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6 hours of Horseheads N.Y

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  • 6 hours of Horseheads N.Y

    The Slot Car Club of the Twin Tiers are having there annual 6 hrs race Sat Oct 11th and are looking for teams.

    Cars- NSR Classic Le Mans GT -40, Porsche 917 and Ford P68. Cars are run stock with some race tuning.
    Tracks- Piper glen wood track and Van Duzer Raceway Carrera plastic track.

    For a list of rules or any questions feel free to contact me

    Dave Van Duzer
    [email protected]

    Here is some video from last year race

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    I'm looking for some tuning help

    Hi Guys.

    I haven't had a chance to swing by and see you guys racing for quite a while, but I alway's enjoy seeing your race results.

    I have a proposition.

    I'm getting tired of having my head handed to me in proxy races. My cars are competitive, even winning now and then on plastic tracks like my Scalextric home track, but just not competitive at all on wood tracks.

    I'd love to build a couple of cars for the upcoming Tasman coup F1 proxy and turn them over to one of your better racer/tuners to fine tune them.

    I'd make it worth your while! I just don't have access to a wood track or the time to travel to tracks regularly for tuning.

    Any takers? This is last year's car, which was mid pack.

    Don Murphy
    Geneva NY


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      The other Dave is better at tuning then me. At this point he is working a lot of hours at his job. You can stop down Sat. and he might be able to give you some ideas and you can get a chance to race with us.

      dave V