marsh, 65.50
              11. Max, 63.35
              12. Kevin, 62.35
              13. Alex, 58.90

              Best Lap Times: all by Ron
              Yellow: 8.958 sec.
              White: 8.976
              Blue: 9.112
              Red: 9.324

              1. Russ, 76.60 laps
              2. Ron, 75.35
              3. Steve, 75.35
              4. Gill, 74.30
              5. Troydog, 73.55
              6. Kevin, 72.30
              7. Al, 71.40
              8. Ted, 70.10
              9. Max, 66.05
              10. Marsh, 64.25
              11. Brian, 63.90
              12. Alex, 51.60

              Best Lap Times:
              Yellow: Steve, 8.951 sec.
              White: Russ, 8.879
              Blue: Russ, 8.993
              Red: Russ, 9.236

              Class Lap Records for tonight was Ron...Congratulations
              Thanks to Steve for setting up the computer and Gill teching the cars.
              Hope everyone had a great time ... the pizza, and wings good as always..
              Thanks to Ron for the track time and another long night for him. See you next Friday for a little Racing & a little food....
              Have Fun Racing Everyone!


              Class Lap Records for Friday Nights at Yellow Dog Raceway
              (3 minute heats)

              Group C:
              1. Troydog, 75.10 Laps --- 11/28/14
              2. Troydog, 74.95 Laps --- 1/2/15 New
              3. Chris, 74.80 Laps --- 12/5/14

              1. Troydog, 78.40 Laps --- 7/18/14
              2. Ron, 77.70 Laps --- 2/27/15 --NEW
              3. Troydog, 77.40 Laps --- 6/13/14

              1. Al, 78.90 Laps --- 7/18/14
              2. Al, 78.35 Laps --- 10/17/14
              3. Al, 77.40 Laps ----9/5/14


              • Monday Night Racing at Ace,3/2/15
                Yellow Dog Raceway

                We started with 11 racers tonight and fun racing.It was nice to see Brian and Tony here ( friday night racers).
                Here are the results :

                Can Ams (Slot it):
                1. Roger, 74.35 laps --- Class Record for 1st
                2. Chris, 72.70
                3. Dave, 69.90
                4. Ron, 69.75
                5. Lou, 69.05
                6. Yellow Dog, 68.30
                7. Steve, 68.25
                8. Tom, 67.70
                9. Brian, 65.70
                10. Max, 63.35

                Best Lap Times: all by Roger
                Yellow: 9.482 sec.
                White: 9.528
                Blue: 9.585
                Red: 9.648

                Can Ams (Hybrid):
                1. Al, 68.70 laps

                Best Lap Times: all by Al
                Yellow: 10.231 sec.
                White: 10.269
                Blue: 10.220
                Red: 10.413

                1. Roger, 73.90 laps
                2. Al, 73.60
                3. Troydog, 73.35
                4. Chris, 72.75
                5. Yellow Dog, 72.77
                6. Lou, 72.30
                7. Steve, 69.70
                8. Brian, 69.55
                9. Dave, 67.85
                10. Max, 66.40
                11. Tvacc, 64.80 -- by track position
                12. Bvacc, 64.80

                Best Lap Times:
                Yellow: Roger, 9.398 sec.
                White: Al, 9.518
                Blue: Al, 9.544
                Red: Chris, 9.712

                1. Ron, 77.40 laps --- Class Record for 1st
                2. Al, 75.45
                3. Troydog, 75.40
                4. Chris, 73.40
                5. Lou, 71.80
                6. Steve, 71.35
                7. Max, 70.10
                8. Bvacc, 68.80
                9. Tvacc, 68.55
                10. Brian, 20.20 -- D.N.F.--

                Best Lap Times: all by Ron
                Yellow: 9.059 sec.
                White: 9.104
                Blue: 9.168
                Red: 9.444

                Class records for tonight was by Roger and Ron ..Congratulations
                Thanks Brian for teching the cars and Roger setting up the computer.
                Hope everyone had a great time as always...
                Thanks to Ron for the track time and to all the racers who came to race tonight.
                Next week is odd so the classes are DP/Scalextric GT,GTU; GT (2,A.1); and LMP.
                Have Fun Racing Everyone!

                The track records are posted on Monday night class lap records .... page 62 at post #917 ....
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                • Looks like Roger was rockin and rollin last night.
                  Go Roger
                  I miss you guys.

                  Steve N.


                  • Ya Steve, Roger or should I say Mr. Sandbagger was running quite well Monday night. Soon the C cars will be running GT1 times just to get 3rd.
                    What is this world coming to?.


                    • Ya you got at right it is Mr. Sandbagger. His first car didn't pass teck, so he went to his back up..



                      • You guys......


                        • Arrow Saleen / Black Arrow / BBR

                          The rules state we cannot modify the Arrow Saleen to run in GTA. Think it comes as an anglewinder so why not if we put a yellow motor in? Purchased it at Ron's and I don't run GT1. It weighs 1 gram less than a Slot It Porsche we run in GTA. Same question for the Black Arrow car and the BBR Ferrari, think they are considerably heavier though. I need to get these into the mix, besides we know how the Fly piece of the pie attempt went..... don't make me do a fun run please!!


                          • Arrow Saleen, etc.

                            PM sent.


                            • Other cars in the GTA class

                              Over the last few months there has been some experimentation with other GT car manufacturers
                              running in the GTA class, Fly, Ninco, etc..

                              Provisionally (meaning we'll try it), the Arrow Saleen, Black Arrow, and other manufacturer's cars (that for us are less "main stream") will be allowed to cross over, and run as GTA's, if they are converted to existing GTA rules (Flat 6, 11/28, [or for 7.5 mm pinions] 12/31, and so on).
                              IF it develops that these newly allowed cars blow out the rest of the makes already in the class; I would probably rescind this experimental expansion.

                              As always, it is hoped that drivers maximize their purchase of cars & parts from Ace Hobby.

                              Have fun.



                              • Friday Night Racing at Yellowdog Raceway,3/6

                                Russ, 74.15
                                Troydog, 73.45
                                YD, 72.45
                                Lou, 72.40
                                Ron, 70.75
                                Steve, 68.55
                                Joe, 68.45(By faster lap)
                                Ted, 68.45
                                Keven, 67.30
                                Marsh, 66.75
                                Alex, 65.95
                                Brian, 65.15
                                Gill, 64.35
                                Paul, 60.10

                                Yellow: 9.496, Russ
                                White: 9.416, Russ
                                Blue: 9.393, Russ
                                Red: 9.496, Russ

                                Ron, 77.35
                                Troydog, 76.50
                                Russ, 76.35
                                Lou, 73.55
                                Ted, 71.95
                                YD, 71.70
                                Gill, 71.45
                                Brian, 70.80
                                Joe, 70.70
                                Marsh, 69.85
                                Tvacc, 68.70
                                Bvacc, 66.90
                                Steve, 66.40
                                Alex, 63.40
                                Kevin, 62.50

                                Yellow: 9.037, Ron
                                White: 9.114, Ron
                                Blue: 9.124, Russ
                                Red: 9.308, Ron

                                Russ, 78.05
                                Ron, 77.70
                                Troydog, 75.90
                                Steve, 75.30
                                Lou, 74.35
                                Gill, 73.95
                                Ted, 72.85
                                Joe, 69.40
                                Bvacc, 69.05
                                Tvacc, 66.50

                                Yellow: 8.804, Russ
                                White: 8.797, Russ
                                Blue: 8.875, Russ
                                Red: 8.892, Russ

                                Great night of racing.
                                See Ya next Friday,